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My Role In The  Money Revealed  Movie…With  Patrick Gentempo

My Role In The Money Revealed Movie…With Patrick Gentempo

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About this Episode

Well today’s interview is pretty special because I get to tell you about a movie that is launching this week, that I was asked to play a small role in.

The movie is called Money Revealed, and it was produced by my friend Jeff Hayes, and his business partner Patrick Gentempo who is our guest today.

Patrick has a fascinating story as a once-upon-a-time chiropractor, who eventually became a filmmaker on a mission…

And that mission is to produce films that wake up and educate the the world when it comes to the truth… The truth about vaccines, the truth about GMO’s, the truth about addiction, and now, the truth about money…

So Patrick and Jeff reached out to me last year and asked me to participate in this documentary, because educating the middle class about the real way money works has been a life-long mission of mine as well.

Together, I’m joined by Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzner, the Founder of Whole Foods John Mackey, the Founder of Patrick Byrne, and some other amazing entrepreneurs and investors who are incredibly passionate about this topic.

Today Patrick is going to give you the behind the scenes journey of how and why they made this documentary, and we’ve also got a really neat surprise for you as well, which is the fact that you can get the entire docu-series for free at

In total, they have broken up the movie into 8 episodes, and you’ll find my contribution in Episode 4.

I have to say this this entire series is amazing… Not only will it give you a world-class education on how to make and invest your money like the rich, but you’ll also learn how to protect yourself from future market downturns, and profit from my favorite topic these days, the future of money… crypto-currencies.

So please welcome Patrick Gentempo, and then head to to get completely free access to the entire docu-series.



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About the Instructor

Patrick Gentempo Founder - CEO | Action Potential Holdings, Inc.
I have founded, owned and operated multi-million dollar businesses that were aligned with my purpose and passions in life. In the past I have also started some smaller ventures and as well like all entrepreneurs, had some that didn't work out.

I see business as an art form. Not a cold and heartless endeavor. I can't really draw or paint - but I can design and build one hell of a business. That's my art. That's my esthetic. That's my life.
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  1. I tried to go to the website to watch the videos but my ISP is blocking it saying there is malicious content on the site. Anyone know why?

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