There are very, very few business opportunities out there that truly impress me these days, but what you’ll learn about today from our guest, Brian Page, is one of them.

A few years ago Brian found himself at a point in life where he needed a plan B.

His background was in real estate, but after the market crashed, he found himself on the sidelines.

As many people have over the past few years, he started looking into AirBnb and saw a huge opportunity there, but there was one big problem…

He didn’t have the funds needed to buy a house that he could list on the platform.

I’ve often thought about buying and renting out properties on AirBnb as well, but I don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money to acquire them.

Well, that’s when Brian came up with a solution that rocked my world…

Instead of buying properties, he rented them, and then placed them on the short-term markets of AirBNB, Home Away, and VRBO.

Each home might cost him $2,000 to rent, but he was making $6,000/mo from his AirBnb guests.

Within a year he’d acquired control of dozen properties, all of which were making him income, and he didn’t have to invest a dime into any of them.

It is without a doubt, one of the most brilliant, and exciting opportunities I’ve ever seen, where you can literally build a real estate empire within a few years, without any kind of seed capital, or without any risk exposure to the markets.

And the best part is that Brian has automated the entire process. Everything, from cleaning and servicing the homes, to wowing his guests, is outsourced.

He can literally run his empire from his cell phone on a beach, and today he’s going to share the entire strategy with you.

If you’re currently looking for a way to replace your income, and potentially build a massive income stream, this is the single best opportunity to do so, that I’ve seen in years.