Today I have the incredible privilege of introducing you to a very special person in my life, Ms. Krisstina Wise.

As you’ll hear in today’s interview, Krisstina was my guardian angel when it came to my brain injury last year, because it turns out that she’s the only other person I’ve ever met who went through the exact same experience.

Meeting her, and knowing that she made it through that ordeal was a life-line of hope that has been priceless during my recovery.

And as I sat down to re-listen to this interview this morning before recording this intro, I have to say that I was shocked to hear my voice and energy level.

We recorded this interview about 3 months ago, and the difference that you’ll hear in my voice now, versus my voice in this interview is astounding.

Now health updates aside, today we’re going to talk about mastering money as an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs come from a place of pain or poverty, which is what provided the fuel that was needed to radically transform their lives for the better. Krisstina was no exception.

But with new levels of money and wealth, will come new challenges and pitfalls if you do not train and teach yourself how to manage that money wisely.

I’ve gone through this learning experience, Krisstina has gone through it, along with Ryan Deiss and several other guests we’ve had on the show.

Well after Krisstina built up a tremendous amount of wealth and then lost it, she decided to master the game of money and identify the changes that we all need to make internally in order to build life-long wealth.

The sooner you master money and what Krisstina teaches, the better of you’ll be.

It would be easy to tell yourself that this is a subject you’ll go learn about once you’re making a lot of money, but that would be a massive mistake.

Learn these strategies and skills now, even if you’re broke, and you’ll be so much better off once your financial situation does improve.

This is one of those life-changing episodes that we often have here on the podcast, so make sure you pay attention to this one, because you’re getting insights to some very expensive lessons that were learned the hard way, before you make the same mistakes yourself.



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