Today you’re going to sit down with me and eavesdrop as I catch up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years…

His name is Tom Dyson.

Tom was the co-founder alongside Mark Ford, of the wildly successful investing and financial education company, the Palm Beach Research Group.

Together, they turned the business into a $100 Million company.

And then a few years ago Tom went through a divorce, depression overtook him, and he simply walked away from everything.

Well today you’re going to hear the fascinating story of what happened, and why it ended up being a massive blessing in disguise.

I’m thrilled to say that this story has an incredibly happy ending, but it certainly contains some very, very valuable lessons for all of us.

Now given the fact that both of us are still in love with global economics and investing, we couldn’t help but dive into that topic towards the end of today’s interview.

What’s going on with the markets? Is there a crash looming ahead, and what are Tom and I doing with our money?

I think you’ll be shocked to hear the answers to those incredibly important questions…


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