Hey guys, I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet today because time is of the essence.

A few weeks ago one of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met, gave me a ring to invite me out to a special meeting in Florida at Mark Ford’s house to talk about an initiative he’s put in place to try and save internet entrepreneurs.

And I’m not the only one he invited… Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Curt Mally, Todd Brown, Neil Patel, Dean Graziosi, John Lee Dumas, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, and dozens of other leaders were invited to fly down to Florida today, right now to discuss the massive problems that are starting to arise for small business owners online, and what we can do about it.

At the heart of the matter, is censorship.

Facebook and Google own and control 90%+ of our communication lines these days.

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Search, Gmail…

These are the primary platforms all of us use to receive and send information between each other today, and these two companies are slowly destroying our free speech.

If you say something they don’t like, your ads get disapproved, or your account gets banned.

Have some life-changing testimonials from your health and fitness customers? Too bad. You’re not allowed to show them.

If you write an article or blog post, or build a website about alternative health therapies, or unpopular opinions about the government, they take your organic traffic away and erase you from the internet.

They’re even manipulating and controlling our email inboxes now. If you include the “wrong words” in your emails, they go to the promotions tab or worse.

EVEN THOUGH your audience opted-in to receive your emails.

EVEN THOUGH your people liked your page, or subscribed to your channel.

They created these platforms, sucked us all in, and then they changed the rules once they had a monopoly on speech and communication.

It’s affecting all of us… You. Me. And everyone else who does business online today, and it’s only getting worse.

So right now Rich and the rest of these leaders are holding a free live stream today on February 19th and 20th that you can watch at CSIBSecrets.com

That Stands for the Committee To Save Internet Businesses

Again, that live stream is available for free right now, and I’m scheduled to call in on Zoom here later today on the 20th at CSIBSecrets.com.

If you’re hearing this after the live stream is over, head to that page anyway because I’m sure they’re going to offer a recording of some kind, and this is information you’ll want to have.


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