Reviews and Testimonials

“Hey Mike, I just thought I would drop you a quick note. I’ve been following along with your emails for a couple of years, and just wanted to let you know that you’ve had a big impact on my life, and I’m sure you’ve had no idea! I think we’re one of the pictures of happy families hanging on your wall… Haha!

Anyhow, in early 2017 I was searching for a way to take my wife’s successful blog and expand it into a course to teach other bloggers. I was in real estate for 10+ years, owned our own brokerage and was burnt out. So
I decided to get out and focus all my efforts on growing my wife’s business.

I stumbled upon your webinar from a Facebook ad about building your email list and something just clicked for me. Your concept of building your list by generating income to offset the list building was genius. I took the
idea, ran with it, and in our second year (2018) we did about $2.4 Million in revenue through a combination of affiliate income and our own online courses that we developed.

I spent about $1,000,000 last year on Facebook ads and the affiliate income that we generate on the top of the funnel covers the list building.

We now have an email list of over 250,000 people, a Facebook group of 130,000 and more as a result of the list building efforts. We’re scaling further this year, and without watching your webinar that day, who knows if I would ever have ever figured that out on my own.

Not to mention all of the people we’ve helped get started with their own new blogs and online businesses as a result.

Just wanted to say THANKS!”

– Pete Reese

“Hands down, Mike Dillard’s List-Grow course is the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow course that takes you from “project to product” step by step. The copywriting module and swipe file is PRICELESS, because Mike brings you into his secret vault of multi-million dollar sales copy examples. Thanks again Mike!”

– Bryan Clark

“If you want to transition from being a ‘dabbler’ to a ‘doer’, get Mike’s List Grow course.

Mike’s step-by-step videos gave me the confidence and tools I needed to successfully complete my first webinar funnel. You’ll cut out weeks of wasted time and unnecessary frustration thanks to List Grow!

Thank You!”

– Josh M.

“Wow. List Grow really is all encompassing. I had already figured out what I wanted to offer the world (Easy Stress Release), but Mike’s program even has a way to assess the strengths you bring to the table and how to determine what your offer is going to be.

From there the List Grow modules take you through each step to create a program. It is like “paint by numbers.” Just watch the videos one by one. Do the steps and voila your program is created. Mike is very good at pointing out the places where we might trip up and he walks us patiently through it all.

I am excited to be in the place where I can joyously move forward with helping those with PTSD to overcome their challenges. The sense of fulfillment that comes from that is pure joy. I do believe we all have gifts to offer the world to make it a better place. When we do, we feel useful, valued and fulfilled.
Mike’s List Grow allows us to access that space of value, fulfillment and usefulness. Thank you Mike!”

– Matti Anttila

“When I first met Mike, I was looking for a mentor, someone who could teach me how to develop a business online. I registered for his List Grow webinar and in that precise moment I knew he was the one I was looking for as he gave me something very important: credibility.

When he presented the course, he gave us the challenge to complete the course and settle a business and as a reward, he will refund us every penny it cost us to pay for the course.

And so he has just done! I have already finished the course and now I have a Business running thanks to Mike’s trainings, and for that he refunded my money! It is really amazing!

I can’t be more grateful to Mike Dillard not only for being a great teacher but for being a great man.”

– Paula Tamarit

“Thank you for the refund! As you can imagine, it is a great feeling to have accomplished this goal and the refund is like the icing on the cake for this entire experience.

My first encounter with Mike was through the List Grow webinar. I recall being drawn to Mike’s style in the way he calmly taught that workshop. No hype, just great content and some real eye-openers for me.

Since then, I have been following Mike and realized eventually that the List Grow course was the right move for me and my online music business. List Grow is in many ways more than I was expecting. Mike says he would walk us through step by step, pretty much like we’re looking over his shoulder as he sets up a new business model, and he really delivers on that promise. But I was not expecting quite the personal growth that came with it.

Mike is correct when he reminds us that through this List Grow course, we will end up with new skill sets that we can use across industries. One of the challenges in the course (regarding writing effective sales copy) that Mike warns us not to skip, is the very step that I think most folks would leave out, but in doing it I have come to see that it is an absolutely golden opportunity and feature of this course!

Having completed the course, I am now more confident in preparing video sales pages, thanks to the treasure trove of scripts that Mike includes, and of course, the cherry on top is that I now have a working, effective online business model and practically for free, as Mike also delivers on his promise to repay those who complete the course in full. Very happy with this experience overall.”

– Sean Jackson

“I really appreciate what Mike has created with List Grow, he is an inspiration! The program is an absolute must if you want to create an automatic online product. It was very helpful to have the videos and him explaining everything step by step. Nothing like this is out there and it is amazing that Mike has decided to support entrepreneurs in this way!”

– Micaela Bubola Passeri

“I can’t recommend the List Grow course more highly. Thank you Mike Dillard for putting together such a comprehensive step-by-step course that has helped us to master funnels and create a recurring revenue stream for our business. I am always apprehensive when purchasing online courses, but this program has been a game changer for our business!”

– Kirsten Driscoll

“I have worked with Mike Dillard for many years but his List Grow program is the best I have embraced; it is absolutely amazing. Mike has real control of internet business and can be trusted to pass on only the most credible information. If you want online business success, make sure that you work with Mike. You will never be disappointed.”

– Robert Johnson

“I had a business idea which I wanted to bring to life, and List Grow completely removed the false excuses I had created to keep myself from going all in. This course (and the Implementation Challenge) lit a fire inside me to take charge and DO IT!!! List Grow is an incredibly beneficial experience! I highly recommend it!”

– Ben Richardson

“Hi Mike, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for List Grow! By following your step-by step guide, I have not only created my very first sales funnel but I have also begun a business that I believe will change my life!

Finding the motivation to carry through with List Grow whilst trying to build the business, run a household with three small children, a husband working away, as well as working two jobs was tough! But your easy to follow instructions and concise lessons helped me through it!

I can’t wait to finish the next stages of Holistic Parenting so I can fly to Austin and shake your hand in person.

Thanks again Mike!”

– Yvette Paget

“We signed up for the List Grow program right after we decided to turn a stress management/prevention class that my husband teaches in person into an online class.

We were starting from scratch with everything except the class content in written form and years of experience teaching it. We had NO idea what a monumental endeavor we were undertaking. And we were complete tech newbies.

When we started, we had no online list, no website, no upsell products, no video editing experience, no Facebook presence etc. It was all new. But we knew our product was exceptional and we had a lot of drive.

Because our basic tech knowledge was so low, we needed someone to walk us through everything step by step. This is EXACTLY what Mike Dillard did in his List Grow program. We worked the program slowly, doing each step systematically. When we ran into something that was not part of the class, we would stop the List-Grow class for a few weeks while we mastered that.

We spent months writing the copy for our funnel using Mike’s ideas and techniques. We loved what we ended up with and now are teaching our first online class that we filled using the sales funnel we created using his techniques.

We are still working on building our list (we are up to just over 700) and I’m sure we will be doing that for a long time. But now we feel confident in our abilities to make a successful sales funnel and fund advertising it with our upsell products.

We greatly appreciate how specific Mike was when he was teaching. He showed every single mouse click that you need to do. We needed this level of instruction. Even just moving pictures around was hard for us when we started but because Mike took the time to video how to do EACH and EVERY step, we could watch the videos over and over until things become old hat for us. I would have never guessed that this could have been so easy, given our level of tech understanding when we started.

I also loved his copy-writing suggestions. I spent 20 years working as a copywriter for mail order catalogs so I was familiar with this process but I learned so much going through his program. I feel confident now to write any copy we need in the future. All this confidence is exactly what the List-Grow class gave us.

Mike is a fabulous teacher with important, practical things to teach. We absolutely recommend this class to others who want to build an online sales presence. And if you are tech newbies like us, well I just want to say do not even hesitate. Buy this course. You won’t regret it. And the money back guarantee if you complete the funnel is true. Our money is back in our account!

Thank you Mike!”

– Patti Pitcher

“I very much enjoyed the Mike Dillard List Grow course. His lessons are very precise and easy to understand. Even though I had built funnels before, there was a lot to learn from this package. The three things that helped me the most were:

1: Scripting out the VSL which really made editing a breeze.

2: The membership upsell idea.

3: The challenge of putting it all together to get my money back! This alone was worth it. I got $997 to put my funnel and membership site together.

What a deal! I am now looking forward to starting my new membership site. Thanks again for keeping your word about the refund. It’s been a great journey.”

– Mark Rudiger

“I signed up for List Grow in response to a Facebook ad. I was skeptical because I had already tried several programs both in person locally and online from most of the big names with big promises, but none worked because my business was “unique from others, not done before”, so no one could help me.

The truth was that I was not clear – not on the niche, not on how to deliver to that niche, not on the true product. Oh, I knew what I could offer and the result I wanted people to have, but I didn’t know how to achieve it.

When Mike offered a full refund of the program price anytime within a year, I thought I could certainly find clarity and get it done in a year. I started off great guns but life got in the way and priorities slipped to “I have a whole year!” Then suddenly I didn’t – the year was closing quickly.

So I made up my mind to dig in and get it done and when I did really look at the program – oh my! This program is absolutely unbelievable. What a sweet deal for the entrepreneur!

Mike literally walks you through the entire setup of your business, step by step, on his dime! All you have to do is do the work. Not necessarily easy, but the investment you made is good incentive to do what you expressly want to do anyway.

Mike doesn’t personally know his clients, but he cares enough to want to help other entrepreneurs. He put this program together to motivate you to help you. I’m a fan and you should be too. His program works, his word is good, his stuff is the real deal.

Let me just put it out there that you really need to do the work yourself. There is no prodding you along, mentoring or coaching. You really need to self-motivate, so it’s not for everybody (which is why 90% fail).

But if you know yourself well, and can dig in and self-motivate to work through all the modules from start to finish, then this program is the best out there that I have found. It literally got my online business off the ground when nothing else could.

Thank you, Mike!”

– Denise Martin

“I would like to thank Mike Dillard for his List Grow training program. When I came across List Grow, I knew nothing about online marketing and funnels. To make matters worse, I was in a transition between two businesses, so I didn’t know how I could use his training but I knew it had so much value for my future.

I have also joined Mike Dillard Mentoring which was very helpful to develop a right mindset for creating an online business. I now have a business which uses funnels and Facebook ads. It is still starting up and there is so much more potential to implement Mike’s List Grow for future projects.

List Grow is a training program that teaches each step with a very simple approach so that even those who have no technical knowledge or business experience can follow through and implement the lessons. Further, it gives a feeling that Mike is there sitting next to you as your mentor while you are working on each module.

Simplicity, step-by-step guidance, and Mike’s authenticity are what I liked the most about this program.”

– Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen

“I came across the List Grow program by chance and I’m so glad I did. This program showed me exactly how I was running my business as an amateur and the best way to take it to the next level like the pro I wanted to be.

Using the step-by-step videos, I was able to essentially create my business from scratch to a working funnel that was providing my customers with what they needed in a way that made sense and made money.

I’m not going to say the List Grow course was easy, but the amazing sense of achievement I felt at the end was absolutely worth it. I’m a busy stay at home mom of two small kids, trying to build my business in my spare time. Literally, if I’m able to do it, anyone can.

Mike’s program is easy to follow, comprehensive and Mike explains exactly what to do and why. His swipe file was unbelievable value by itself and a welcome part of the program.

I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to take their business to the next level.”

– Emma Calvert

“When I first found Mike’s List Grow course, I think on Facebook, like most of us, I was fairly skeptical at first. There are so many marketing offers out there that all seem to blend in. But, for some reason, something resonated with me enough to keep me watching the Video Sales Letter. It began to make sense to me, especially when he did the math. Because I have a business background, I got it.

However, once he hit me with the ‘I’ll refund your money if you show me the work’, that convinced me. Once I started watching the videos, I was hooked. They’re extremely clear and descriptive. He speaks to you as if you’re in the room, one on one. It feels personal.

And he makes you feel as if you, too, can get it. But, he is clear that this is WORK, and it is. Because I had to DO the work MYSELF, I learned so much more than I could have while sitting in a conference room listening to someone. And each time I got stuck, I watched the video again until I understood it.

In the end, whether my idea will work isn’t the point, it is the skills I now have that I never would have without the List Grow course. You can trust this guy, he’s the real deal. We need more Mikes.”

– Lewis Dennen

“Hi Mike, I just wanted to send a note to thank you for List Grow. I’m someone who is very hesitant to purchase online programs (especially at this price point). But you suckered me in with your webinar over a year ago, and I have to say it actually works (I know this is not a surprise to you).

When I purchased List Grow, I had a vision of a product I was going to create, but then my idea fell through. I was bummed because I had just spent the money on List Grow and had no new ideas. Then, I started helping a family friend who has an energy healing business. She is not tech savvy at all, but she said she wanted to start an online community and asked if I’d be her business partner.

I flew back through your training videos and quickly worked to help her get her online community launched in late February. We had a fast timeline she wanted to hit, so we weren’t able to implement everything in your system, but I just looked at the Stripe reports now that it’s been running for almost a year and her online community has made $25,000 ($13,000 of that was just during launch week)!.

I know for someone like you, this isn’t much money. But I really see it as a huge success for us. This was our very first online product, and it certainly paid me back the original cost of your program and supported the cost of the tech with money to spare.

I know we wouldn’t have been able to do this well – launching our very first web product without List Grow. Now that we’re coming up on one year, we’re making plans for what’s next. More important than the money, you’ve made us feel empowered, successful, and encouraged to keep finding new ways to reach people doing the work we love. If people are willing to put in the effort, List Grow works.

Thanks so much for sharing and for convincing me to buy it!”

– Kelsey Lundberg

“Joining List Grow signaled a major turning point for me because I knew I wanted to start a business, but didn’t know exactly what that looked like. List Grow helped shaped my thinking on my business model and gave me some brilliant stepping stones to get my business up and running.

In addition to gaining a lot out of Mike’s expertise, I really loved Mike’s style – he comes across as very genuine, as a person you can trust, and someone who really does want to help others succeed. I wouldn’t have launched my business without Mike and List Grow.

Thanks Mike!”

– Anna Kydd

“The best thing about List Grow is the step-by-step visual walk-through for (almost) every part of the process. I really knew nothing about any of this, and now I’m doing it.

I’m so impressed with the quality and integrity that Mike Dillard has put into helping me learn how to launch my business!”

– Greg Hanks

“Thanks Mike, for the List Grow Course and materials. I couldn’t have asked for a simpler, easy-to-follow road map to help grow our list of prospects.

Everything from the instructional videos, templates and examples were straightforward and very helpful in developing our lead generation system. With everything changing so quickly in today’s marketing world, List Grow is current and applicable for any entrepreneur or small business owner who is looking to grow their business.”

– Allan Boushie

“Thanks Mike, I was clueless about how to get my products online. You gave me the best help ever. Thanks, couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without you.”

– Sally Reid

“I completed all the ListGrow modules and passed the Implementation Challenge. I have never felt so empowered to build an online business as I do now.

I know that any of the ideas that I have for information, products and coaching services can now be addressed by following the step-by-step methodology that is so clearly laid out in the course. Your next time will be much faster because once you know what you’re doing, things speed up.

Doing the course requires discipline, daily effort, and not giving in to distractions. In four words: IT IS WORTH IT.”

– Geoff Hopkins

“Mike Dillard is so much more than a successful entrepreneur. In my view, he embodies the ethics of business and life that serve as the strongest examples of how we’re going to move our culture forward in a positive manner: transparency, authenticity and empowerment.

What Mike is doing is inspiring on so many levels. First, it’s immediately apparent that he knows what he’s talking about and is sharing valuable, actionable information in an easy, relaxed manner. I’ve gone through every step of completing his “List-Grow” program and I can verify that it is exactly what he says it is.

But beyond that, Mike shares so much of what he knows freely and openly, so it leaves the only thing standing between a student and implementing what Mike knows being their own work ethic and dedication. If you’re up to the task of making a commitment to yourself, Mike is going to give you everything you need. The only question remains whether you’re willing to put in the work or not.

Secondly, the “Completion Challenge” Mike mentions with List-Grow is real. He’s telling you the truth. I purchased List-Grow in May (after sitting on the fence thinking about it for 5 months) and I finally completed my first two funnels that December. I had my full refund back in my account within 2 business days of reaching out to Mike’s team, just as he suggests you should do.

I’m just completely impressed with Mike all around. We need more people like him. I look forward to making him proud by running with what I’ve learned from him so far and by helping as many people as I can in kind along the way.

Thank you, Mike. Keep up your great work!”

– Kevin Bulmer

“Six months ago we had an idea but that was it. I had no list, and no knowledge of how to build an audience that would buy my product. In my search to figure out where to start, I came across Mike’s ad for List Grow.

I enrolled in the course and started building my product step by step. Mike’s easy to follow videos became my bible and in a couple of months we launched. Four months later we have grown our list to over 7,000 leads which is increasing every day. There is no way we could have seen results like this without List Grow.”

– Scott Bowen

“This year I purchased Mike Dillard’s List Grow program. The way Mike has laid out his program is brilliant. It’s step-by-step and a fool-proof guide with smaller achievements along the journey. This acts as a fabulous self-motivator (that you always want to keep going to the end) leading up to the overall objective of the program. Mixed with where to find extra support along the way if needed, so you never feel alone.

If you were thinking about taking the next step for your business and investing into new ways where you can find new prospects & customers, my advice is don’t think for too long because procrastination is one of the biggest killers of our businesses.

Mike has the foresight to understand this so what he has done to help you to stop procrastinating is that he has taken the risk out of your buying decision with List Grow.
Mike gives you a 30-day money back guarantee on your investment and you can earn your investment back by taking-action and implementing like I did.
Mike Dillard stands for integrity and is one of the top marketers of our generation.
Don’t believe me? Just listen to any of the podcasts on the Mike Dillard Podcast.”

– Gareth O’Keefe

“After several years and numerous courses bought, I got Mike’s List Grow course. It is by far the best step-by-step course out there for getting you from “I have an idea” to a fully operating online business.

Mike literally leads you through every step of the way, and makes it as easy and as simple as it can be. If you are thinking about getting List grow – don’t think any more. Just get it. And thank me later!”

– Amir Pozderac

“I just completed my sales funnel and community site as a member of List Grow. The program was very beneficial, and I recognized three aspects that contributed the most;

1. Having the step-by-step modules made certain that I didn’t miss anything in the process. Not having to go back and try to figure out a step was very beneficial.

2. The videos that showed exactly what to click and type as Mike setup a system that allowed me to complete most of the work without having to figure out all the underpinnings of the framework. This drastically reduced the learning curve.

3. The most beneficial aspect to the program was the offer of a 100% refund of my enrollment fee if I completed it within a year.

Some parts of the process were challenging in the sense that they took some thought and some time. The Sales Video Letter took a long time to get just the way I wanted it, and would have taken longer without the resources provided by the program. But through all the work, I kept the goal of getting my money back in mind.

Toward the end of the year when I struggled with competing uses of my time, I was able to master the focus to finish the sales funnel and setup my site because I knew that a little more effort would earn the refund for me. True to his word, Mike refunded every penny that I paid when I completed everything in less than a year. Without the promise of this financial reward, I may have given up months ago.

I want to thank Mike for the extremely comprehensive program that allowed me to do for myself what I would otherwise have paid thousands of dollars to hire someone else to do. As a bonus, I now have the skills and tools to repeat the process for other projects.

This was the best program I have ever experienced.”

– Joe Shrewsbury

“Thanks for everything! List Grow has been a tremendous gift for me because it has provided me with a step-by-step process for transitioning to an online business and growing a list. List Grow is a how-to system with hidden gems of wisdom dripped in as only someone with true knowledge can pull off. Mike Dillard is both authentic and real. It is clear he has walked the walk.

The Completion Challenge is a huge plus, but if I had to give up access when I received my refund, I would have turned it down so I could continue to repeat the course again and again.

Thanks so much Mike!”

– Richaed Siperko

“There are only a few entrepreneurs that I trust, and Mike is one of them. He takes seemingly complicated subjects, and breaks them down so that it is easy for anyone at any level to understand.

For example, doing copywriting for webinars and sales letter can be a very painful, confusing process for beginners. But when Mike breaks it down step-by-step, as well as the reasoning behind each section, it becomes obvious WHY we are actually writing what we are.

And when that magic happens, it helps to propel a business forward! Also, I highly recommend listening to his Mike Dillard podcast. The guests are fascinating, the topics are intriguing, and golden nuggets of knowledge (and implementation) are dropped constantly!

Thanks Mike – keep up the good work.”

– Alan Kong

“Mike, thank you for building your no-nonsense plan for a productive online business. The format could not be better, with your videos to guide me through the hurdles, combined with swipe files and encouragement to make us believe we could do it.

My wife and I are in our mid-70s and we wanted to pass on her 40 plus years of experience as a mom, kindergarten teacher, principal of an elementary school and grandmother helping to raise 7 of our 10 grandchildren after school while their parents worked.

Our niche, which you helped refine, is a professional woman with a child from 0 to 4 years of age. Our mission is to encourage and empower these women to raise healthy, happy and successful children.

As our membership site begins to generate profits, we plan to start a non-profit to help underprivileged moms with children from 0 to 2 years old. Reading to babies during their first year is so very critical for brain development and future success.

Sharing your expertise with us has helped us to help others. You can’t put a price tag on that. God bless you and thank you again for helping us make it happen.”

– Mike & Mary Agnes Goldwire

“I’ve successfully run my personal kitchen gardening company, Rooted Garden, here in Houston for several years. But, I was eager to move some of my business online. When I watched Mike Dillard’s List Grow webinar, I knew he could offer the practical help I needed.

I purchased List Grow and watched all the videos within a matter of a few weeks. After a few months’ time, I’ve added hundreds of new subscribers to my list and I have been able to launch an online membership site as well. The formula that Mike provides in List Grow helped me not only with my online course but also with my physical business. I’ve learned how to more clearly price my products and offer my clients more.

Each time I re-watch List Grow, I’m reminded of a few new things I can go back to and improve. And I never head out for a morning run without listening to the Mike Dillard podcast.

Thank you, Mike, for the way you’ve inspired me and so many others to build our dream businesses. My dream for every person to have their own kitchen garden is many steps closer to reality thanks to you.

Many thanks for all you do!”

– Nicole

“Hi Mike, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating and sharing the List Grow course which I found absolutely invaluable whilst setting up with marathon coaching website.

As well as sharing all your copy writing wisdom, just having you walk through all the mechanics of setting up a website domain, email address, sales funnel and email auto-responder etc. was fantastic and literally saved me weeks (months probably) of costly trial and error.

As with most promises made online nowadays, I was a little skeptical of your 12 month ‘Completion Challenge’ initially, but true to your word, your team had refunded ALL the money I paid within a few hours of me submitting my working sales funnel.

You were absolutely spot on when you said in your seminar that you are happy to offer the 12 month completion challenge on the basis that anyone who completes it and receives their refund will become a raving fan. Well that is definitely me!

If anyone is reading this and sitting on the fence about whether to go ahead and purchase List Grow … DO IT. You will not regret it.

Thanks again Mike!”

– Paul Nicoll, London.

“List Grow is more than a blueprint, more than a set of instructions, it is an inspiration. I was half-way through with version one, knee deep in trial memberships with a few sites that I would never have thought to work through on my own and then suddenly the List Grow system improved with version. I couldn’t believe how much better the information and ease of use got!

When I was confused, the support team answered my emails immediately. I loved that Mike continued to work at making this system better, and I’m glad I stuck through with it to the end.

Everything from post office boxes, lawyers and Click-Funnels. I don’t know if I would have dared to pull the trigger on any of it had it not been for the matter-of-fact instruction to SEE IT THROUGH to the end. Thank you for being a great mentor Mike and the support team!”

– Jake Garn

“Having watched the Webinar on “How to Build an Email List”, I was impressed by the quality of the presentation, and I subsequently purchased List Grow in February. I went through the entire program whilst on a family skiing holiday. I was recovering from a knee operation so no skiing for me.

I had some knowledge of the material being discussed, but what made it so “useful and valuable” was how Mike systematically walked you through the entire process of building an audience, right to delivering content to that group through a membership site and everything in between.

All I had to do was find something I was passionate about, provide a solution to that group of people, write and film some awesome content which took me 7 months and then once again login to List Grow, and stitch it all together. Bingo!

Time will tell if the product gets bought and used, but I now have something that can be tweaked, repurposed and marketed till the cows come home. I now have the confidence to launch other products and that’s great for a number of reasons:

1. You can do it at your pace.
2. You are not waiting for a team of people to finish their part of the product and charge you a fortune for their service.
3. It’s relatively cheap to do create, no it is super cheap compared to a conventional business with premises.
4. It’s low risk, demanding just your time.
5. It’s fun learning all this insightful stuff.

I will do a somersault when I see my first sale! Thanks Mike, your material is obviously amazing. You have personally used it to build your empire!

So folks, find your passion first, build the solution and then get busy with the funky stuff.”

– Tony Taylor

“Mike’s List-Grow course answered all my questions when it comes to setting a membership course and marketing. I loved the hands on videos clearly explaining the technicalities and some valuable business training that Mike injected in every module.”

– Natalia Stasenko

“List-Grow is the most intuitive step-by-step program I have taken. It covers all components of starting an online business model for anyone to successfully set up and succeed. The video tutorials are extremely well done in guiding you through with supportive documentation containing proven examples as a guide. That alone is worth more than gold.”

– Karl Tettmann

“I really appreciate Mike Dillard for his outstanding course List Grow. I’m a relatively new entrepreneur in the process of transitioning from an old career into a new online business.

The truth is that I had no idea how to go about creating an online business, building a funnel, creating marketing ads and videos, building upsell videos, and setting up payment processing and automatic emails.

For a new internet entrepreneur, it can be a daunting task to get all of the pieces setup. List Grow is an incredible course that provides a fantastic blueprint for starting up a fully-functioning online business. He breaks down the entire process in a way that’s accessible, thorough, and extremely useful.

At the end of the process, I had a fully functioning online business, and I couldn’t be happier! On top of everything, Mike is a warm and genuine person who is a man of his word. He is truly one of the good guys and I wholeheartedly recommend his course.”

– Eric Hermann

“The thing that sold me on Mike Dillard’s List-Grow class was his integrity, honesty and professionalism. I’ve only invested in two online classes to date, his and one other. Both drew me in for the very same reasons.

I had an opportunity to choose from many possible online marketing classes, most of which were a total turn off to me. I’m very happy with the class. Aside from my appreciation on that note, this class was filled with valuable information that I very much needed to know, from a technical point of view, to help get me started on my journey in online marketing.

I learned some things that would never have occurred to me from Mike. I loved the
presentations, and the details he provided with the technical information. It was especially really nice, to have someone take you through a step-by-step process in order to learn how to use some of the software that he recommends, especially since I’m not very educated in computer and tech stuff.

His method of instruction helps to save a lot of time and headache learning how to navigate MailChimp, Lead Pages, Facebook advertising, and other software formats so you don’t have to hunt and peck your way through it for hours on end to figure it out.

I think Mike Dillard is a class act, and I would recommend his List-Grow course to anyone who is serious about online marketing. It is no wonder he is the success that he is! He’s the real deal. Thanks so much!”

– Monique Lockhart

“Wow! Thank you for my Implementation Challenge refund! Lastly, and frankly most importantly, I wanted to say how utterly amazing Mike’s List-Grow course has been. I have no doubt that you get a ton of emails saying this, but it is truly the most valuable thing I’ve ever spent money on.

It’s been an incredible lesson, not just in how to create a fully functioning business, but on how and why you should provide the most extraordinary value possible in whatever you’re doing.

I’ve been telling everyone I know who it might be relevant to, to check out Mike’s stuff, including the Mike Dillard podcasts, which are off-the-wall awesome in the value they provide too.

I will gladly be a reference for List Grow anytime, should it ever be helpful to have someone from the UK to shout about Mike’s products and services. Plus when I start making money from my launch, I’ll happily send over Stripe account evidence for Mike to use in his webinar material if that’s helpful.

I promised myself when I bought this course that it would be the best money I never spent, and that I’d be in the two percent that change their lives forever with Mike’s help.

And I honestly believe that that’s the course I’m on. I feel so enormously grateful for Mike and his work and I’m totally excited about the future he’s helping me create.
With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, Alison”

– Alison O’Leary

“I can’t say enough good things about Mike Dillard’s List Grow course. He makes it a very simple process by guiding you every step of the way. And when I say every step, I mean EVERY step. Every little detail is included. Every webpage needed to make the funnel work, all the changes that need to be made on every page, and even help with writing the copy.

Without List Grow I would have struggled massively to put my program together, and quite honestly, probably would have never gotten it done.

Thank you Mike for putting together a paint by numbers course that breeds success.”

– Brant Larsen

“Dear Mike, here we are writing to you… Less than 1 year ago, we started your excellent “List Grow” implementation program, and to be honest, we were a little bit afraid about getting it done, and of course, getting real results.

Today, we can say we are in business, with an entire online funnel generating leads and sales. We are grateful for all your generosity and enormous value that you are offering to your audience. It is awesome!

Because of your program, we have learnt and developed new skills and knowledge that are priceless. We also got encouraging results! All of this, with no idea about the world of online business.

For those who are thinking to get any material from Mike Dillard, we strongly recommend to do it. It is a priceless investment.

Thank you! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.”

– Magdalena & Ramiro

“In all honesty, the List Grow Course taught by Mike Dillard was an eye-opener for me, and I am truly grateful. I am particularly moved by Mike’s honesty and integrity as he orchestrates and teaches the entire course.

One of the beneficial aspect for me is the over-shoulder approach – you get to understand the funnel architecture, all the tools and how to use those tools to set-up the funnel step by step.

As a slow-learner, I have the opportunity to go over and over again on the topics for thorough understanding. One of the ways I’ve been able to apply the List Grow course is the recording and editing of my own videos. I am already applying this in other areas.

To anyone skeptical about purchasing the List Grow Course, I’ll strongly recommend that you stop hesitating and get it! If you don’t take a risk, you risk everything. List Grow Course is worth the challenge.”

– Francis Fobbie

“My experience with the List Grow implementation program was great. Mike really gets into every detail and gives a very precise explanation on the steps needed to create and online business.

The information within this program really works for everyone regardless of their experience or background. I am very fortunate to have come across List Grow.

Thanks Mike!”

– Julian Murillo Toro

“Mike’s List Grow course has been such an invaluable resource to add to my list building tool set. An incredibly worthwhile investment that has already paid dividends – and within the first week of implementation!

Thank you so much Mike. I am eternally grateful to you.”

– Bill Hazelton

“Mike’s List Grow program is excellent, walking you step by step through the implementation of a complete, profitable business model, and his methodical, clear instructions, combined with his CRAZY completion challenge guarantee blew us away and gave us the motivation we needed to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK and GET IT DONE (which we did).

I’m so proud of our fully functional funnel, and am looking forward to seeing how it will perform!”

– Josh

“The list grow program is top-notch. I loved the step-by-step instructions. List grow really makes it easy to get up and running quickly. I highly recommend it!!”

– Dawn Solko

“Mike, your List Grow course really opened my eyes to the reality of achieving rapid growth by using paid traffic on social media platforms.

Prior to taking your course, I had no idea there was a way to grow traffic other than through organic social media engagement, SEO and perhaps Adwords.

The concept of list building using Facebook Ads was new and you explained it really well. It has resulted in a tremendous increase in patients for our clinic and a database of more than 500 names, plus all the traffic we can now use to retarget and build custom audiences on Facebook.

Thank you so much for taking the time to build this course. I really enjoy your podcast, too!”

– Mary

“List Grow is so awesome! I bought the List Grow Course in mid-September, worked over 14 hours a day on creating my funnel; from learning the finer parts of copy and everything else involved. I just want to say that you delivered.

I am inspired by Mike and am grateful that he returned the money I invested just because I completed his course. This is unheard of.

Thank you!

– Joel Danford

“As the CEO of Accurate Body Language, I am deeply grateful to Mike Dillard for being my ‘virtual coach’ as my team and I grow our Accurate Body Language business online.

Thank you, Mike Dillard, for offering extraordinary value to entrepreneurs so that we can, as your tagline states: Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth, and Live Your Dreams!!!

I want to compliment Mike Dillard on his excellent instructions and visual step-by-step process. You made an overwhelmingly complex process manageable with your ‘bite-size’ modules and video training sessions.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience. You’ve made LIST GROW as easy as possible (although it is extensive!!) for entrepreneurs without technology backgrounds to launch our businesses online.

I am also deeply proud of myself for completing the Mike Dillard 12 month Challenge and also growing beyond what I ever dreamed possible for myself and for my business!
I am deeply grateful and indebted to Mike Dillard!”

– Janette Ghedotte

“I am grateful to have found a course on how to make funnels. I had wondered how to do it. I am a content creator and wanted to find a way to ramp up marketing.

I had seen no alternative courses, so I jumped at the chance and am glad I did. It opened a new world to me. Thanks!”

– Sharon Sarles

“I had launched an online product. I had one sale right away. And then I realized that it was the wrong product! I mean, I had the right idea but something was wrong and I couldn’t figure it out. A friend recommended Mike’s webinar to me and so I watched it.

And it was like the sky opened and I got a complete download of what my product needed to be. The product model he taught in the webinar and that is supported by List Grow was exactly what I’d been clunkily trying to implement on my own. So I bought List Grow immediately and went to work.

I created the whole thing and put it through a two-month beta test (which identified the weaknesses and got corrected) and then I launched! I am SURE that this is the product I was meant to put out and that I had been grappling with unsuccessfully on my own.

I can’t thank Mike enough for his inspiration, knowledge and integrity. Thank you! I have much left to learn from you but so far your help has been immeasurable!”

– Tracey Snoyer

“List Grow has BY FAR been the most beneficial tool for me accomplishing my dream to turn my idea into a profitable online business. The tutorials are click by click and step by step.

Mike doesn’t sugar coat the fact that it still takes work. But nothing has been better than having a path to follow that taught me valuable skills that would have taken me years to gain. Show up. Do the work. Keep moving forward. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity!

Thank you so much for am amazing program”

– Stephen Anderson

“Hey Mike, I put together a video testimonial for you and specifically the List Grow program.

Here’s the thing, my video editor crapped out and wouldn’t let me deletethe last 4 seconds of the video where I’m walking back up to the camera. So I uploaded it to YouTube and used that editor.

Here is the link to the testimonial on YouTube: But! If you wanted to knock off the last 4 seconds of the attached video (it’s a big file, so it’s linked from Google Drive) of me walking up to the camera, you have my full permission to use it anywhere you see fit!​ No B.S. Life Advice List Grow Testimonial.mp4 <>

Side note: I actually just finished the Academy of Advertising program from your buddy Jason Hornung and my first ads launch tomorrow! Exciting times.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out. Like it says in the video, I love what you are doing for the entrepreneurship Community. All the best!”

– Trevor Shylock

“Dear Mike,while we’ve never met nor talked, have listened to your training modules
intently and I feel you are a trusted friend.

When I entered my credit card to test the completed funnel IT WORKED! I received 4,700 likes in my first live 24 hour Facebook run! Russell Brunson who is a great marketer and brilliantly inventive does not hold a candle to you. LIST GROW is a launch pad which will save thousands of lives.

I am a 69 year old Vietnam veteran, who 25 years ago was tip of the arrow, who made available knowledge access to a harmless cure for cancer, and AIDS, that actually works.

At the time we received and helped over 50,000 terminal patrons in 3 years, our success triggered an attack by the FDA, we had a devastating court battle, our operations were destroyed and our training book was banned in Federal Court. Now the work can continue with maximum audience velocity.

For me, the learning curve Challenge came with learning multiple new programs and integrations. They were a huge brain teaser and some of the programs have been modified and updated since you recorded to add to the puzzle.

As predicted, it takes about 2 months, from conception to completion. I worked little at a time, from January to September, only could do about 6 – 15 hours a week and maintain my job, too.

Now begins the problem of copy clean up, re-record, fine tune, tweak and rewrite over and over until **maximum audience and sales velocity is reached. *

– Charles Pixley

“The List Grow course has without doubt been the best course I’ve ever purchased. The information is great and Mike’s style of teaching works well for me.

I have now got several new skills that I can put to good use in creating and promoting more products in the future. I also have an online business that has the potential to make a lot of money. Big thanks to Mike!”

– Len Foster

“List Grow was exactly what I was looking for to learn how to take my purpose to reach as many people as possible. I had seen people for the last five years in my business history getting results online and I knew I wanted to master this also.

Mike’s course was excellent, he really was with you every step of the way, down to the finest detail. Perfect for a relative novice like me! I am thrilled to have learnt what I have and I am excited to see what the future holds for me now.

Thank you greatly!”

– Sam Houghton

“The List Grow program gave my initial vision the wings it so desperately needed to begin turning thought into action.

Not only does Mike walk you step-by-step through some of the more challenging technical bits of the process, but he provides real, experience-based insights into the
overarching concepts behind the program.

I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today without List Grow.


– Tyler Cooper

“It really felt serendipitous when I stumbled upon List Grow. I was out of ideas of affordable solutions to grow my list with qualified leads, I felt frustrated and exhausted.

Mike’s patient, step-by-step tutorials are just the right pace and he goes in to real detail showing, not just telling, what to do at every stage.

It has been a tremendous resource and I have no doubt that this could not have been accomplished without list grow.

My deepest thanks!”

– Tamar Daniel

“I recommend Mike Dillard’s List Grow. I invested in the program to get the step-by-step instructions to construct the funnel for one of my law products. I was able to put it all together and get it up and running!

There are detailed how to videos that are easy to follow. The tools recommended are excellent. If in doubt, don’t be, just do it.”

– Jim Montgomery

“Mike Dillard – A true marketing legend. I took his List Grow course and the program taught me a skill see that not only helped me with building my company, but also improved various areas of my life.

What I truly appreciate about Mike is his true authenticity and openness in whatever he does. His lessons kept me motivated and I am very certain that if I didn’t have his guidance and mentorship, I would not be able to accomplish what I had always dreamed of.

I would recommend everyone to stop thinking and start taking action on
their dreams, and who is better than Mike as a business coach? Simply, NO
ONE! “

– Suleman Harris

“List Grow the course is put together just like Mike Dillard claims – over his shoulder, and click-by-click. The videos are easy to watch,understand, and implement.

Mike tells you what to do and shows you how to do it. Yes, you need to bring your own ideas and you need to work hard, but what Mike provides makes the frustrating and tedious seem easy and even fun at times. I cannot recommend not only List Grow but also Mike Dillard – you can learn a lot from both.”

– Drew Brazier

“Mike, thank you! List Grow made building a funnel relatively easy. And all of your tips and tricks really helped and saved me from frustration.

However, your challenge pushed me to do the work when I know I would have quit without it. But the secret hidden gem, that I am sure most people overlook, is your amazing sales and marketing swipe files.

The biggest take-away for me is what you teach and provide in this area. I am already
signed up for your 7-Figures Sales Presentation Course. I look forward to sharing my success with you and my fellow students soon – again. Thank you!”

– Will Cunningham

“Mike’s List Grow program (like all of his programs) is the real deal – a step-by-step walkthrough on building a profitable business – what product or service to consider, how to price it so that it’s self-sufficient, etc..

The list is your audience and key to a successful enterprise. Mike walks you through what software to use, how to use the software and how you can tie it all together to build a seamless marketing funnel.

Why spend hundreds of hours and lots of wasted resources trying to figure all of this out on your own when Mike has already done the heavy lifting and will show you exactly what works.

– Michael

“I am part of Mike Dillard’s List Grow class and also enrolled in his “Mike Dillard Mentoring”. His teachings are outstanding. In the List Grow class, he literally takes you by your hand and walks you through the program step-by-step.

He has a calmness about how he presents that makes it easy to understand and follow the material. In the List Grow class, I got access to material that helped me a great deal with my marketing efforts. I am a life coach and was never quite sure how to write sales letters. He taught me how to go about it. Thank you Mike!”

– Christina

“If you’re like me, online marketing, sales and relationship building is overwhelming. Of all the books, online articles, and online courses I’ve read and participated in, not one has been as comprehensive as Mike Dillard’s List Grow program.

I systematically followed the program step-by-step and in the end I produced a viable company, sales funnel and subsequent income stream. Of all the education I’ve exposed myself to, this program is by far the best.

Thank you Mike for producing such a high-end product. I am forever thankful.”

– Dena Betti

“Mike and his staff were great throughout the whole process of working to set up our leadpages. His staff was easy to work with and answered all of our questions.

I loved all of the modules, as he broke everything down step-by-step and made it easy for me and my team to implement his ideas.

What was most surprising to me is that in the end it actually worked! We got about 65 emails the first week we launched which was a huge boost for us! We also had 10 sign-ups within the first week to our subscription program.

I look forward to bettering our leadpages and growing our subscription plan for Yoga and Ayurveda for the modern woman more and more!

I really recommend Mike and his program as I believe his heart is in the right place and he truly wants to help people. We will definitely be working with his products in the future!”

– Katie Silcox

“Mike Dillard is the real deal and List Grow did not only teach me the best way to grow my email list, but also how to make a funnel that pays for itself with its liquidating offer.

Mike Dillard is a man of his word and cut me a check for the price of the course once I finished it! You rock Mike, looking to learning more from you in the future!”

– Christian

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow program and swipe file is a LIFE SAVER! My Funnel and business was up and running in good time and his video tutorials and courses were clear and concise and so helpful with setting everything up step by step.

Great marketing advice from someone as successful as Mike is GOLD. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of his products in the future. What an inspiration and what a great mentor. Yay for Entrepreneurs!”

– Jessica West

“I am so glad I saw Mike Dillard on my Facebook feed because without signing up for the List Grow course, I would have never followed through with the ideas I had for my business.

His video lessons took me step by step through the process of building out my sales funnel. I’ve never done this before and could not have been successful without the video series.

I highly recommend List Grow to anyone who’s serious about making something happen
instead of sitting on great ideas!”

– Nicole Robbins

“List Grow is a phenomenal program to use if you want to build an online membership program. Each lesson Mike provides is step by step and very easy to understand.

In addition to each video, the resources, swipe files and business plan outline were invaluable to me in thoroughly thinking out what type of program I wanted to build. Now I have a complete marketing funnel system. I would highly recommend ListGrow.”

– Pam Hett

“I’ve been following Mike Dillard for a few years, and have always greatly appreciated the depth he goes in researching the topics he covers, finding some of the most incredible experts.

He satisfies my curiosity that he actually knows what he’s talking about, making him someone SO worth my time to listen to, while being such an inspiration!

His step-by-step, anyone-can-follow coverage on List Grow has shown me how easy it can be to market anything by building a simple sales funnel platform utilizing some of the most accessible and affordable new tools on the market.

So easy, I’ve been tempted to open a marketing company utilizing the simple strategies he provides!

Thanks so much!”

– Jeremy

“I came across Mike Dillard’s List Grow training late last year as I was setting up my coaching business. I had never really understand the importance of building an email list until I sat down to watch his webinar.

I purchased the List Grow program for two reasons…

Firstly, I wanted a structured process that I could follow to setup my webinars and sales funnels. Secondly, I was impressed by the money back guarantee made by Mike for those that completed the course. That guarantee became a powerful motivator for me to complete the course and get a funnel system up and running.

8 months later, I’ve received my program refund. I’ve completed the program and I have taken a step back to reflect on everything I have achieved.

Since purchasing the program, I have launched a new business, automated my email marketing system, setup online marketing, developed programs, run webinars and have generated tens of thousands in revenue. I have also helped a number of coaching clients begin to transform their lives!

List Grow was just one of the many tools I used to make it happen. If you’re serious about your success and know that you can finish what you set out to do, List Grow and it’s guarantee is a no brainer that you can use to your advantage.

Thanks MD and the team!”

– Loren Trlin

“Simply put, the Mike Dillard List Grow Program will show you how to do so much more than grow your list, it will give you the tools, tips and tactics you need to launch an online business that serves people at the highest level.

Thanks again, Mike.”

– Ben Chiriboga

“I want to thank Mike Dillard for his “List Grow” program. It was well thought out and was put together in a way that was very easy to understand especially for a newbie like me.

Email marketing and list building is sort of a new concept for a person like me who comes from the dental industry and private practice. In my world, we are hit up all the time from traditional marketing vendors trying to sell the latest direct mail, PPC, ValPak decks, billboards, and whatever, promising tons of new patients which invariably only leads you feeling totally taken and scammed.

After total frustration, I decided to take a different direction and look into how the “real” marketers do it….you know, the internet marketers. I found Mike through a Facebook ad…his ads are not “hypey” like others so I was intrigued.

I had always heard how “your list” is the most import asset to any marketer. I had never really thought of it like that…I have been collecting email addresses from my patients for close to twenty years as a part of my health history forms and never even thought about using those to market to these same people who were already my customers….geez, who knew! Anyway, I did some research on Mike and liked what I read and bought the program.

The best part of the program? The best part is how he takes your hand (so to speak), and shows you how to do all of the “mundane” little chores that everyone else takes for granted that you should already know like the process of selecting your own URL at GoDaddy, setting up your Autoresponder (MailChimp), your ecommerce cart (Samcart), etc.

He takes you through screen by screen so you can essentially do it along with him. For a newbie like me, the thought of doing that all myself, with no help, was reason enough not to get started with it. It was just too intimidating. The course was just what I needed to give me that little push and take action.

Thanks Mike!”

– Dr. Matt Walton

“I’ve done about 20 different online business courses, and List Grow was BY FAR my absolute favorite. Mike himself walks you through every single individual step (down to the click!) that you need in order to create, build, and grow an online membership community that can easily generate thousands of dollars each month – even if you’re afraid of technology, don’t have a website yet, and / or have never opened PowerPoint / Keynote in your life.

Mike’s got your back each step of the way – and his support team is fantastic with answering any questions you have. This course is not only legit, but it WORKS and has been a serious game-changer for my business!”

– Camille Virginia

“Dear Mike, I really don’t know what to say, except that I think I actually, legitimately, love you!

One minute, I was zoning out and scrolling my Facebook feed, bored and avoiding my work. An hour later, I’ve realized I’ve just stumbled upon the most genuine, straight-forward, no BS approach to making money and creating real value in the world that I’d ever encountered.

Your List Grow teachings, philosophy, and strategy took everything I was doing in my career to a whole new playing field. You have been my biggest inspiration the past 12
months. I don’t think I can ever possibly communicate to you how meaningful
and life-changing you have been to me Mike! Thank you.

Hopefully someday we will meet again, and I will have more to say than “um can I get a selfie with you?”

– Brittany Race

“As a small business owner, every dollar, and every minute, counts. I wanted to get my business up and running quickly, and I wanted to avoid all the common pitfalls that entrepreneurs go through.

Mike Dillard’s List Grow class backed up its promises and then some. It was great to see clear, step-by-step instructions on how to build a funnel and get leads quickly. If I had to do it all over again, I’d use Mike’s class in a heartbeat.”

– Kiko

“I want to let Mike know how much I appreciate List Grow and his Challenge. I trust Mike to be true to his word and I know he does things ethically, so when he speaks, I listen.

Even though I do some other specific work for local companies, I still hadn’t figured out how to create my own funnel with an upsell for my coaching business. When I had a chance to take Mike’s training and finally get that done, I jumped at the chance. His training is always so detailed and his explanations clear.

I am thrilled to say that I followed the course and am now the proud owner of my very first upsell funnel and making money with it. I highly recommend List Grow or any training Mike Dillard offers.

Thanks Mike!”

– Teri Rose

“Thank you for your excellent course – it was a worthwhile investment and helped me to understand in detail how to create a solid sales funnel. Your incentive of getting the money back if we completed the course resulted in me seeing it through – and you were as good as your word!

The course really helped me approach my marketing in a much more customer-focused way, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create a strong lead
funnel, step by step, of high quality.”

– Suzy Miller

“Good Morning Mike,

It worked! I signed up for your list-grow course on Friday, January 27 at [1:35] PM. I went through the entire course and I finished it. That’s what made this different. I finished it.

I think the investment motivated me to take action this time. If I would have paid $200 for this course I would’ve shelved it like the rest before it. Making the investment, and this completion challenge, forced me to get it done. A little back story, I’m a real estate appraiser in Naperville Illinois.

I’ve been teaching appraisers how to be more efficient on YouTube for about 6 years.
My YouTube channel has had over 230,000 views but I did not know how to monetize it.

When I saw the webinar, I realized I needed to create a group and get them on a list. So that’s what I did. I took your advice and I created a Facebook group for real estate appraisers.

When I had 235 people in the group, I used the scripts you provided and did a webinar to help the appraisers in my group. And presented them with an offer. On June 30 at 3 PM I hosted my first webinar and had 24 attendees.

I closed the offer at 10 AM on July 5 ( the time right now as I send this) and had five sales for a total of $3,485. I made more money in 1 hour and 10 minutes, hosting a webinar in my basement. I would normally make about $2,800 in one week, working 50 hours, doing appraisals.”

– Mike Mila

“The LIST GROW PROGRAM is the most comprehensive, follow-along program I have ever used. Highly recommend for those looking to build and understand funnels while capturing the attention of leads.

I have used other courses in the past but List Grow packed in the most info plus kept it simple. You will have a working sales funnel and a great way to capture leads by the end – if you just follow along.”

– Dr. Tim Young

“I’m incredibly grateful that I took advantage of the opportunity to learn from Mike Dillard. Not only was he clear and concise in relaying, in detail, how to grow my list, he also provided additional business-related insight that went a long way toward solidifying my vision and further developing my strategy 5-Star Life.

I enjoyed his down-to-earth, direct communication style and approach to sharing the processes and strategies that have proven successful for him. His ability to relay information (process) while also showing the available flexibility (implementation strategy) was golden. I’m 100% satisfied that I took the leap and invested in Mike.”

– Penelope Przekop

“Mike Dillard’s List-Grow was instrumental in getting our program launched. We had a product but had no list and didn’t know what to do; we were overwhelmed and lost and had no idea where to begin.

List-Grow gave us the lift off we needed to launch our program and it was so easy to follow, unlike other courses which appear simple, but are difficult to implement. We felt like Mike had our back and was with us every step of the way, not to mention his wonderful support team.

List-Grow is a valuable tool that we still refer to as we continue to grow our business.”

Alan and Rae Ann Mauthe

“List-Grow has been amazing. Honestly, I always thought I knew all of this stuff, but the way Mike connects the dots in his program is incredibly helpful.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the knowledge and insight Mike has shared is going to impact my business massively!”

– Javier Castillo

“My name is Jonathan Twombly, a real estate investor and educator, and I think that Mike Dillard is completely insane.

After all, he went out and created a system, List Grow, that makes it super-easy for anyone to create a private paid membership group and a sales funnel, and then he offered to refund the purchase price for anyone who simply follows the program they purchased and builds their funnel.

The way Mike lays out the process, even a technophobe like me, with absolutely zero
experience with online business, could build out the entire funnel in a few weeks. It’s just so hands-on and step-by-step that anyone can do it. Heck, I could have done it even faster had I not procrastinated so much.

I don’t understand how Mike makes any money on this program. Given how simple it is to build your funnel when Mike walks you through it, I would assume that 100% of his students would complete the course, build their funnel, and get their money back, like I did.

Actually, I take it back. Mike’s not the crazy one. If you don’t try this program, you are. And if you try the program and don’t take advantage of the refund offer, then you’re truly insane.

But seriously, List Grow is a great program, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Easily worth multiples of the purchase price, even without the refund offer. I could not recommend it more.”

– Jonathan Twombly

“I started my business in September last year with little knowledge about sales funnel. In November, I signed up for Mike’s “List Grow” online course. It helped me to understand online marketing in a big way, not only that,

Mike’s step-by-step instruction saved me tons of time trying to figure out what to do and how to do. In 6 months, I have set up two sales funnels. I have to say that is the best online course there is!”

– Xiaoli Mei

“Since our website is a SaaS application we used all of Mike’s components, but have the flow a bit different that worked out best for signups and training to get conversions in our application. We now have a growing list of paying subscribers!!!

List-Grow was crucial to the growth of our website application. We implanted the Lead landing pages just the way List-Grow specified, and created a automatic drip style campaign using real text and making it feel like it came a real person personally sent to them.

We had tremendous success with our trial signups and conversions, and received tremendous feedback thanks to this approach on how to make our application better.

Mike’s tips and videos help us craft the message in our training webinar and sales videos also. We even used some of his processes in the How-To videos inside of our application creating some great feedback from our users on how great our customer service was.

Thanks so much!”

– Jason Hardy

“Mike, List-Grow is just amazing! It took me about 1 month to get through the detailed, step-by-step information. But, by the end, I had a complete and functioning funnel … and it’s working GREAT!

Not only is the funnel allowing me to grow my list and client base, but I’m partnering with a lot of other referral sources who love what I’ve built and want to get involved!!!

I can’t thank you enough for this incredible content … Hands down the best course I’ve done yet!”

– Nick Vujnich

“Firstly I would like to say thank you for the Implementation Challenge opportunity and for honouring it. This is such a bonus to the course because it is a really EPIC motivation.

Providing such a motivation has actually had a positive effect on me. I feel honoured to accept it since it means that I achieved my goal. My goal was to have an end product.

It took more than just a goal to achieve this though. I could not have done it if the List Grow course was not well put together. The content was perfect! Perfect because it was manageable, easy to follow and NOT overwhelming. ANYONE can do this course.

I am pretty sure that this strategy will end up being useful in my business. I am so appreciative to Mike Dillard for sharing his knowledge. I have followed you for years now and I am most grateful for what you have taught me.

I hope to make a success of my business and let people know that it was you who set me off!


– Kate Tarratt Cross

“Over the years, I’ve looked at, and bought training programs that promised the earth… but failed to deliver. For that reason, I’m now very careful about what I buy into… and what I don’t!

I’m sick and tired of sales pages, videos or webinars that promise valuable content and not only fail to deliver, but spout out endless claims and promises followed up by, let’s say, unrealistic testimonials.

That’s why Mike’s List-Grow System stood out for me. To put it simply, Mike didn’t make outrageous claims, didn’t spend most of the time on his video telling me how wonderful he is and he didn’t throw in loads of unbelievable testimonials. Instead, he explained what List Grow did, and then offered to pay me back the full cost of the system, if I completed the training! Wow!

He came across as a genuine, down-to-earth guy, and his training modules reflect his personality too. They’re very well structured (and that comes from an ex-teacher!), very easy to follow and interesting. I now have all the tools I need to create a sales funnel, the skills required to build a list of enthusiastic buyers.

Mike takes you step-by-step through the whole process, from advertising to taking payments online and in a way that anyone can follow and implement… and his methods work!

I’m now in a position to really grow my business and it’s pretty much all down to Mike and List-Grow.

Thanks Mike. Your help is very much appreciated!”

– Keith Jones

“To say that Mike Dillard’s List Grow program is amazing is to say that Chicago deep dish pizza is addictive – world class understatement.

Within only a few days of launching the funnel I learned how to create from Mike’s program, I not only had my first sale but got as high as a 40% opt-in rate from traffic and paid less per click for that traffic than I ever have before. I’m so excited to see what comes of this newfound skill.

And the Implementation Challenge continues to blow me away. I can only say that if and when I achieve greater levels of success I’ll model myself after this level of integrity.
Many thanks and I hope you have a great day.”

Neil Gordon

“About a year ago I was signing up for a ton of webinars trying to figure out a way not just to increase my income, but to help me start a business doing something I’m passionate about.

I watched so many, but when I watched Mike’s it was different. What he taught in the webinar made so much sense and Mike certainly demonstrated his expertise and credibility. I had actually purchased someone else’s product a couple of days prior, but I had already registered for Mike’s webinar so I went anyway. I ended up cancelling my other order to get List Grow and I am so grateful that I did.

The List Grow course is clear, well laid out, and concise. It is packed with value and truly leads to success if you just follow his lead. It is not get rich quick junk or gimmicky fluff. It is true guidance for someone who wants to create cash flow. IT’S WORK and it’s awesome. So if you want to bring your A-game, Mike is the guy to help you craft your vision and take it all the way to the bank.

I haven’t met Mike in person yet, but when people ask me how I created my business I tell them I had a great mentor named Mike Dillard because List Grow really made me feel like he was with me every step of the way and he wanted my success as much as I did. My List Grow experience was truly a game changer. I will be grateful for for the rest of my life that I took that leap of faith, trusted Mike, and invested in myself that day.


– Natalie Fossum

“I learned a lot from the List Grow program. I appreciated the step-by-step videos that made something overwhelming become doable. The swipe files were priceless!!

Thank you for creating this program, I look forward to all the leads and sales I will generate from my sales funnels!”

– Charlotte Varble

“Mike Dillard has taken his personal success methods and turned them into an easy to follow program that anyone can implement. He is honest and 100% trustworthy.

List Grow is a million dollar program that Mike has graciously made available to everyone. I highly recommend List Grow to anyone who has the desire to create a successful business.”

– Jacob Obioma

“Mike’s List Grow program is amazing! It was definitely a challenge because most things I had never done before but with the training program to look over and guide me it was So much easier! Plus the support team are super responsive and helpful.

If you’re looking to build a list from scratch this is the perfect program to do exactly that. Thanks Mike!”

– Michelle Bowater

“I cannot stress how appreciative am for Mike’s willingness to share his expertise when it comes to the chore of putting a funnel campaign together. The tools he had to share are pretty awesome and the services there are, too. I feel like I’m left with a skill set that I will put to creative use over and over again.

The biggest mystery and headache would have been integrating all the moving parts, but after following all of Mike’s steps, I feel like it’s almost second nature.

I love how Mike takes you through every step & then some. He’s so thorough and thoughtful in his approach. You can tell how much he cares. He sincerely is about helping others get their businesses going with minimal discomfort. Thank you, Mike — You’re pretty awesome!”

– Kariann Price

“I hope you’re having the best day ever. I wanted to personally thank Mike for changing my life.

I realized in high school that my greatest fear wasn’t public speaking or death. My greatest fear was working in a cubicle for 45 years and retiring only when I was old and unable to accomplish my dreams. It literally kept me up at night.

“Magnetic Sponsoring” inspiring in me a desire to do what others couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do. It awoke in me a knowledge that there were ways to wealth that others could scarcely imagine. I began to dive into Mike’s materials. I went from Magnetic to List-Grow, and List-Grow was what put the final nail in the coffin for me.

I began a private Facebook community called The Prosper Project and I, as a 19 year old “boy”, am giving investment advice (I’m a HUGE finance and investment buff!) to men and women as young as 17 and as old as 72! I’m not making a ton of money, but for the hours I put into it, doing what I love, I’m making about $50/hour.

Today, I filled out the intent to withdraw form from my college. I’m getting new subscribers every week and can already financially support myself off of The Prosper Project. I have no need to be anyone’s employee any more. Mike’s content, from Magnetic to LG, has literally shaped the rest of my life.

If I could ask Mike one question, I would ask him when he was happiest in his life, and what did he do to get there?

Thanks so much, and feel free to use my review anywhere it would be helpful to others.

Have a great day and blessed weekend.”

– Brady

“My name is Steven Bransfield and I’m 22 years old.

In January I found Mike Dillard Mentoring and it changed my life forever. I didn’t know anything about internet marketing back then but you opened up my mind to the possibilities of selling products online.

At the time I was a sophomore in college and it was around then when you posted an ad looking for the ultimate “rockstar” assistant which I applied for.

I knew that if I wanted to become successful I needed to find a mentor, someone like yourself, to help me fast track my success.

Well, unfortunately, I was not accepted for the role however it did lead me down a new path that changed my life forever.

Exactly 2 years later, I just had my first $100,000 month (screenshot attached).

This is a huge achievement for me and I wanted to personally email you to thank you for getting me started in the world of online marketing.

Mike Dillard Mentoring changed the course of my life forever and this year as a result I will go on to earn my first million dollars at just 22 years old.

Thank you so much for all the information you’ve provided to me & I look forward to meeting you someday. Much thanks!”

– Steven Bransfield

“I had the dream and the vision, but I just didn’t know how to make it a profitable online business- much less know how to get all the systems in place. I was on a do-it-yourself budget and realized List Grow could teach me what I needed to know and launch within a few months!

Mike literally shares and shows you step-by-step how to set up all the systems in a user friendly, non techie way. I am so grateful for List Grow and Mike’s willingness to share all his secrets to build a profitable sales funnel!

After about 3 months of building my campaign I just launched it thanks to List Grow! I am so excited to see where this next chapter takes me!

Thank you, Mike Dillard!!”

– Lori Mycoskie

“Taking part and signing up to be apart of “List Grow” and the “List Grow Implementation Challenge” made all the difference for me. The simple yet highly effective, step by step, modules guide you every step of the way.

The biggest asset though for me, was by far the use and access to Mike’s swipe files. Them alone made this the best project I have undertaken to change my life. I can’t say thanks enough.

Do let me know if you need any other details from my end. Many thanks!”

– Jon

“I just finished building my first 7-Figure Sales Presentation, and have made $44,278 within the first WEEK of running it!!! Mike, I cannot thank you enough for how amazing this product is!!

Step-by-step, and screen capture by screen capture, you show every detail and make it so easy and actionable!! I have purchased several of Mike’s courses and they always
deliver every single time. THANK YOU!!”

– Davina Detrik

“I’ve taken several internet marketing related courses over several years, from some well known names in the space.

One was full of so much information, something like 45+ lessons in different modules it was just overwhelming and you didn’t know where to start or what to focus on.

Others were bent on signing up for a particular software product in order for the whole system to work, which is fine but very expensive ongoing monthly fees.

What I liked about Mike’s course is it’s no-nonsense, straightforward approach to obtaining and setting up the tools needed for your email list, website, marketing funnels, course creation and community building, combined with his tried and true sales letter, video sales and other templates.

Even though I used different software tools than what he recommended in the course, the concepts are the same, and it gave me the confidence that I was setting up my own marketing funnels and systems correctly.

I now have several video sales letter funnels set up, driving traffic and finally some sales!”

– Larry Earl

“Hey Mike, this is Brian Carvajal. I purchased your List Grow program about two and half months ago and it’s been such a great learning experience. I must admit, to my shame, that I was doubtful when I first started but you explain everything in a very concise, direct, and simple manner. The videos are easy to follow and everything just makes sense!

Completing the program has opened my eyes to not just your point of view, but to so many other aspects that exist in the Internet Business world. Not only have you taught me everything you said you would, but you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. You have delivered more than what you advertised. I am ever so grateful.”

– Brian Carvajal

“Thank you SO much for your List-Grow program! I worked through all of the modules and successfully launched, I used everything I learned from List-Grow to setup a monthly subscription with a private Facebook group. I ran a Facebook ad to the program for a short time and gained 64 subscribers.;

I plan to continue to grow my subscriber base, but currently I’ve made $1,200+ in sales in my first month and the second month of subscriptions are starting to hit.

I’m so grateful for the step-by-step nature of the program. I would have given up before ever starting if I didn’t have Mike walking me through how to setup and connect each account.”

– Stephanie Murray

“Before List-Grow, I had never built a sales funnel before. I was stuck in “consumption” mode — I would read anything and everything I could lay my hands on about sales funnels.

As I was watching Mike’s webinar, that was when I realized I needed to actually execute on my ideas and build something, and he had the exact steps to follow. Nothing I had seen before had been as thorough as Mike’s List-Grow course. As a result of List-Grow, I built my very first sales funnel AND actually started making some sales!

I built my community, which consists mostly of attorneys who own their own firms, and others are now looking to me as an authority figure — slightly intimidating but really fun!

I highly recommend List-Grow to anyone looking for a nitty gritty teardown of a sales funnel, a unique product, and/or a way to make sure your advertising dollars are returned to you in the way of sales as quickly as possible.

Thank you Mike!”

– Bonnie Bowles

“If I can do this, anyone can! I completed my List-Grow funnel in less than 30 days. I am 52 years old and have never done anything like this before. I am usually pretty good on the computer, but Mike made it super easy to follow along and learn all the new software.

I have to admit, I did get frustrated a few times when things didn’t work the first time but I persevered and I got it done! The videos are very straightforward and easy to follow.

I liked that I could watch the video and then give it a try myself. If I messed up, I could go right back to the video for the answers, and then try again. Great product!

Thanks Mike!”

– Shelley Kohagen

“When I began training for my first marathon, a wise coach told me to take one mile at a time while never forgetting the ultimate goal. Mike has done this with the List-Grow course taking me from a relative marketing newbie to one who has confidently constructed the foundation of a new entrepreneurial career.

His course walks you meticulously through the maze of funnels and list building, but never lets you stray from the ultimate vision of building a value based business. I’m a practicing physician looking to use my experience and knowledge to transform lives, and List-Grow has jump started that process. This course has set me on a path to continue providing value for patients, but in a new and different fashion, and for that I am grateful.

List-Grow has given me the tools and confidence to provide incredible value to current patients and new clients. It has literally transformed the direction for the second half of my medical career.”

– Ron Eaker

“The strategies in List Grow tripled my mailing list in 7 weeks. Thanks to Mike for his dedication and to helping entrepreneurs succeed!”

– Dan Mason

“Using the List-Grow Course that Mike has graciously developed for us has
been an absolute lifesaver in starting my own business!

I know it would have taken me probably a year or longer to figure out what I needed to do to set up a successful launch, all the technicalities of it, and implementation of it all on my own. I was a little nervous investing in the course at first, but it has proven to be entirely worth the money and more!

I try to never regret investing in my growth or my business, and this has been such a blessing to my journey that I cannot wait to see where this takes me in the future.

Thank you again, Mike, for providing us with priceless information and tools to be successful business owners!”

– Katie

“There are no words that I can use to truly express how invaluable List-Grow has been for me. This is the most comprehensive, step-by-step online program I have *EVER* experienced, and I have spent well over $50,000 on professional development programs over the past 3 years.

He literally walks you through every single step, from start to finish with no loose ends.

Trust me when I tell you, Mike Dillard is the MAN!


– Jamaal Myles

“I just finished building my first 7-Figure Sales Presentation, and have made $44,278 within the first WEEK of running it!!! Mike, I cannot thank you enough for how amazing this product is!!

Step-by-step, and screen capture by screen capture, you show every detail and make it so easy and actionable!! I have purchased several of Mike’s courses and they always
deliver every single time. THANK YOU!!”

– Davina Detrik

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow program is the best at making complex material simple to understand. I am not very computer savvy and I had struggled to understand what to do to get a sales funnel working for an information product.

Mike’s program was the fourth one I’ve tried. I would get stuck on the technical steps to setup software and struggled to get the different products to work together. Other teachers made it sound so simple, but they glossed over some of the steps, and that’s where I struggled.

Mike’s short easy to understand videos made this finally work for me! The confidence he gives you in walking through the material is FANTASTIC!!. I always wanted to believe that I could do this, but after so many failures I was losing my confidence.

Mike’s teaching method made this finally make sense for me and I was able to make the system work. I am looking forward with great enthusiasm to making many more, now that Mike has given me the BEST method to do this process and helped me regain my confidence in what I can learn and implement to be successful.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks Mike. You have given me more than you know in starting a successful business!!!”

– Cyndy Mazer

“Like many people, I have the skills to provide a great service to people and help them achieve what they want in business or their lives. Getting my skills to a wide enough audience, quickly enough to be able to do this as a long term profitable business has perhaps been the biggest challenge.

I knew automation was the best way and List Grow absolutely enabled me to set up the system, now the marketing begins with my target of 100 customers in 4 months, start small and build…

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who knows they have a message that they want to get to a wider audience quickly and with skills that they can use again and again.

Great job, and I love the MIke Dillard Podcasts, insight and focus for making a difference.”

– Stuart Bowker

“This past year has been an amazing learning experience for me. It started with List Grow, and my goal of studying everything “Mike Dillard” that I could get my hands on.

Without having purchased Mike Dillard’s List Grow program, I would not have known where to start. Learning the program also taught me which parts of the online business process I wanted to be responsible for, and which parts I wanted to hire out. Because of Mike’s desire to invest in his followers through the Completion Challenge, I am now launching my online business.

I believe this new business will change my earning potential, and the course of my life.”

– Leslie A. Butler

“When I discovered Mike Dillard’s List Grow course, I knew I had struck gold. His logical approach to list building is a brilliant, step-by-step method for going from a list of zero to thousands in the shortest amount of time.

The program is full of practical, hands-on tutorials that anyone can follow successfully.


– Jeremiah

“I had purchased and gone through multiple courses before Mike Dillard’s List Grow.

None of them took me through the process with such easy, step-by-step instructions. I have always struggled with the technical details, but when Mike says you basically get to watch over his shoulder as he walks you through the process, he is not kidding!

Setting up the sales funnel was as easy as watching him explain and do it, while setting it up myself. There is no ‘fluff’ in this course – he literally gives you everything you need to implement this successfully.”

– Karen Holland

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow training is the real deal. I’ve wanted to build a membership program for a number of years now but it seemed like an overwhelming task.

It’s the perfect program for someone who wants to build something that matters but doesn’t want to spend their time in tech hell or in analysis paralysis. Having the ListGrow course will easily cut 4 to 6 months off your learning curve and your timeline.

In his training modules, Mike walks you through everything you need to consider, from choosing an audience to software recommendations to making sure you have a strong community within your program after its built. And he even generously shares his own high-converting video scripts for us to model.

So, if you want to build a membership program and are looking for a sound strategy, step-by-step instructions, recommendations on the best tools for actually building it, and video scripts that convert, you’ve come to the right place.

I highly recommend ListGrow and believe I wouldn’t have a membership program yet if it wasn’t for this excellent training program.”

– Ginny Townsend

“I’ve been in digital marketing for 10 years and paid for a lot of training. What’s amazing about List Grow is that Mike has gone way beyond teaching the “theory” of how to build a funnel and actually showed you how to do it step by step.

I’ve been tinkering with funnels for years and could never really finish one. And this time, I completed an entirely new funnel for a brand new business in just 90 days!

Mike offered just enough theory to help me formulate what I wanted my business to be about, and all the detail I needed to actually get it off the ground rather than just talking about.

He delivered exactly what he promised, and I look forward to carrying that forward with my clients at High Level Thinkers.”

– Andre’ Savoie

“I wanted to thank Mike Dillard and company for sharing “List Grow” with us. The program is filled with tons of great information on how to build and grow your list.

Not only did Mike over deliver with the content, he did what he said he would do – no questions asked! I highly recommend List Grow and associating with Mike Dillard has
been a pleasure.”

Continued success!”

– Lou T.

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow course is exactly as advertised. He takes you step by step through the whole process and all the tools necessary to get your sales funnel up and flying.

His material will save you weeks or months of learning and get you to the goal line fast!”

– Michael Wilkes

“As a woman in my late 20s, Mike Dillard has been an irreplaceable virtual mentor. From someone type-A like me, I wanted the most efficient plan for my first online business win and that’s exactly what List Grow was for me.

I’ve captained sailboats around the world, survived a hurricane, closed multi-million dollar deals for other companies and even started my own consulting firm and yet the whole world of online selling and entrepreneurship was completely foreign to me.

However, through Mike’s guidance, I was able to get my first online paying clients. So no, it doesn’t matter your background or your current skill set. If you’re willing to put in the work and follow his plan, you will succeed. It’s not easy, but it is really that simple. I’ve got a lot of learning in front of me, and because of this program I know exactly where to focus my attention.

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to his podcast. It’s life-changing.”

– Amanda

“I have been trying for years to generate revenue using the internet. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it has been watching others figure it out and crack the code while I continue to fall short.

There are all kinds of people out there promising all kinds of results and all you have to do is buy there course and success is just a few clicks away. I know I bought them all…I had been on the brink of giving up when I saw your ad in my Facebook feed. I thought to myself that I will give this one more try and if this one doesn’t work, I am walking away from it all.

I purchased your LIST GROW product and started into it relentlessly getting
up at [5:30] every morning and going all day. Your coaching has been fantastic and the product has for the first time set me up for success. My funnel is now complete and I have people joining my Private Facebook Group.

I can’t believe I did it as I am as far away as it gets to being a technical or internet marketing person, but I stuck with it and followed your instructions to the T…

Thank you for your willingness to share your experience and expertises with me. You have a fan for life…”

– John McCormack

“For months, even years, I’ve struggled to learn how to really get an effective online business started. There was so much to do and know and the confusion of it all kept me stagnant. That is, until List Grow.

Mike Dillard cut through the clutter and broke everything down so simply, it was easy to follow step-by-step. While the learning and steps as well as the creative process took some time, it saved me YEARS because I had the confidence I knew what to do and how to do it.

PLUS, Mike even gave me the money I paid for List Grow back because I completed the process!!! You’ll NEVER see that anywhere else.

Thank you Mike Dillard and thank you List Grow!! I now have my online business up, running, and building for the future!”

– Jeff Mack

“I’m the type of person who prefers things to work as they should; I don’t need to know how they work. For example, when having computer issues, I would ask my father who, before retirement was one of the top 50 people in the country designing and implementing intranets for hospitals and universities, to speak to me as if I were in kindergarten regarding how to resolve the issue.

For me, Internet marketing was akin to resolving computer issues – I just wanted it to work. Unfortunately, I really didn’t know how to market, nor who to ask or where to find the information I needed. And, what I saw out there that might be able to assist and educate me on the process truly was prohibitively expensive. Frankly, I believe I may have been afraid of jumping into something very unfamiliar.

Then, I received your ad about the List-Grow program. The simplicity of the possibilities you addressed about Internet marketing intrigued me. The Implementation Challenge convinced me – I bit.

The modules were easy to follow; the needed platforms easy to implement; and, as I had much of my content already existing, copy was easy to develop and organize. You showed me through your videos how unreasonable my fear had been and how simply the process flows when you have a chart of steps to follow.

I’m going “live” this week in a number of spots and I already have a few more ideas on how to generate interest.

Thank you Mike, for providing the tools needed for me to jump from my comfort zone into the world of Internet marketing. I’m excited to see how it works, where I can improve to increase traffic, and how I can generate interest in other ways. And, I’m positive that, without your product, I’d still be sitting here wondering what I could do to better engage my target market.

Again, thank you!”

– John Baird

“List grow was an absolute success from start to finish. Mike takes the time to explain every single detail of growing the list from start to finish. List-grow leaves no stone unturned.

I am now running a fully functioning mailing list, not only is the list completely free, but I’m actually making money while growing the list. Could not be happy with my results, I have become a huge fan of Mike Dillard and recommend this program to everyone considering email marketing.”

– Adam Bennett

“I found the List Grow Program to be exceptional, containing valuable and rare information.

At first, I was really skeptical, because it’s expensive! But now after going through the program, I realize why. Not only do you learn how to “step-by-step” construct your own marketing funnel, but you leave the program with a fine tuned knowledge of marketing psychology.

I feel like there are now infinite options available to me and I have a very “special” understanding of marketing principles which many people do not. I will proceed by constructing more funnel concepts in the future and let you know how it goes!”

– John Mapel

“The List Grow training helped me transform my business. Being able to follow Mike step-by-step saved me a TON of trial and error learning this on my own. Being directed to the proper resources was a huge help especially since Mike vetted the companies and the service offerings first.

List Grow is like a “dummy proof” roadmap to building high converting sales funnels online. I feel so much more confident and self-sufficient in creating my own capture forms and autoresponders.

I built my first funnel and had success as soon as I was driving the right traffic to my squeeze page and video sales letter. The Video Sales Letter I put together while going through the List Grow training helped me land a new client… a client that I’m writing emails for to a list of 1,000,000 subscribers.

Mike’s swipe file and copywriting tips really helped me nail it on my VSL. I have printed out the guide, taken notes, and keep it on my desk for nearly every big copy project I do. Thanks, Mike. You really hit a home-run on this one.

Wow. You guys really have some killer service. I’m blown away. I saw the email come through a minute ago with the challenge refund and showed my wife. I was grinning ear to ear, and she was totally shocked. Thank you guys and gals!”

– Adam Bensman

“I wouldn’t have followed through and created this webinar had it not been for the excellent guidance of MD’s list grow program. There are simply too many little details that could go wrong.

Following his system was easy, every single step was completely clear and visually explained using videos so it’s practically impossible to do it wrong. I have tried other programs where it just wasn’t clear enough exactly what to do, that was not the case with list grow.

I can’t recommend it enough if you are working on creating your first online business and growing your list, it’s 100% worth it to invest in list grow!


– Celie Weston

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow was an answer to my prayers. I’d been playing with the idea of starting my own business on the side for about two years. A few months ago I got serious by starting a website, attracting some email subscribers, and reading plenty of books. Yet after a few weeks I felt more lost than ever. I had no idea how to reach people or what type of technology was available.

I stumbled up on Mike’s List Grow and it was a game changer. It is a lot of work and took me about 6 weeks to get through the modules but I must have said a hundred times “Wow, I would have never been able to figure this out on my own!”

I’m an intelligence analyst in Washington, D.C. who struggled greatly In my first 5 years out of college. My business is a community designed to help students and recent graduates avoid the same mistakes I made and position themselves for a successful career in D.C.

My business is still in its infancy stage and I have a long way to go on attracting customers but I what I learned from Mike is totally invaluable. I feel like I now have the tools to run my group! I can’t even imagine the time he must have put into making these modules to help people like me. All I can really say is thank you!”

– Thomas Pevehouse

“As an artist, speaker and author, I’m always looking for effective resources to take my business to the next level. So, when I found Mike Dillard’s List Grow course, it was literally a divine appointment. Something inside said “This is the course for your next season” and so without reservation and knowing absolutely nothing about Mike, I registered.

Now that I’ve completed the course, all I can say is “Wow”. It truly is worth so much more than Mike charges and when you add in the Implementation Challenge, it is the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever come across.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level under the direction of a real pro who cares enough to walk you through every detail, then I highly recommend you enroll in ListGrow. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Matt Tommey

“Mike, Great article! You are the reason I’m working my ass off right now to change my path in life. I found out about you in mid August and have had a different outlook ever since!

Thank you!”

– Damien Baden

“The business we created with List Grow is a training program for Yoga Teachers entitled: BUILD YOUR PERSONAL YOGA BUSINESS.

List Grow is NOT a get rich quick program – but it is a solid step-by-step implementation guide to create an online business from scratch – so much more than just learning how to grow a list!

This program has several modules that guided us from it’s seed: thinking about what our offer is going to be – systematically putting all the pieces together – to assembling a working funnel which is ready to take payments from potential clients.

Mike Dillard (in his videos) has a calm and logical way (sprinkled with an undercover sense of humor) to explain the process and has the ability to guide us through what felt like a complete foreign and in part very uncomfortable new language.

He encouraged us to follow his outlined program at a steady pace – and precisely click by click – and in doing so he enabled us to overcome multiple hurdles and frustrations to finally be able to reach the goal: an online business with a intricate working funnel!

Now, we are at the end of the program which actually for us is just the beginning of our new business.

How well exactly we will succeed depends on many factors – but nonetheless – at least now we have a very clear idea (and practice) on how to create a business online and can use this exact model (and new knowledge) to develop subsequent business ideas to potentially be working independently from wherever we are in the world and within our own desired schedule. And this in itself already feels like quite an accomplishment!

Thank you Mike Dillard & Team for passing on your knowledge and support!”

– Diego Wallraff & Shayna Hiller

“Mike DELIVERED! His comprehensive program gave me everything I needed to
make my business succeed. He thought of all the little details and takes you through what to do step by step (I mean literally, step-by-step showing you exactly what to do); the software and tools to use and best practices for how to use it.

I would recommend Mike’s system to anyone who is looking to build a new business or expand their existing business”

– Aaron McDaniel

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow course was the best investment for my new business. I was feeling totally lost, confused and overwhelmed by all the others courses out there as to how to set up a successful business online.

List Grow solved all those challenges for me. It was incredibly easy to follow, Mike’s instructions were crystal clear and and concise, and the value was unprecedented. Buying that course has gifted me with my own financial freedom.

A good friend of mine paid 10k for someone else’s course that was supposed to have the same outcome, but she didn’t end up implementing any of it as it was too overwhelming. List Grow got the same job done for a tiny fraction of the investment.

Oh, and it gets better. I got rewarded for finishing the course. How? Don’t faint – Mike gave me the money back for the ENTIRE course, like he promised on the webinar he would do for those who finish the course. Instantly. Now THAT’S integrity and mind-blowing stuff. Forever grateful doesn’t even begin to say it. Thank you, Mike, I am buying you a sports car of your choice very soon.”

– Solnishka Love

“Returning a customer’s money after they’ve trialled your product, is integrity.

Returning a customer’s money after they’ve used it to change their life, is extraordinary.

One of Mike’s courses is the 8th high value internet entrepreneurship program I’ve bought since 2008. It’s the first I’ve been able to make work because, while the others are telling you what to do, he’s showing you what to do, one mouse click at a time.

Financial success is measured by the acquisition of money. True success is measured by changing people’s lives – which mike has been doing for more than a decade. And that’s why he’s successful – not the 50 million he’s made for himself, but the change he’s brought to lives of many people.

You’ve heard him speak, and you have a feeling you can trust him. I’ve put my money where his mouth is, and having now had the breakthrough I’ve craved as a result, my advice is to not trust Mike, so much as to trust your gut.

He wants you to succeed because your success is his success.”

– Lee Swindell

“List Grow was the path-critical element to getting my business up and running. When I was inspired by a vision of the company I intended to create, I had a clear sense of where I wanted to go, but no idea of the marketing needed to get there. I tried to learn from others in my field, but the ones I talked to had started decades ago and their methods were just out-of-date in the internet age.

I was beginning to lose hope, and that’s when I found List Grow. It showed me the path I needed, and now 3 months later I have multiple products, a complete sales funnel integrated with my website, and an entire Facebook ecosystem ready for launch in a few days.

Financial independence appears to be right around the corner thanks to the marketing lessons from List Grow that were the last missing piece of the puzzle.”

– Sean Sessel

“A year ago, after having thirty plus years of huge successes in the music industry, and then watching it’s business model slowly erode due to the advent of the internet and now streaming, I realized that the new generation of artists and songwriters on their way up had absolutely no idea about how to navigate the waters around a ship that was obviously sinking…

Having been a speaker and mentor throughout my musical career, I decided to see if there was a way I could educate the “new crop” on what they really needed to be doing and paying attention to, relative to building a successful career in today’s music industry instead of approaching it as if it were still the “Queen Mary” that it used to be.

I started buying courses on internet marketing from ex-members of the “big-time”, as well as indie music industries who had found ways to successfully move out of the music business and into online marketing in hopes I would find an answer to my problem there.

After going through several courses that were very good as far as teaching folks about how to build a funnel to sell their music and or try to get a record deal, I realized that they were teaching people the mechanics of how to set up a funnel for either selling their music or how to go about being a successful indie artist; which was all fine and well but there were “holes” in their programs as far as I could see because they were so busy selling their products that they never actually got around to the “what’s and why’s” of what their customers were actually trying to achieve by utilizing their courses.

It was frustrating to me because I know both sides of the equation intimately, both the major-label business model and the indie music scene and nobody was saying out loud that there is still a way to marry the two to give them the knowledge they really needed to succeed and make their musical dreams a reality.

I knew there had to be a way to, as I said, “Marry the two approaches” to come up with a mentoring program that would actually steer them in the right direction and I found it in Mike’s “List Grow Program.”

What drew me to List Grow was that I knew if I could get into the mind of an entrepreneur as opposed to a musician, I could probably find the answer to my dilemma, and indeed I did.

All that being said, thank you Mike Dillard for offering a product that teaches and offers more than just the mechanics of how to go about setting up a funnel. The fact that you spent as much time on the “what’s and why’s” behind each step alone makes the List Grow Program worth its weight in gold to someone who wants to offer a legitimate service that addresses the “pains” people out there deal with on a daily basis, regardless of the industry you choose to participate in.

I would STRONGLY recommend List Grow, and all of Mike’s offerings, especially his “Self Made Man” podcasts to anyone who wants to make the world a better place, live a life of financial freedom, and build and leave a lasting legacy for once they leave the planet.”

– Jim Femino

“I was searching for a program to help me convert my experience and ideas into a thriving business, and List Grow far exceeded my expectations. I spent about three months working through the material, which was incredibly valuable in that it forced me to define my audience, my program name and my offering.

By following the step-by-step guidance, I now have a one-hour free training as a lead magnet, and have launched my 12-month course and community and a Facebook ad campaign. I plan to use this approach to launch an additional program in the coming year.

I am so thankful to Mike and his team. If you’re serious about sharing your message with the world and taking charge of your business, sign up for List Grow and dedicate yourself to doing the work. You won’t regret it!

I can’t say enough positive things about this experience. I’ll wait for a bit until I get a few more clients in the program then plan to do a video testimonial. It would be my great pleasure! Thanks so much and happy holidays to all of you as well!”

– Joan Gregerson

“I purchased this program for my mom and am so proud of her for completing it. I have seen her purchase many programs that were technically challenging, but never have I seen her finish them to completion.”

– Cassius Kelley

“Mike thank you for creating List grow. For years I have wondered how to create a sales funnel, but could not find a program that taught me exactly what to do from the beginning to the end.

Thank you for your step-by-step blueprint, I now have a working sales funnel and look forward to creating many more with confidence.”

– Rachale Kelley

“Mike Dillard is literally only one out of the three online marketers that I actually trust. He is the real deal and he gives you real content based on his years of experience in business.

After purchasing List Grow, I learned how to structure a business properly, grow an email list, and am now moving on to my new venture. None of this could have been possible if it wasn’t for the discovery of Mike Dillard’s list building webinar, and the enrollment of his List Grow Program.”

– Anthony Vu

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow program has completely transformed the future of my business. Up until now I have been a posture alignment specialist, working with clients one on one for seven years. I have been looking for a solution to begin to generate passive revenue as a way to stabilize my income and free myself from the obligation of having to see one on one clients.

List Grow was the perfect solution to my problem! I am not a tech savvy person and I do not enjoy taking time to figure things out on my own either. Although List Grow was a lot of work, Mike outlined all of the steps for me and all I had to do was follow the directions all the way through to the end.

Not only do I now have a finished product that I can begin to market and generate revenue from, but I also gained tons of experience and knowledge along the way.

Internet marketing is no longer daunting and overwhelming for me. I now have practical tools that I can apply over and over again in the future! Thank you so much Mike for taking the time and effort to create this program. It really shows that you care about making a difference for other entrepreneurs.”

– Maryann Berry

“Dear Mike,

After spending countless hours chasing “Shiny Objects” on the Internet, looking for the “holy grail” of how to build a list and acquire hot leads for my business, I finally was fortunate enough to find your advertisement for List Grow on Facebook.

I am an action taker, but I am also a very skeptical and pragmatic person. I don’t make decisions hastily. So when I saw your webinar on your list-building system, I was immediately impressed by your honest and step-by-step approach to teaching your students how to build a list quickly, without cutting corners or using “black-hat” techniques, but rather by using tested and true offline marketing techniques combined with the latest online strategies for building an email list.

You see, I am no newbie when it comes to business or marketing. I have an MBA and own not one, but two LLCs. I have a physical product business AND I am a business coach/online marketing consultant. While I would love to say that I know it all (or a know it all?), I was missing a crucial piece to being successful online! MBA school doesn’t teach you how to acquire leads (or market yourself, which is ultimately your greatest asset).

What I liked best about your course was actually at the very beginning – making us think about our business and who we are really serving. Understanding your customers and their pain points is by far the most important step in building a list. If you don’t know WHO you are building a list about, then you might as well be flushing money down the toilet.

Your List Grow course was the missing link between me having an empty pipeline void of paying clients.

Bottomline is that after taking your course, combined with some other tools and resources available to me, I am now averaging one new PAYING client per week.

For anyone thinking about taking this course but are not sure if it will pay off at the end, just take my testimonial for it. It works. As long as you follow Mike’s system and do not skip any steps, you will see results. Don’t second guess yourself or your abilities — you have them, but chances are, you don’t have List-Grow yet. Just do it.

Thanks again for this course Mike, I am well on my way to turning my love for coaching and mentoring into my full-time career. I can’t thank you Enough.”

– Kindra Martinenko

“This course was so incredibly amazing. It helped me step-by-step go from 100% scratch to completing a working funnel! The simplicity of the program was phenomenal.

Seriously it was watch, click and do. Mike didn’t miss a beat and with any of his instructions. Really thorough and well done. Thanks for all the incredible knowledge!

You have definitely raised my confidence and have made my dream and my business go to new levels!! Forever grateful I took the plunge and committed to List Grow. Thanks a million!!”

– Blaga Goertzen

“Dear Mike, I just wanted to send a quick note and say – Thank You!

We purchased your List Grow program a few months ago and it has made a big difference in building our business.

We recently launched our first product, a digital and paperback book which highlights the local and authentic dishes of the country, and inspires people to travel through food.

What was incredibly valuable was your sales copy, video scripts and easy to follow step-by-step approach. This material saved us a lot of time and introduced us to new tools like Leadpages, which we used to build beautiful landing pages for our book. One thing we have to sincerely thank you for is the “push” to use video in our landing pages.

We were nervous at first, but have since realized how effective video is. We are glad we took your advice.

All in the all, the List Grow course is very straightforward and filled with practical and actionable information. The module on Facebook Marketing It’s a real gem and we are looking forward to delving deeper.

Keep up the great work with List Grow and your awesome podcasts.

– Claire Rouger and Rosemary Kimani

“Honestly, I dived into the List Grow course kicking and screaming. Mainly, because I’m not much of a tech person and thought it would be overwhelming or way over my head. Turns out, List Grow was the opposite.

The course not only made my campaign a huge success, but it was simple, applicable and even a non-techy person can do it. I’m a proof. List Grow gave me the confidence to continue with the same model for other upcoming campaigns as well.

I’ve listened to Mike Dillard for years and appreciate his passion for the success of others. I’m grateful that I took the leap of faith with List Grow and am even more grateful at the results.

I highly recommend Mike’s List Grow course to anyone that is ready to experience a new level in their business.”

– Wendie Pett

“Mike’s List Grow program has been instrumental in helping me to successfully build my very first digital marketing campaign. This program has tremendous value and I have no doubt that I’ll be able to implement the skills that I’ve learned across multiple businesses!

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about growing a profitable online business!”

– Jaret Patterson

“Y’all run a phenomenal organization and I can’t say enough good things about Mike Dillard. Seriously.

But here you go, I am going to try through this video testimonial:

If there is ever anything further I can do with or for you and Mike Dillard, let me know. He has a fan for life in me!” –

– Derek Archer

“I enrolled in Mike Dillard’s course List Grow because my father has raved about ‘Dillard’ to my siblings and I for many years.

At any rate, I watched Mike’s intro video and was hooked. Membership sites make TOTAL sense and provide a great service at a low price point so more individuals can receive the guidance they need, regardless of where they are. The steps laid out in List Grow were easy to follow and made sense.

I can definitely see the scalability of our business now with Mike’s help. I have to say that I was skeptical about the “Money Back Guarantee” but completed my funnel and submitted it for approval anyway. In less than 12 hours, I received a response back from Mike’s team AND…the refund is in process.

WOW!! My business partner want to get in on any affiliate program you have for List Grow..we are believers! Mike Dillard is the REAL deal because he truly does care about others’ journey and success and backs up his word! Thanks Mike and appreciation expressed for your wonderful team!”

– Dr. Barbara Eaton

“Wow, what an incredible level of integrity. I’ve never seen anyone make a guarantee anything like this ever… to actually pay you back every cent for using their product successfully. Talk about putting people before profits. I’m totally blown away.

Thank you Mike, you are an inspiration.”

– Andrew Powell

“Mike’s List Grow program is the ONLY program that I actually followed through on and saw to the end. (And I have purchased several). Not because it was easy – this program definitely challenged me and required substantial effort. But what is ‘lifesaving’ is that Mike literally walks you through every single step of setting up a Facebook membership funnel.

The straightforward and encouraging manner in which he delivered the course material completely eliminated the stress and overwhelm that I would’ve otherwise felt had I attempted this project on my own. It’s obvious that he put a TON of time and effort into creating List Grow.”

– Angela Skebba

“A-mazing. That is how I feel right now after completing the List Grow course, then creating and implementing my entire marketing funnel.

I have been struggling with this end of my business for 3 years and now I feel like I’ve finally succeeded in creating a plan that will boost my business to the next level and beyond.

Thanks so much for putting this together, Mike. There just is no other training like it.”

– Leann Forst, MBA, CHC

“6 weeks ago I had no experience and didn’t even know what a sales funnel was. I had been doing a lot of research and dipping my toes into this and that up to that point, but never really pulled the trigger to take massive action like I did after his free webinar training.

And today, 6 weeks later, I have a fully functional sales funnel and a real business that I can now begin to market and grow! This would not have been possible without the guidance of Mike Dillard and the List Grow course.

Aside from giving me the motivation needed to FINISH the course, he walks you through the process literally giving you step-by-step instructions on what you have to do. ALL you have to do is DO THE WORK! That’s the hardest part, but also the most fun. The bonuses alone are worth the cost of the course and the course itself is priceless!

I highly recommend List Grow to anyone looking to grow their audience and build a business. The craziest part of this experience is that when Mike Dillard says that he’ll refund you the cost of the course if you just do the work he ACTUALLY means it! With so many side show hucksters out there throwing around wild claims and promises, it’s hard to know who to trust. Mike Dillard is the real deal and I am forever grateful for that!”

– Nate Maskeri


As a consultant, I already have a strong base of a few, big clients. But I needed to find a way to create a program to serve many, small clients, too. List Grow was the answer.

It took me two months of hard work, but I launched this past week and already I’ve attracted subscribers across the US as well as international clients from Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Chile!

And then, just as you promised, you refunded my investment! I’m blown away.

Thank you for everything. You’re the real deal. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

– Joel Pilger

“Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I joined your List Grow program almost a year ago and I just launched my mentoring community serving other aspiring real estate investors that want to change their lives.

It’s interesting because I’ve been blessed to have able to turn my life around and go from being incarcerated in California State Prison in 2007 and starting fresh in 2009 and vowing never to be back there again. To starting my real estate investing business and creating a lucrative business through it.

My desire was to inspire and share with others the gifts and knowledge that was shared with me that allowed me to build a 7 figure real estate business.

I kept hitting walls trying to figure out how to market online and bought course after course with no success as most of them talked about affiliate marketing and others talked about making money on youtube and others vaguely glazed around how to actually build a funnel and made it seem easy as click a button and make money type gimmicks.

I bought List-Grow because it made sense and because it was going to be a click by click course and you absolutely over delivered. It Took me almost 6 months to study copy, write, record and finish my VSL but it is a skill I will have for a lifetime.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading me in the right path of my new internet marketing beginning and for reminding me that success does not lie outside of ourselves in other products, coaches etc.. It lies within.

I look forward meeting you, thanking you and shaking your hand in person one of these days..

With gratitude!”

– Luis Ontiveros

“I did it Mike! I followed your instructions and built my sales funnel! I really enjoyed the practical, useful videos with step-by-step instructions, just as you promised. The materials ensured I could move through each step efficiently and create a program for my clients! Thank you! “

– Miriam Salpeter

“I have tried many business-building systems and mentors over the years. Most paint themselves to be ‘bigger’ than they actually are, and make claims that stretch the truth, to put it kindly.

Mike Dillard does what he says he will do. He has done what he says he has done. He over-delivers on his promises.

The best example of this is his unique ‘Completion Challenge,’ which reimburses the full cost of one of his more expensive learning systems to any student to has the determination and persistence to complete the course.

Many mentors say they are motivated by the success of their students. With his Completion Challenge, Mike takes that claim to a whole new level.

I know, because I completed the Challenge. Mike over-delivered with the quality of the course, and then he lived up to his promise. Kudos and many thanks to Mike and his terrific team.”

– Bruce Grady

“I have been following Mike’s work for years now, right from his first book Magnetic Sponsoring and I’ve got great value out of everything he’s produced. I love Mike’s straight up, no BS style of marketing and business… no fluff or filler, just genuine value.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a marketing funnel for a few years, but hadn’t really got anywhere, just a bunch of half-done pieces. When I saw Mike’s List Grow course, I knew it was time to get serious, especially with the “Completion Challenge” he offered in the course- that’s something I’ve never seen anywhere else. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

The course really broke everything down step-by-step and made it super-simple to finally create a fully functioning online business. In fact, I’ve just launched it a couple of days ago and already I’ve made 3 sales (of recurring monthly income)… obviously it’s early days yet, but I’ve achieved more in the last few months than in the previous few years and I couldn’t be happier.

I totally recommend Mike’s List Grow course for anyone who’s serious about creating a new level of freedom and abundance in their lives.

Warm regards!”

Dr. Andrew Powell

“Building an online business can be very intimidating. List Grow breaks it down step by step so that you are looking at each individual piece versus getting overwhelmed because you are continually looking at the whole puzzle/end result and wondering how you were ever going to get there.”

– Felicia Joy

“Mike’s List Grow was fantastic! What an amazing experience to hear the details, instructions and thoughts of a very experienced marketer. I have no experience selling online. I didn’t even know what a funnel was.

He literally walks you step-by-step through the whole process; from business development to making a video sales letter, to setting up an autoresponder, to check out sites and to upsells. When I finished the program, I had a complete working sales funnel!

The included training on Facebook Ads alone was worth the price of the program! Probably even more important than the step-by-step, was being able to learn from Mike’s experience.

He taught the IDEAS behind what makes a successful online business – and how to incorporate those ideas into my presentations. Thanks for your awesome work!

Best regards!”

– Dee Ann Higgins

“For anyone considering working with mike and going through his list grow course, Let me just tell you that it is worth it. Do it. You will not regret it.”

– Steven Howell II

“Hi, My name is Carlos and I have always wanted to be an active money maker on the internet. List Grow is a program that opened my eyes. It helped me finally create my own business after years of trying unsuccessfully.

And it really applies to any business, so right now in my mind I have tons of projects that I can implement because of Mike.

Gracias from Mexico!”

– Carlos Oviedo

“My name is Dr Rob Marvenko AND I am a Chiropractor. I retired at 49 after selling my practice and was looking for what to do next. I have passion for helping others and wanted to consult and share my ideas.

I was very successful building a local business and did very well. I always thought that advertising and reaching out on the web would be easy to do, but discovered very quickly it is not. I discovered Mike’s stuff on a FB ad and decided to go for it. His stuff is easy to understand and walks you through the set up from the very beginning to the end holding your hand.

I knew nothing about ads, lead pages, funnels – they were Greek to me. But after working with his stuff, I feel very capable in my new field. It’s hard work and you have to stick with it, but his stuff works. My funnel is complete and I am working on building more.

People go to college for years and get out and don’t have squat. It’s funny going through Mike’s stuff I feel it is mandatory for anyone who wants to grow their web business and connect with potential customers. I didn’t shop around and to be honest I am glad I didn’t.

I also like that he encourages you to complete the videos so you see a final product. I understand so much about Facebook and internet marketing and how to capture an audience.

I also want to give myself a pat on the back Mike. I think I finished my funnel in record time.

I tell you what these skills are true marketing skills and they are all about the marketing. You could have the most fabulous product in the world but if you don’t know how to market it you are dead in the water.

Thanks mike for the wealth of knowledge. Here I look forward to staying connected and reaching out to you after I have built my second million dollar business. Never stop growing and reaching for more. The possibility is endless for each and every one of us.”

– Dr. Rob Marvenko

“Hello Mike and the Mike Dillard’s team. I have been a loyal customer and fan of your work since you created “The Elevation Group.” I have followed and purchased your products from The Elevation Group, Elevation Income, Mike Dillard Mentoring and now List Grow.

Your down-to-earth, practical and “doable” tools you have offered have inspired me in so many ways. For many years, I was (and still am) a stay-at-home mom homeschooling my twin daughters.

To do this, I needed to walk away from my job as a registered nurse and focus on the most important things in my life…my beautiful children.

This required me to be dependent on my spouse to support me and the kids…something I found very challenging. So I yearned to find a way to be self-sufficient.

A way that could allow me to still be home with my kids, but also give me the opportunity to pursue my passions in a financially rewarding way. I also had a bigger reason than this. I needed to find a way to be financially independent so I could finally leave a toxic marriage.

Fast forward to today. I just launched my business with my partner two days ago on August 22nd!!!! Yay for me! The business is Above and Beyond Trauma, an online business/membership site focused on guiding trauma survivors on their healing journey using mind-body practices. This has been a labour of love 🙂 Also, lots of blood, sweat and tears.

What was once just a seed of an idea in my mind three years finally came into fruition. I can’t believe it. My life is completely different than it was. I now have a beautiful new
partner, an exciting new business, and plans to do humanitarian work overseas next year. Having this business will help make all of my dreams come true!

List Grow was exactly the program I needed to help me navigate through the murky waters of creating an online business. Having no tech experience whatsoever terrified me, but I was a quick learner and was confident that I could acquire the skills I needed to make this business happen. Mike’s step-by-step approach to help non-techies like me was exactly the skills I needed to bring this vision to life.

Yes, I had the passion and the knowledge about my business. But what I needed was some of the techy and marketing knowledge to help me…and this course delivered on that. This has been a very empowering experience for me. Thank you Mike!

So I would like you to honour the Completion Award that you offered in a previous email. Receiving the money back will go directly into our marketing budget to help promote our business even further.

I present to you now…Above and Beyond Trauma.

I am so excited to be sharing this with the world now. Thank you again Mike for empowering me and allowing me to believe that I can do this. And I did!!!!

Best of luck in all of your future endeavors…”

– Lorrie McLachlan

“Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know about my journey through your List-Grow program.

A little history…….I am a 36 year old male, married to an awesome stay-at-home mom that does the real work of taking care of our 2 kids. I have worked for 15 years at one of the largest employers in the U.S. I have always hated my job.

Two years ago, while eating dinner out with my wife, I got a fortune cookie that read “you will succeed in a business of your own”. At that moment I decided that I would make that a reality.

That started a 3 month journey of jumping from one type of online business to another till I finally came across client SEO.

I have a passion for it like nothing I’ve ever been interested in before. In the year and a half since starting it, I haven’t been able to replace my full-time income yet, mostly because I don’t have enough time to devote to growing my SEO business. Working full-time and being a husband and dad full-time = not much time for anything else.

I wanted a more passive income stream and working for companies, doing their SEO, wasn’t passive. It required a lot of work. I decided I wanted to build an email list and your program happened to come across my News Feed at the perfect time. I was part of one of your webinars and after hearing what you had to say and the authority in which you said it, I was ready to commit to it.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how MUCH work it was going to be! I guess I never realized how much work went into building a funnel the RIGHT way.

Although it wasn’t easy, the List Grow training was nothing short of amazing. I say amazing because it was exactly what you did for your own business AND everything in it was actionable. There wasn’t any wasted info. You said “do this” or “sign up here” and everything was for a specific reason.

The swipe file, that I still can’t believe you gave away for free with this program, was what saved so much time for me. If I hadn’t have had that, it would have been a lot more work, so thanks for that! I would have been still working on my VSL 60+ days later if it hadn’t have been for that file!

Everything being step by step was exactly what I needed. I don’t have a lot of extra time, but I got on a schedule and knew the amount of work I had to do by the end of the week to accomplish my goals.

All I wanted was to build an email, list but with List-Grow, I’m building an email list, creating passive income and have upsell offers built in as well! This was 10x the value because as much as I knew on June 7 that I would complete List-Grow, I know with as much certainty that I will have a 100% passive income to replace my current income by the end of the year.

Now, I actually believe you when you said that you want to help people fulfill their dreams. That’s saying a lot, because I am pretty skeptical of marketers. I was the king of “shiny object syndrome” back when I started. I’ve probably spent upwards of $10k on various programs, mentorships, etc. All of them put together aren’t a tenth as valuable as List-Grow.

I’d like to take you up on your completion offer (which is quite unheard of in and of itself! talk about value!) you talked about on the webinar.

I just want to THANK YOU for putting this program together! You’ve changed my life, Mike.”

– Adam Harper

“Mike’s List Grow course helped me to finally create an online sales funnel. There
are actually a lot of routes one could go to make a sales funnel which made the task overwhelming and I would procrastinate.

I decided to follow Mike’s advice step by step, pushing me to have a deeper understanding of how sales funnel works and common troubleshooting issues. The course gave me the motivation to complete what I started. And now I’m ready to make more sales funnels on my own.

Thank you Mike!”

– Walter Edmondson

“I came across Mike Dillard’s List Grow program on Facebook. Being a natural born skeptic, I did a lot of research and I have concluded not only is it the single best and fastest way to build an email list (your own distribution center) but Mike is also a truly legitimate honest businessman with integrity.

If you want to build a business based on your passions or problems you’d like to solve, then List Grow is the only way to go. Period!

Thank you Mike.”

– Eric Stone

“Using Mike Dillard’s “List Grow” formula, I was able to master the constructs of an otherwise challenging and confusing online sales process. His easy-to-follow video made the tool building a breeze.

I was up and running in no time. Now sales are starting to grow as well as building my email lists population. Mike had a great idea here and shares it so well. I can easily see replicating this model for many other offerings.”

– Doug Thorpe

“Mike’s List-Grow material gave me the extra ‘know-how’ I needed to start making an income online. He walks you step by step through each part of the process so that you can get your product out there and get people to start hitting ‘buy now’!”

– Justin Short

“I got to hear about Magnetic Sponsoring in 2008. A marketer from Switzerland was head over heels in love with a system where “people who did not join your network marketing business paid you.” After a long conversation, he could not answer a single question I asked him to my satisfaction. He gave up and then he decided to send me the link.

Now, this was my first time listening to a VSL and I am open-minded. It blew me away! If I was living in the USA, I would have bought into it. But living in Austria in the city where Arnold Schwarzenegger originated from (he is more famous than Graz) and German being the language of communication and a total different culture to America, I knew it would be very hard to get started. People were not prepared to give out their email addresses and making payments online for the masses was unheard of.

I stayed on Mike Dillard’s list since 2008 until today. My first purchase from Mike is List Grow and I knew that he will deliver what he says. Now, I am going to use List Grow and all this knowledge to get the OFFLINE people I know ONLINE. At least half the population in my city have heard of me that is about 150,000 people. Email has finally reached us and payments online are gaining momentum. It is the perfect time to build a list.

I have my services that can easily be made into an online digital product and I have tons and tons of value to offer with the aim of meeting my customers at some OFFLINE EVENT. I do not want to hide behind the computer but I would like to make the BIG MONEY online so that I have better OFFLINE events and I can charge high-end prices.

I am actually hoping to work directly with Mike on his hydroponics tangible product taking care of the German speaking arena.

Here is the main reason I would recommend Mike Dillard. He is consistent, honest and very generous. He gives you all the information without pulling back and now his generosity with this Completion Challenge is a move in the right direction for him to become a billionaire. It is the correct mindset.”

– Masara Dziruni

“Mike Dillard’s List Grow program is a great way to launch an online business FAST.

The step-by-step video training is super easy to follow and the concept behind his launch formula is brilliant.

Thanks Mike!”

– Jimmy Graham

“As a small business owner, I fell into the trap of building a product first before thinking about how to attract an audience. I knew I needed a world class funnel to match the world-class product my team built.

Our business goals were ambitious. And to achieve those goals, we knew we needed to learn from the best in the business how to build an audience, engage prospects and customers, and deliver extraordinary value. And we knew that a person who could show us how to realize those objectives would be a person who offered all those things to their own customers.

After exhaustive research, considering numerous experts, we chose Mike Dillard and specifically his List Grow program. In every way he over-delivered. His products and content are world-class. His customer service team is world-class. His responsiveness is second to none. He’s the real deal. And his company is the real deal. Anybody who is serious about growing their audience will be blown away by the value they receive,
and will be left in no doubt precisely how to build a world class marketing
engine that will take them to the next level and beyond.

Mike made the bold challenge during the webinar I attended before purchasing that he would offer a full refund to me and all customers if they followed through on the List Grow program.

How good was List Grow? It was so good that after following through each easy step-by-step video, I decided that even though I had earned a refund I would not ask for one. He delivered so much value that it would have been simply wrong to take him up on his offer!”

– Max Walker

“I’ve taken dozens of courses (in my over a decade) as a work-from-home entrepreneur, and this by far was the most ROBUST and thorough of any I have taken, to date.

Although it was challenging and required a major amount of effort, nothing was left for question and Mike made it very easy to follow, even for a non-techy like me. Within 2.5 months, I now have a complete and working business ready to run on auto-pilot.

Cheers to you Mike for the excellence you bring, you raise the bar.”

“Hello, I wanted to quick update you on my results from the List-Grow program.

I’ve been advertising my program on Facebook for a few weeks and my capture
page is converting around 30% and I’m at a 200% ROI. Super happy with my
results of my program! Thanks again!”

– Molly Dalbec

“Thanks to Mike’s List Grow course. I now have a sales funnel that converts leads into clients for my high-ticket direct selling course.

Mike gives you everything you need to succeed and guarantees it.”

– Kurt Hjelle

“I would highly recommend List Grow for anyone looking to creating their own online business.

Mike Dillard covers everything from product creation to traffic generation and everything in between. Mike’s sales copy swipe file is worth the price of admission alone, not to mention his detailed step-by-step training for setting up a complete sales funnel.”

– Billee Brady

“After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, we launched our second product
independently, and sales slowed to a trickle. We knew if our new fledgling business was going to grow, we needed to learn how to market on our own platforms, and FAST.

List Grow was exactly what we needed to fully formour marketing game plan and execute it with confidence. I was finally able to complete our sales funnel in less than a month, a funnel we have been stumbling with for over a year! List Grow saved us so much time and money, and made all the difference for our 2nd product launch.

Thank you!”

– Grant Kemper

“Hi Mike,

I wanted to let you know that I joined your list Grow program July 1st.

I absolutely love the course! What I loved about it most is that it was step-by-step over the shoulder instruction of exactly how to setup each part of my marketing funnel.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Also I can appreciate the detail you went in when explaining how to go about writing out a sales presentation and time it takes to master copywriting. This really was a light bulb moment for me.

The swipe file was priceless. I actually went through as you recommended and wrote out the sales letters one by one. It was tedious but absolutely worth it.

Your course was absolutely worth it and extremely eye opening. Thank you!!

I’d like to take you up on the “Completion Challenge” that you mentioned in an email a few months back.

It took me a while but I have completed your entire course video by video, and I have a working funnel. Thank you again Mike, you absolutely rock!!”

– Steven Howell II

“After going through List Grow, it’s challenging to give a review without sounding like I’m selling the course because Mike has burned sales triggers into my writing, but it is absolutely the most comprehensive training and simplest business model I’ve ever seen.

What always held me back was that I never wanted to create a big online training product and this model immediately solves that. Now, I can focus on the fun part of marketing.

Thanks, Mike!”
– Ryan McMullen

“Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I joined your List-Grow program in December. What I liked most about your course was how there was absolutely no fluff whatsoever.

You completely over-delivered in all aspects of the course, and each video got me into action. I really liked how every video in each module showed me exactly what to do in a step-by-step fashion (all the way down to “click here,” and “do this”).

I also loved how you added in your years of marketing wisdom and experience into each video to contextualize what you were teaching. Every video has so many gold nuggets sprinkled throughout them…I lost count after about the 15th one. The step-by-step nature of the videos really helped when setting up the shopping cart, and connecting it to my entire marketing funnel.

All of that tech stuff can get so confusing! You saved my ass more than you know! I also want to let you know that the most valuable piece to the entire course was the swipe file you gave me to help me write my sales cop for the video sales letter.

And YES, just so you know…I sat there and wrote those letters BY HAND before writing my sales copy! Talk about a ball-buster…but I got it, and my VSL done! Launch day was last Thursday, and the results are way better than expected after ripping apart the initial round of data!

My capture page is converting at 44%, and my conversion numbers on the backend for the take rate of my offer are phenomenal!

And finally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For well over a year, I had been banging my head against the wall trying to come up with an offer that made sense for my niche, and a scalable marketing funnel to sell it with paid media. I always had the intention of creating a “place ads, print money” business model, but lacked the clarity about the best way to go about it.

Your course gave me all of that and so much more. I now feel like I have the keys to the kingdom, and am in the driver seat to achieving all of my business dreams and goals.

You’re the bomb!”

– Scott Bradley

Hey Mike & Support team! Well I did it. Thanks to you, myself, fiancé and God.
I completed my sales funnel (TONS of work) I can imagine that some, but few actually finish this.

I was thinking of how I could add value back to you and I figured a well thought out testimonial could serve you on a personal and professional level. You can feel free to use this if you choose to… If my brief testimonial can help someone get off the fence about taking the leap into entrepreneurship and help you acquire another customer (person you can serve), I’m all in.

If there’s another way I can add value to you, please let me know! I would love to, just as a thank you… with nothing in return.

I am a customer of Mike Dillard Mentoring also and have benefited immensely from your work. We intend to purchase your new hydroponics product when it releases as well, as my fiance and I are both health conscious.

Words to potential Mike Dillard customers. — If you’re on the fence about buying something from Mike, I suggest you give it a try. I’ve been told my whole life I have a great BS meter and I know my fiance has one better than mine… And it didn’t even blip when I first got a hold of Mike’s products. Saying that, Mike is a true gem in the world.

He really wants to help people get free and become solid men and women in our society. Not only does he have that desire, but he has the skill sets and the ability to teach those skill sets to really make an impact.

What sold me on the List Grow product was the implementation challenge. Mike was willing to truly put his heart where his mouth was, and take a financial risk doing it.

He is rare. I’ve only met people of his caliber at the highest levels in business and the like. Regards!”

– Zach Spear

“Hi Mike, I’ve been in List grow for several months. I’m determined to complete the program…I think it is awesome and I really needed the step-by-step modular process.

Thank you for thinking about the senior citizens who may be somewhat technologically challenged.”

– John Armstrong

“I am a member of Mike Dillard Mentoring and you really helped me kick my business and website up to the next level with leadpages/squeeze pages and OTOs… I even won a free consult with Curt Maly in your contest, last year…

Then List-Grow came out and I jumped on it… Those VSL scripts and the production took time and a SERIOUS amount of work… But we finally launched our new membership program and BOOM! 🙂 Next-level, again!

Over $35,000 from my first 2 mailings in 2 weeks (subscribers list once and segment of who didn’t click for the second)… And over $8,500 in monthly cash flow plus the $20k that will re-bill next year! 🙂

Now, it is time to lay on the Facebook PPC THICK because I’m ready to play with some Italian sports cars and track days!!!

Huge thanks for being 100% YOU!

Now, I do have a question…. Can I promote List Grow as an affiliate?

Well, high fives and hugs to you, even if you are a support rep reading this, just be sure to pass along the love!

And if you read this Mike, cheers to the next 5 years and beyond! I look forward to your organic food growing system and to continue to be inspired by your awesomeness.

Cheers from Costa Rica!”

– Miles Beckler

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