Today is a story about David Vs Goliath…
But in our tale, David is a guy named Aaron Hinde, and a few years ago he decided to take on the Goliaths of the energy drink industry, Red Bull and Monster.
In 2009, Aaron and his business partner Orion hated the fact that they couldn’t find a healthy energy drink, so they decided to create their own.
Neither of them had been in the beverage industry before, and had no idea how to create one. They had almost no money, zero investors, and no distribution.
But that didn’t stop them.
A few Google searches and phone calls later, and they had their first can of LifeAid in their hands.
But creating the product was the easy part.
Getting it onto store shelves without a budget was the real challenge.
So they started thinking outside the box and skipped the grocery chains completely.
Instead, they went after one specific fitness niche and slowly but surely started to build a following…
Today, LifeAid will do over $30 million in net profits, and can be found on store shelves everywhere from Albertson’s to Whole Foods to GNC.
It is a truly inspiring story that contains an incredibly valuable marketing lesson for every startup…
And speaking of David Vs. Goliath, the new platform is now live! In many ways, we are pursuing the same strategy Aaron and Orion did to take on our much larger, more established competitors in the e-learning space, by offering a superior quality product, to a very specific group of people…

Namely you… And the other amazing entrepreneurs out there who want to change the world.
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