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How To Start A “Bridge Business” That Replaces Your Income… with Sean Ogle

How To Start A “Bridge Business” That Replaces Your Income… with Sean Ogle

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About this Episode

So how can you realistically start a small business that can replace your income within the next 90 days?

How do you safely make that transition from employed, to full time entrepreneur without putting your financial well-being at risk?

Well this is the question that my guest Sean Ogle and I are going to answer for you today.

The solution is called a “Bridge Business” which allows you to bridge the gap between employed and entrepreneur.

This is the strategy that Sean and I both used in our career’s to make that leap, and safely transition from a paycheck to a blank check, and it’s the single most effective way for you to do the same.

Sean is the Founder of and is the perfect example of a lifestyle entrepreneur who’s managed to turn his passions for adventure, travel, and golf, into a simple, stress-free business.

If you’re looking for a concrete, step-by-step strategy to quickly, and profitably transition out of work, and into your own venture, this episode is exactly what you’re looking for.

About the Instructor

Sean Ogle Founder of
After realizing that the life he had worked so hard to achieve wasn't actually the life he wanted, Sean Ogle left his desk job and moved to Thailand to bootstrap a lifestyle business. Today he runs where he teaches others how to do the same. Location Rebel is a thriving community of thousands of entrepreneurs who help each other quickly master skills they can use to get revenue coming in the door to create the freedom to live where they want and do the work they love.
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