Are you an engineer, an analytical thinker, or do you look at life through the lense of logic? Do you prefer to observe people rather than talk to them? And does a social event filled with strangers sound like a horrible way to spend your night?

If so, then you are an introvert, and if you’re an introvert, there’s one area of your life that’s most likely been a challenge for you… Dating and relationships.

Dating as an introvert is one long list of missed opportunities for you, and your potential partner, because approaching and talking to strangers is simply not in your nature.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, Sarah Jones is the Founder of Introverted Alpha, and she’s here to help introverted men find their dating mojo, increase their confidence, and help the women in their life understand them better.

If you are an introvert, or if you know one, don’t miss today’s episode. What you’ll learn today has the power to completely change your life.