There are millions of people who are being forced or inspired to start their own business for the first time right now, and unfortunately they’re walking into a jungle filled with landmines.

The vast majority of them will spend the next 3-5 years trying to figure out what kind of business to start, what products to sell, how to create a marketing funnel, advertise online, and everything in between.

The ones who keep going despite the failures and false starts, are the people who will eventually make it, and create a new life of freedom for themselves as a self-employed entrepreneur.

With that in mind, what would I do if I had to start all over again?

Well there is one business model that provides the best chance at replacing a 6 figure salary, and that is selling your product or service for a premium price of at least $3,000 to $5,000.

For example, if you want to make $10,000 per month, then you only need to make two $5,000 sales to make that happen.

But if you were trying to hit that same goal by selling a $49 Ebook, you’d have to make 200 sales every single month.

And yes, making 2 sales per month at any price, is infinitely easier than making 200.

This is a lesson I learned way back in my networking days and it completely changed my life.

I went from struggling and trying to build a business selling supplements and health products, to selling access to investing seminars for $10,000 each.

Within months I was making 7 figures as a distributor for that business because higher prices provides you with so many advantages…

Higher profits, higher end customers, and the bigger margins you need to market, and still have plenty of money left over to pay your bills.

So if I had to start all over again, I would build a business that offered a premium product, for a premium price.

So how do you do that, well today we’re joined by Joel Erway who is arguably the best in the world at helping people quickly and easily create a high-ticket sales-based business.

When I started to really study this business model again over the past few months, he’s the guy I called because he has the simplest, and most elegant business model I’ve found in this space.

So let’s dive in, and let Joel teach you how you can build a brand new business from beginning to launch in less than 10 days, that has the potential to produce 6-7 figures per year in revenue with one single product and marketing funnel.

How to Create Irresistible Offers: The Easiest Way on Earth to make Your Marketing Generate More Leads, Orders, and Sales


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