So a few months ago I was spending some time with a good friend, and previous guest here on the show, Cameron Herold.
And during our conversation he said, “Mike, you need to get Connor Blakley on the show.”
Well it turns out that Connor’s story is pretty interesting…
By the age of 15, he’d started a consulting business that helped companies understand how to market to his generation, and had acquired 25 clients that included Vinyard Vines, and Mark Cuban Companies.
Connor had tapped into a real challenge that companies have only just begun to understand…

How do you get an 18 year old to be fascinated with your brand in a sea of distractions?
How do you market to an audience that scrolls and sorts through their online feeds at the speed of thought?
How to you catch their attention, and then keep it?
And what does this generation stand for and care about?
If you want your business to continue to grow and thrive over the next decade, learning how to market to this next generation is critical