If you’ve ever wanted to build an extremely large business… One that could potentially do billions in revenue… There’s a pretty simple, proven way to do that, especially here in the US…

So what’s the secret?

You find an industry that already does billions in sales, and you start a business that offers a healthier version of those products.

Unfortunately, most people will look at an established industry and think the opportunity is gone, and that it would be nearly impossible to compete against the 500 pound gorillas in the space…

But that’s simply not the case…

Look at Whole Foods as an example…

They started up in the boring established grocery store business, and became one of the world’s biggest success stories by doing one thing… Stocking the shelves with healthy products instead of processed garbage.

Tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world because they took an unhealthy, dirty product, and created a healthier version.

We’ve previously had the Founder of Method on the show a few years ago.

Method makes healthy, chemical-free detergents and soaps, and was able to carve out a massive piece of market share from the traditional incumbents.

Another guest was the Founder of Butcher Box…

The meat industry is massive, with billions per year in revenue…

Butcher Box has been growing like crazy because they decided to offer the highest quality, cleanest, and healthiest animal protein in the country.

Are you starting to see the pattern here?

People will seek out, and pay a premium for access to clean and healthy products.

Well our guest today is about to do the same thing in one of the most boring industries you can think of…


Mattresses aren’t new, and they’re not sexy, but you spend about a third of your life on one…

And guess what? Your current mattress is literally killing you.

It contains dozens of extremely harmful chemicals and fire retardants that can give you cancer, and cause all kinds of health problems, and your face is pressed up against it for at least 8 hours per day.

When Shane Coker discovered this more than a decade ago, he started Austin Natural Mattress.

They create some of the only healthy, chemical-free mattresses in the world, and now the world is starting to take notice.

Shane is about to turn this local company, into a national brand based on this one proven strategy…

Walk into a massive, crowded industry, and offer a healthier product.

It’s going to be a fascinating success story to watch, and you aren’t going to believe what you’re going to learn about the mattress you just slept on last night, and the insane chemicals these companies use.




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