If you’ve ever suffered from any kind of chronic illness, or if you know someone who has, this episode could change your life, or theirs…

Our bodies are under assault on a daily basis… We’re eating dead and processed foods that are high in toxins and low in nutrients.

We’re exposed to toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, EMF radiation, and heavy metals in the air, our water, and what we eat.

This is putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on our immune systems.

Autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing, and as a result, there are entire niches in the food industry that are popping up with products designed for the growing number of people who can’t eat foods with wheat, dairy, or nuts because they cause an immune response in the body…

In addition to that, it’s estimated that over 60 million people are dealing with some form of parasitic infection.

As this toxin load increases, our immune system’s ability to handle the burden decreases, which opens the door to illnesses like Chronic fatigue, Lyme, toxic mold, and parasites. So what can you do about it?

How can you detox your body, and strengthen your immune system?

Well today Dr. Todd Watts, who’s the founder of Microbe Formulas is going to tell you how.

This isn’t about a juice cleanse or the basics you’ve heard about hundreds of times before.

Dr. Watts is going to walk you through the body’s detox pathways, how they work, and how you can give your immune system the support it needs now, and into the future.




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