I want you to take a moment, and ask yourself what your biggest, wildest dream would be in life…

A dream that’s so big, it immediately fills your mind with doubt about your chances of ever accomplishing that…

Maybe it’s to become President.

Maybe it’s to build a Billion company.

Maybe it’s to buy your own island, and to get there you have to jump on your private plane, and then board your private yacht.

Well my in my friend Ryan Moran’s case, his wildest dream is to own the Cleveland Indian baseball team.

Owning a sports team is one of the rarest assets you can acquire on this planet, but as you’ll hear today, Ryan is dead serious about accomplishing this goal and he’s make substantial progress.

In fact, he just had his first 8-figure exist after selling one of his companies at the age of 30.

And now he’s putting together a practical strategy that will take him to the 9-figure level, 100 Million+ level.

Ryan is one of my best friends here in Austin, and he’s one of the few people out there that I actually turn to for advice.

The blueprint that he’s laid out here for you today is incredibly valuable, and I can tell you this with absolute confidence…

Within the next 10 years, Ryan will indeed be in the position to buy the Indians.

Thinking bigger doesn’t cost you any more time or effort than thinking small. You’re going to work 12 hours per day no matter what you do, so make sure your efforts count, and make sure they’re helping you build a bridge to something amazing.