If the most valuable commodity in the world today is attention, then influence is the measure of one’s ability to successfully direct that attention towards a desired outcome.

And as for entrepreneurs like us, there are two ways to tap into the power of influence.

We can become an influencer in our own right, gathering and directing attention where we wish, or we can hire those with influence, and pay a fee to tap into their stream of attention and credibility.

Both are extremely powerful ways to build a business and sell products, but using them correctly is an art as much as it is a science.
So today we’re joined by Brittany Hennessy, the author of, “Influencer, Building Your Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media” to help us navigate the opportunities that are available to people on both sides of the fence.
Brittany is the former head of influencer marketing at Hearst Magazines, and today she’s the co-founder of CarbonApp.io, a mobile application that matches destination companies like hotels, with global influencers, to create a win-win marketing opportunities.
She is also a judge for the annual Shorty Awards, the largest awards show in the world for companies and influencers who are pushing the boundaries of social media.
In today’s interview, Brittany is going to provide you with an excellent lay of the land when it comes to tapping into the power of influence and social media, and she’s also going to give you a handful of incredibly valuable resources that you can use to increase your personal influence, or to connect with existing influencers that you could potentially hire or partner with.
This is a fantastic interview that will provide you with an incredible amount of clarity on a market strategy that is as equally powerful as it is misunderstood.