Today I have the pleasure if introducing you to one of my best friends, Sammy Taggett.

I met Sammy about ten years ago through a mutual friend in the Denver music scene, and have watched him as his career has grown over the years with shows at Red Rocks, and artists like Snoop Dog. Well about two years ago, Sammy suddenly changed his performance name to Shoebox Moses.

I said, “Hey, what’s up… You’ve been building up the Sammy T brand for ten years now, what’s with the sudden change? Well it turns out that Sammy had returned to the Philippines to try and track down his birth parents.

And while he didn’t find them, he did get a chance to visit the orphanage where he was raised, and what he found out changed his life…

It turns out that Sammy was thrown away the day he was born. His mother had put him into a shoebox and abandoned him in a dumpster.

Thankfully someone heard him crying and brought him to the local orphanage where we was raised until he was adopted by a family in the US.

Today Sammy, “Shoebox Moses” plays on stages around the world, and he’s using that platform to change the lives of kids who are currently growing up just like he did.

So last year he started a 501C3 charitable foundation called

And when I heard about it, I was taken a bit by surprise.

Starting a 501C3 is not an easy task. It can be a long and expensive process, but it turns out that Sammy found a huge shortcut that you’ll learn about today.

And as a result, you can start your very own charitable organization, faster, and easier than previously possible.

My hope is that Sammy’s story today, and the resources you’ll receive, will inspire and empower a few members of this audience to take a leadership role around your most passionate social cause, and use it to make a real difference in the word…