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Owning A Prepping Business In 2020, with Byron Walker…

Owning A Prepping Business In 2020, with Byron Walker…

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About this Episode

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered what in the world it must be like to own a prepping business in 2020.

Good lord, talk about an industry that’s just crushing it right now…

Well today, you’re going to hear a friend of mine who just happens to own one of the largest prepping companies in the world.

His name is Byron Walker, and he is the Founder of

Yes, business is crushing it right now, but he almost didn’t make it.

Just two years ago, Survival Frog was actually on its deathbed Byron was having to manage the company from month to month, despite the fact that they were making millions a year in sales.

So what in the world was going on?

They had record-breaking revenue, and were about to go out of business…

Every business owner, myself included, reaches a point where sales and revenue can no longer cover up bad business management.

Thankfully, Byron realized this as well.

That’s when he decided to personally master his company’s books and finances.

Previously, he’d relied on his accounting team and a CFO to handle that responsibility, which is what you’d expect to see in every company.

But something was wrong. Something was broken, and no one could future it out, so he did.

What he discovered not only saved SurvivalFrog, but it allowed profits and growth to soar.

Today he’s going to teach you how he did it, and yes, we’re definitely going to spend some time talking about the crazy roller coaster ride it’s been, owning a prepping company during the wildest year in our lifetime.

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About the Instructor

Byron Walker CEO, Founder at Survival Frog
Survival Frog is the largest and most trusted source for survival and preparedness products online. The Survival Frog idea was born in 2009 when Founder and CEO Byron Walker started selling info-product books online. What started as Peak 10 Publishing grew and had nearly 1 million customers of its books, CDs and DVDs. Survival Frog now distributes physical survival and outdoor gear throughout the US and Canada, and our company has evolved into the industry leader in preparedness products and survival gear sold online.
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