Today’s interview is going to be pretty special for a lot of you out there, who want to build an online business, but who might feel like you’re just not cut-out for an information marketing type of model.

Obviously, if you follow my work and this podcast, you know that I’ve done very well as an online publisher and educator.

I figured out about 10 years ago, that I’m really good at writing books and courses, and selling those online. And in fact, I’ve sold around $60 million worth of those products during that time.

Naturally, a lot of my students want to create the same kind of business.

Well, what if you’re just not meant for that… What if writing or recording products is a true struggle for you?

What if writing sales letters or sales video scripts is something you’ve attempted to do for years, unsuccessfully…

What if you don’t want to turn on the camera and start posting pictures and videos to Instagram every week to become an influencer and leader in your niche?

The bottom line is that very few people are meant for this kind of business, and that’s okay.

If that’s you, then today’s episode is what you’ve been looking for.

The good news is that there is a different kind of business you can build…

One that you can run from anywhere in the world, where you don’t have to write sales letters or fire up the camera.

All you need to do is find, and list great products for sale.

I’m talking about Amazon.

There are literally tens of thousands of average ordinary people who make a phenomenal living, buying products at wholesale, and listing them for sale on Amazon.

Many of them have now started to private label those products under their own brand, build up a customer base, and then sell that company for millions of dollars just one to two years later.

It’s one of the most simple, and relatable business opportunities in the world, and the guy who helped start this revolution is on with us here today…

His name is Matt Clark, and over the past 7 years, Matt’s company had produced more successful Amazon business owners, than anyone else in the world.

So if you’ve been trying to build an online business, but it just hasn’t clicked, starting an Amazon business just might be the answer you’ve been looking for, and Matt is here today, to walk you through the entire process.