In May of 2012, Tim Larkin was checking into his international flight at the Las Vegas airport. He was on his way to London to speak at a personal defense seminar when he received some incredible news… The attendant at the check-in counter handed his passport back, and let him know that he had been banned from entering Britain by Interior Minister, Theresa May.


Well it turns out that riots had broken out across the country a few months before, which increased demand for Tim’s specific set of skills…

You see, Tim is commonly regarded as the world’s foremost authority on personal defense.

He’s trained military special forces, law enforcement, and high-profile clients like Tony Robbins, how to defend themselves when faced with a violent encounter. The truth of the matter is that unless you’re in the business of war or law enforcement, very few of us expect to get into a situation where our lives are being threatened by another individual.

And yet we have no control over that eventuality. It’s a choice that someone else has made, and now we have to deal with their choice. If someone decides to threaten you, all you can do is respond… But do you know how?

Would you know what to do if someone came up to your car window with a weapon?

Or if they pulled a gun on you and demanded your belongings?

Or if they entered your home at night while you and your family are asleep?

Chances are extremely high that you have no idea, which assures that you’ll end up in the victim category from the very first moment.

Well today, Tim is going to teach you how to change the equation and to take control of your personal safety once and for all.