Whether you already own a business or if you’re starting one from scratch, you’re going to find this interview incredibly valuable.

Our guest today, is Dane Maxwell, and he just published one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to starting a business.

It’s called Start From Zero, it’s unlike any other book I’ve ever read for business owners.


Because he tackles the most important part about entrepreneurship, that most books miss, and that’s mindset.

And I’m not talking about the basic, “think positive and write down your goals” stuff…

I’m talking about a full-blown dissection of your inner-dialog and subsconscious.

It’s about identifying the personal beliefs and stories you’ve adopted about life, yourself, what you deserve or don’t deserve.

These stories are ultimately what determine your success. They’re the difference between people who struggle and who just seem to make everything work.

This is one of the few books I’ve found myself highlighting page after page in years.

Now in today’s interview, we’re going to get into the practical side of starting a business from scratch which is equally valuable, but I’d highly recommend that you order a copy of Start From Zero because we didn’t even get a chance to dive into the deep inner work portion of the book that I’ve found so fascinating.

Please help me welcome, Dane Maxwell.




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