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Well gang, today we’re joined by my good friend Hal Elrod who has an incredibly simple, but absolutely life-changing mind-model to share with you today that he calls, the Miracle Equation.

Now if you’ve heard Hal’s story previously on this podcast, you know that he is a walking talking Miracle. The guy was killed in a car cash in his 20’s and brought back to life, and then he had to fight for his life once again last year as he battled with an incredibly vicious form of cancer.

And yet during all of these trials and tribulations, he’s defied the odds again, and again, and again, to come back and thrive bigger than before.

So how did he manage to do that?

Well it wasn’t an accident.

These life events forced Hal to tap into the power of the mind, and literally will himself back to health and prosperity, and it worked.

What he discovered is the mindset and system that we can all use to create our own miracles in life, and that’s what he’s going to teach you here today.

And I’ll say this… In the short time that I’ve applied this strategy in my life since we recorded this podcast, this system has made a massively positive difference in my own attitude and my health.

The Miracle Equation absolutely works, and I highly, highly recommend that you start to apply and use it in your life today.


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