It’s no secret that how your morning begins, will usually determine how the rest of your day will unfold.

My previous guests and friends have mastered this process, and seen their lives transform as a result…

Hal Elrod created the Miracle Morning process which dramatically changed his life the moment he started to apply it.

And Aubrey Marcus shares his approach in his book, Own The Day, Own Your Life.

In that book he shares a very simple premise… Which is that if you own and master your morning, you’ll own and master your day. And if you can experience the ideal day where you’re in flow, you’ll create the kind of life you could only dream about previously.

Well today we’re joined by another extremely successful gentleman who has created his own process for mastering your morning.

His name is Robin Sharma, and he has a fascinating story.

For most of his adult life, he was a litigation attorney, but it was a career that made him miserable. He dreaded going to work every day, so he finally decided that enough was enough. He quit his job and dedicated his life to learning about personal growth, productivity, spirituality, and fulfillment.

What he learned would eventually find its way into a book that he self-published and printed at Kinkos called, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

15 million copies later, Robin has become one of the most successful and respected authors in the world.

At the heart of his success, is his morning routine which he’ll share with you today here in detail.

Whether you subscribe to Hal’s approach, or Aubrey’s, or Robin’s, one thing is certain…

If you want to change your life, the very first step you take every single morning is the single most important part of the process.

If you master your morning, you’ll win the day. And if you win the day, you’ll win in life.

So without further ado, please help me welcome, Robin Sharma.


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