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About this Episode

Three years ago, Amy Baglan was frustrated with her dating life…

So as many entrepreneurs do, she decided to create a solution to her problem…

That solution came in the form of a dating site called MeetMindful.com. Think of it as Match.com, but for men and women who are into living a healthy, mindful lifestyle that might include pursuits like yoga and personal development.

Despite the fact that she’s not a tech person, she’s managed to grow MeetMindful into one of the fastest growing dating sites on the web, with 100,000’s of members joining in the past 36 months alone.

So how did she do it?

How can you take a proven business model and create a niche of your own,

And what are the biggest lessons you’ll need to know along the way?

About the Instructor

Amy Baglan CEO of MeetMindful.com
Amy is the founder and CEO of MeetMindful, a dating site for people who value healthy and conscious living. Outside of work, you can find Amy doing sun salutations, tequila tasting with friends, and exploring the city of Denver, where she resides.
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