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About this Episode

If I could turn back the clock and go back to the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur, I would be extremely tempted to start an Amazon business.

Buying products at wholesale prices, and selling them on Amazon is a skill that anyone can learn and master if you’re willing to simply learn how, and take action.

You don’t need to be the world’s best copywriter, you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t have to write a book, or learn to speak from the stage.

It’s simple, and it works…

Over the past few years, I’ve had dozens of friends get their start on Amazon, and they’ve gone on to grow massive 8-figure businesses as a result.

Well, today we’re joined by Greg Mercer who has done exactly that.

Years ago, he listed his very first product on Amazon while he was still pursuing his full-time job…

That product was marshmallow sticks… Yes, the kind you use to roast marshmallows over a campfire.

That little product set him free and allowed him to quit his job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Today Greg is going to give you an incredibly valuable tour on what it looks like to start your own Amazon business as we dive into all of the most important details…

For example, you’ll learn how to identify the right products to sell, where to buy them from a wholesaler, how much you should charge, how to get Amazon to handle all of the fulfillment for you, and what to do about customer service.

If you’ve ever thought about starting an Amazon business, today’s episode with Greg will give you a massive head start…


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Music by: Raven & Kreyn
Song: Biscuit
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About the Instructor

Greg Mercer Founder of Jungle Scout
Greg Mercer is also the founder of Jungle Scout, a popular Amazon keyword research software that helps Amazon sellers find and analyze profitable products to sell on Amazon. In addition to his software company, he routinely makes over $400,000 per month wholesaling various products on Amazon.
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