Michelle and Keith Norris are the founders of one of the most popular events in the United States, PaleoFX.

For the past 8 years, more than 8,000 health, fitness, and biohacking experts including Ben Greenfield, Mark Sisson, Dr. Steven Gundry, and Jamie Wheal, descend upon Austin for a three-day event that’s become a staple in the industry.

But this year, that didn’t happen.

As with every other major event in the country, PaleoFX was forced to cancel their event.

Imagine this event was your entire business…

That you’d spent the last 1.5 years planning, preparing, and investing money into a 3 day show that would produce the revenue needed to cover those expenses, and produce the profit required to keep it going the following year.

Now imagine what it must have been like to find out that your event had been canceled, and that you had no recourse.

You’re still on the hook for all of the expenses, customers are wanting refunds, and if you don’t find a way to pivot and figure this out, bankruptcy is the only option left.

Well that’s the situation Michelle and Keith are facing today, and she’s joined us to share this story, and what it’s like in the event industry, straight from the front lines.

I’ll just say this…

Michelle and Keith are absolute warriors. Their attitude, outlook, and fighting spirit are unbelievably inspiring because this isn’t the first or biggest challenge they’ve had to face.

As you’ll find out, they’ve been through worse. I’ll save this part of the story for the interview, but it’s one of the primary reasons why PaleoFX was created, and why we all believe that they will win this fight, and that the show will go on.

With that being said, I have a favor to ask…

Once you’re done listening to this interview, please jump on Twitter or Instagram, search for Michelle Norris, and send them your support through Twitter or Instagram. I know it would mean the world to them.

With that being said, please welcome Michelle Norris


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