One of the primary reasons I started Self Made Man, was in response to the constant efforts of the mainstream media and corporations to emasculate men today… Companies like Proctor And Gamble know that their primary customer base is made up of women, and so their advertisements are designed for a female audience.

And unfortunately, the angle they choose to take in their advertisements is to be-little men. To make them look dumb, lazy, foolish, childish, and powerless.

And after 20 years of this crap, the carnage that’s been left in it’s wake is massive. Men think they’re supposed to act like women, women think they’re supposed to act like men, and everyone is freaking miserable.

The good news is that the backlash against this insanity has begun. Self Made Man is part of that response, and so is my friend Sean Whalen.

About a year ago, Sean started his own movement to introduce men back to their masculinity and their power… To help them kill their inner sheep, and let loose the lion that lives inside every man.

Today, it is time to kill your sheep, and Sean Whalen joins us today to help you do just that.