In 2011 Andy Hnilo was walking across a busy street when he was suddenly struck by a car, and then another, and another…

He woke up with a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs, and a severe compound fracture of his jaw, which was broken in five places…

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “compound fracture”, that means that your broken bones have pierced the skin and are sticking out into the air.

And that’s particularly relevant to Andy’s story because he made his living as a model.

His face and his body were his career.

So he had a choice to make… One way or another, these circumstances would define the rest of his life, either as a victim, or a fighter.

Andy chose to fight and would turn his tragedy into his opportunity and he spent months and years formulating skin-care products in his kitchen in order to reduce the scarring his accident had left behind.

Today he’s the Founder of one of the fastest-growing skin care lines in the world, Alitura.