Today we are joined by non-other than THE Tony Robbins.

Five years ago, Tony and I noticed the same problem in the world… After the crash of 2008, changes were needed in the financial services industry, and in the way people approach money as a whole. But none were to be found, so I started EVG, and Tony started writing a book.

And what’s really interesting, is that I found out during this interview that Tony actually knew about EVG which is just awesome for me to think about.

Well last year, Tony released his book, “Money, Master The Game”. I have my copy, and it is the most comprehensive, and yet accessible book ever written on the topic of money, for the main
street individual.

It is without a doubt, one of the top 5 most valuable books that you could ever read in your life, and he’s here with us today, because the paperback edition has just been released, and he’s giving away a free copy to anyone who wants one, and you can grab your copy at

As for our discussion, we’re going to tackle the three stages of money that every entrepreneur will go through… How to make money, keep your money, and then grow your money, which is easier said than done, because every stage is driven by a different core emotion, and in many cases, they’re the complete opposite.

It’s a challenge I’ve struggled with for years, and today you’re going to hear the solution.

So please welcome a man who’s made a massive impact on my life, Tony Robbins.

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