So how can you realistically start a small business that can replace your income within the next 90 days?

How do you safely make that transition from employed, to full time entrepreneur without putting your financial well-being at risk?

Well this is the question that my guest Sean Ogle and I are going to answer for you today.

The solution is called a “Bridge Business” which allows you to bridge the gap between employed and entrepreneur.

This is the strategy that Sean and I both used in our career’s to make that leap, and safely transition from a paycheck to a blank check, and it’s the single most effective way for you to do the same.

Sean is the Founder of and is the perfect example of a lifestyle entrepreneur who’s managed to turn his passions for adventure, travel, and golf, into a simple, stress-free business.

If you’re looking for a concrete, step-by-step strategy to quickly, and profitably transition out of work, and into your own venture, this episode is exactly what you’re looking for.