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Mike Dillard is a life-long entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. He built his first 7-figure business by the age of 27, and has gone on to build three, multiple 8-figure companies with more than $60 million in combined revenue. The Mike Dillard Podcast has over 7 million downloads, and guests include Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Mike Rowe, Tony Hawk, and Gene Simmons.

Mike is best known for his ability to predict future global trends. He purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013, built the world’s first automated hydroponic robot with Dr. Peter Diamandis in 2016, and is a private investor in innovative startups like ONNIT, Click & Grow, Opus Sound Beds, and Space X.

His next prediction? That the global global food, health, energy, and financial systems will face unprecedented challenges, leading to global conflict around the world. Today, he and his wife Michelle are teaching others how to increase their personal security and freedom by growing their own food, becoming their own bank, and adopting a victory-based mindset that will lead to success and prosperity in any situation. 

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