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Jay Abraham’s Billion Dollar Secret To Success..

Jay Abraham’s Billion Dollar Secret To Success..

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About this Episode

I’m going to give you the names a few very successful companies real quick because all of them have one single thing in common…

AT&T, Baskin Robbins, Boeing, Coldwell Banker, Fed Ex, Microsoft, New York Life, Shell Oil, Century 21, Chevron, IBM, HBO, Toyota, GE, Levis, Kawasaki, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Holiday Inn, Planet Fitness, and Tony Robbins…

So what do these massive companies have in common?

They’re all clients who’ve hired our guest today, Jay Abraham for consulting.

If you’ve spent any time at all in the marketing industry, you know that Jay is the most well-known, and most successful marketing consultant in the world today.

I’ve followed Jay’s career for more than a decade, and I’ve always wondered how he built his consulting practice.

Well this week I finally had the incredible opportunity to interview Jay, and ask him those questions directly.

As you’re about to find out, Jay is literally a genius. His vocabulary alone blew me away, and you quickly realize that he’s forgotten more about business, than you or I have ever known.

He was also gracious enough to dive into his personal life when it comes to his relationships, his children, and his finances, which makes this an incredibly special interview.

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About the Instructor

Jay Abraham CEO of The Abraham Group
As Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), Jay has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide. Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business scenario and issue. He has studied, and solved, almost every type of business question, challenge and opportunity.
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