Zach Horvath is a young entrepreneur here in Austin TX who’s doing something very special… He’s taken four words, and he’s turned them into a brand, a company, and a movement that thousands of people around the world voluntarily promote simply because they love it so much.

He didn’t even have a product or a service to sell. He simply had those four words which are…

Live A Great Story.

That message and the iconic logo he’s created has been painted on bridges, buildings, and photographed in some of the most inspiring places in the world.

Imagine if people started voluntarily painting your logo on their property because they believed in your message so much.

Well that’s what’s happening here.

Today’s episode holds an incredibly valuable lesson for business owners about the differences between a business, and brand, and a movement, and how you can capture that kind of magic in your company.

Make sure you listen to the very end today, as there’s an interesting twist to this story that was really cool.