There are only two ways to change your life, and that’s through the introduction of new information, or new people.

Which means that the more you proactively seek these out, the faster your life will change.

That’s why groups like EO and masterminds are so powerful.

Well one of the most valuable organizations I’ve joined over the years, is Tiger21.

Tiger is a global mastermind group that focuses on helping entrepreneurs who’ve had an exit, responsibly invest their money, create a legacy, and make an impact on society.

There are currently around 550 members around the world, who control over $50 Billion in assets.

In 2014, my former business partner Robert and I had the opportunity to become the Founding Members of the Austin Chapter.

With the help of the Texas Chairman Chris Ryan, the Austin Chapter of Tiger became one of the most valuable peer groups I’ve ever been a part of, for one primary reason…

I was the least successful, and youngest member of the group.

For the very first time in years, I was surrounded by people inspired me, and that I looked up to.

Well the man I have to thank for this experience, joins us today… The Founder of Tiger21, Michael Sonnenfeldt.

Michael’s story is incredible… At the age of 25, without any experience, he had a vision to transform the dilapidated Harborside Terminal in New Jersey into the state’s new financial district.

A few years later, he’d find himself an incredibly rich young man, but with a new challenge many entrepreneurs will face… Keeping the money he’d just made.

Today Michael is 62, and has gained a lifetime of knowledge and experiences he’s here to share with you, about building a business, making money, and creating a legacy.