When it comes to starting a business, or achieving financial freedom, there is one skill that rules them all…

Your ability to sell.

If you have not acquired the ability to consistently sell your product or service and produce cash flow on demand, you don’t have a business, and you never will. Period.

And when it comes to selling on the internet, your ability to sell is directly related to your mastery of writing persuasive copy.

From the headline on your Facebook or banner ad, to the copy on your sales page, or the script of your sales video… You have to sell remotely to people you will never see or meet, and copywriting is superpower that gives you that ability.

So here today, we’re joined by my good friend, and one of the best copywriters in the world, Craig Clemens.

Over the last 7 years Craig has written many of the biggest direct response campaigns on the internet, the most successful bringing in 33,600 new customers in its first 48 hours on the web, all from cold traffic.

And as you’ll hear today, he was also the author of the sales pieces for my mentor, Eben Pagan, and his relationship company, Double Your Dating which produced over $20,000,000 per year in revenue.

Make sure you stay until the end, because we’re going to start delivering some insanely valuable advice when it comes to writing effective sales copy in today’s skeptical ADD marketplace that will have a massive effect on your sell.

And just as a head’s up, I’ve actually been thinking about this topic a LOT lately In fact, I’ve spent the past three weeks writing and producing a massive training webinar on the formula I use to write all of my marketing pieces, which I’ll be posting online towards the end of the month.

So with that being said, please welcome master copywriter, Craig Clemens.

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