Phillip Stutts is the Michael Jordan of political marketing.

If you’re running for office, and you need help coming up with a winning marketing strategy for your campaign, he’s the guy you call.

Over the past twenty years, his firm has managed billions of dollars in campaign ad spending, and he’s helped over 1,000 politicians get elected, including three US Presidents.

His marketing firm, Go Big Media has won over 30 awards, and he’s made over 200 major media appearances.

As you can imagine given today’s political climate, this is one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve ever had as Phil takes us behind the curtain, and into the world of politics from a marketer’s perspective.

But what wasn’t expected, was the fact that Phil has also been fighting a very personal battle with a rare, incurable disease called Achalasia.

After his diagnosis in 2012, he put his head in the sand and just gave into the fact the he was simply a victim of this disease, and that there was nothing he could do about it…

At least that was the case until he met my friend Peter Diamandis. If you’ve been a listener of the show for a while, you know that Peter was the person who inspired me to pursue my hydroponics startup EverGrow, and he later became an advisor to the company.

Well Peter had a similar effect on Phil one day, where he challenged an audience to think about one thing that the world considers impossible, and to find a way to prove them wrong within 5 years.

Phil took this message to heart, and decided that he would be the first person to cure this incurable disease.

And as you’ll find out today, he might just pull it off…

This is an incredible interview, with an incredible man who refuses to accept anything less in life, than victory.

Please help me welcome Phillip Stutts.