“Keybiotics” Video Sales Letter

I recently had my friend, and copywriting legend, Craig Clemens on the Self Made Man Podcast recently, and during that episode, he discussed this video sales letter for Key Biotics. It was so successful, and pissed off so many big pharma companies, that it was literally banned by Google… I’d highly recommend listening to my episode with Craig to hear the back story about this insanely effective VSL…
– Mike


A parasite that uses your body as it’s personal feeding ground, taking over first your stomach, then your entire G.I. tract, forcing you to crave the foods it wants… while slowly destroying your body from the inside out

Governments are finally admitting that this is real. Measures have been proposed in New York and the country of Mexico to try and stop it

But by the time you read this, it may already be too late

My name is Craig Cappetta

I’m the Director of Science & Nutrition at Whole Body Research International, and have spent the last 24 months working with my team of doctors and scientists to figure out a way to stop this parasite.

Perhaps the scariest thing, is that it’s symptoms come on slowly…

You may never even realize your fatigue, weight gain, or lack of sleep is the result of this bad bug… until it finally takes over, and forces you to seek medical attention

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a simple test you can do to find out if whether or not you’ve been infected, and if so, how to get rid of it before it causes potentially irreversible damage

I’m also going to expose the major government screw up that allowed this to happen… and how they are now scrambling to fix it

WARNING: the information I’m about to share with you is controversial, because this parasite comes from the most unlikely place –

Your Food Supply

In the next few minutes, I’m going to expose the manipulative practices of several very large corporations – companies like General Mills, Nestle, and Coca-Cola – that they prayed the public would NEVER discover…

It’s a tangled web of bribery that makes your average politician look like a saint, and they are currently spending tens of millions of dollars in false advertising to try to cover up what they have done

But it’s about time someone pulled back the curtain

That’s why I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and my own money over the last few months creating this video, that they do not want you to see

So if you’re serious about the health of your family, turn off your cell phone, take a seat, and make sure you read every word of this presentation

What you are about to see and hear may shock you. But it may also save your life.

Let’s get started.

The year was 1950.

The death rate by heart disease in America had jumped to an astonishing 30%

Only far back as the 1900’s, it was 10%

In just 50 years, deadly heart attacks had increased by a factor of 3X. People were dropping dead at an alarming rate, and no one could figure out why

Then, on September 24th, 1955, America’s own President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, suffered a heart attack, sending the entire nation into a panic

The Crisis Was Now Real

On Monday, September 26, The Dow Jones plunged 6.5%. The total paper loss for the day was $14 billion dollars, the largest ever, including that of the Great Depression.

President Eisenhower would not walk again until October 25th, and would not return to the White House until November 11th, nearly 6 weeks later.

By this time, the fear of heart attacks was on everyone’s mind.

Enter government researcher Ansel Keys.

Ancel Benjamin Keys (January 26, 1904 – November 20, 2004) was an American scientist who studied the influence of diet on health
Ancel Benjamin Keys (January 26, 1904 – November 20, 2004) was an American scientist who studied the influence of diet on health

Mr. Keys was Harvard-educated scientist who had helped design rations for the U.S. Army during World War II

Mr. Keys set out to discover why Americans had the highest rate of heart attacks out of any of the 1st world countries.

In what would later become known as the “Seven Country Study”, Mr. Keys discovered that Mediterranean nations had the lowest heart attack rates in the world.

Their diet also contained the lowest amount of fat.

He concluded the American high-fat diet was to blame for our heart attack problem.

Correct or not, finally the public had an answer.

In 1956, representatives of the American Heart Association appeared on television to inform the public that a diet which included fats such as butter and lard, and fatty foods such as eggs and beef would directly lead to deadly coronary heart disease.

The government’s own health officials began recommending people adopt a low-fat diet to protect themselves and their families. Brochures on how to eat low-fat were passed out in schools.

No one wanted to suffer the same fate as the President, or worse, drop dead.

Most were fine with Mr. Key’s reasonings. He became a celebrated hero, and was even put on the cover of Time Magazine


Though he himself would many years later change his own opinion on the matter, for the time, a low-fat diet was universally accepted as the only surefire heart attack fix.

Yet there was one sector that WASN’T happy with this… and that was the big food conglomerates

You see, previous to Key’s findings, their favorite way to flavor their foods was by adding more fat.

Food scientists had discovered that fat was a “flavor carrier”

It could deliver taste and odor compounds from different parts of food, and provided texture and “mouth feel” that made food taste better.

Without fat, food tasted like CARDBOARD.

But now the public was DEMANDING their foods be Low-Fat!

Processed and canned foods began to go uneaten, as people turned to more natural, lower-fat alternatives. If it didn’t say, “Low Fat” on the label, people stopped buying it

The conglomerates scrambled to find new recipes that would allow them to call their products “Low Fat”, yet still taste good. Food scientists were called in by the dozens, and finally, they discovered something even better

You see, unlike fat, this new flavor additive was actually ADDICTING…

It goes by many different names, but you may know it best as

Refined Sugar

Did the food industry know it was dangerous?

Even many doctors of the 1950’s would argue they certainly did.

As far back as 1808, studies had been done proving sugar was not only unhealthy, but actually TOXIC. Believe it not, sugar manufactures were pulling P.R. Stunts back then, as they do today

In 1808 the Committee Of West India, a large sugar conglomerate of the time, appeared before the British House Of Commons to offer a prize of 25 guineas – about $1000 dollars in today’s coin – to anyone who could show an experiment that proved sugar was good for feeding and fattening cows, hogs, and sheep.

Food for animals is always always expensive. Sugar was extremely cheap, so many farmers took on the challenge, hoping for good results. The 25 guineas would be just a bonus to the new, cheaper food supply!

But as you may have guessed, the attempts were a DISASTER. Many resulted in the death of livestock. One member of Parliament, John Curwin, took on the challenge himself, trying to feed sugar and molasses to his calves.

After the experiment of this well-known, highly ranked politician failed, the Committee Of West India gave up.

Then, in 1816, the well-known French physiologist, F. Magendie, did an experiment of his own involving dogs. He determined that dogs fed with water containing sugar and olive oil wasted away and died FASTER than dogs fed with water alone

This showed sugar not only had NO nutritional value… but actually caused NEGATIVE affects.

This shut the sugar manufactures up, but just for the time being

Enter back to 1957.

Fat was out. The food industry had found foods packed with SUGAR were winning every taste test.

But would the public buy it?

As recently as the 1930’s, Dr. Weston A. Price, a research dentist from Ohio, had traveled around the world observing different cultures and their diets. In 1939 he published a paper that revealed in horrifying detail what had happened to the teeth and health of those in cultures who had incorporated refined sugars into their food supply

Sugar still had a bad name. The Conglomerates would need to make a move.

Later in 1957, noted Professor E.V. McCollum, who was often referred to as America’s top nutritionist of the day, published a book called, “A History Of Nutrition”.


In it, he argued that despite their being DOZENS of experiments done since the 1800’s proving sugar was bad for human consumption… those experiments were all flawed due to the human error!

This book was published and marketed with the same ferocity you see with bestsellers of today.

But where did it come from?

No scientist has his own money to publish a book on such a grand scale, and let’s face it – “A History Of Nutrition” is not a title that will make a book fly off the shelves.

A look inside the book revealed it was published and marketed by a company called, “The Nutrition Foundation, Incorporated”

Who was The Nutrition Foundation?

I’m glad you asked. It happened to be a front organization for the leading sugar conglomerates of time, including the American Sugar Refining Company, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Curtis Candy Co., General Foods, General Mills, Nestlé, Pet Milk Co. and Sunshine Biscuits – about 45 companies in all.

And did the Americans buy it?

Oh boy, did they ever!

Sales of processed foods SKYROCKETED. All they had to do was put “Low Fat” on the label, then dump in a bunch of refined sugar, and it would sell like crazy!

A 2012 study by Dr. Robert Lustig of the University Of California, San Francisco revealed that sugar is just as addictive to human brain as COCAINE, setting off the same dopamine triggers and forcing us to crave more and more of it. So it was only natural that humans would begin to consume the new sugared products at a feverish rate

The Food Conglomerates responded to the increasing sales by using even MORE sugar. It began to find it’s way into foods you would NEVER expect, like hot dogs, yogurt, spaghetti, and breads.

As the decades past, obstacles would spring up, but each time, the conglomerates had an answer…

In 1965, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act began requiring their products to be honestly and informatively labeled. By this time the public wasn’t so hot on sugar any more, but no matter.

The conglomerates simply HID the sugar by putting it into new forms, and creating new names

This way, people wouldn’t see the word “sugar” on a food label… but it could still be hiding inside. Some names sugar goes by are:

  • Agave nectar
  • Brown rice syrup
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Glucose
  • Lactose
  • Malt syrup
  • Molasses
  • Sucrose

Another classic example is when the sugar pushers began putting the word “natural” into all of their advertising. “Made from natural ingredients” became their slogan… but all refined sugars are made from natural ingredients. So is cocaine and heroin.

During the 1970’s, armed with new studies showing the dangers of refined sugars and exposing them in all of their forms, the American public began to wake up. For the first time since the 50’s, sales of certain high-sugar foods slowed down.

But the Conglomerates had prepared for this, and had been hard at work developing yet another weapon of their own –

Artificial Sweeteners


Perhaps the most notorious of these was Aspartame

More commonly known as Equal or NutraSweet, the story of how it became approved by the FDA is startling.

By this time, the “diet” craze was in full swing, and the “diet” food market was a billion-dollar industry.

It was 1973, and another artificial sweetener, Cyclamate, had recently been BANNED when it was found to cause tumors in tests done on animals

Aspartame was initially also rejected by the FDA – but it’s developer, G.D. Searle, was not having it.

Searle presented to the FDA 100 different studies that showed it was harmless – studies G.D. Searle had funded themselves.

Why not? They knew if they could get it approved, they would make BILLIONS

But despite what their studies said… every time an independent study was done, it was found to be DANGEROUS for human consumption.

For the first time in history, the FDA sought criminal investigation into a food manufacturer for misrepresenting the safety tests of a product.

What the investigation revealed was SHOCKING. Deceased lab animals from the tests were not autopsied for months or even YEARS after their deaths, so that rotting would render any tumor data inaccurate

Other animals were found to have tumors CUT OUT and thrown away… then the animals with the removed tumors were labeled as “Normal”! Obvious tumors were labeled as “Normal swelling”!

The FDA easily ruled that Aspartame would not receive final approval.

… but what would follow was a set of dirty political tricks that must have made Abraham Lincoln roll over in his grave…

G.D. Searle first arranged to actually HIRE the U.S. Attorney who was leading the investigation! Samuel Skinner first resigned from the U.S. Attorney’s office… stalling the investigation… then went to work for Searle!

Later that year, Donald Rumsfeld was hired on as CEO of Searle.

Yes, the same Donald Rumsfeld that was Secretary Of Defense during the Bush Administration.

He appointed several political buddies to top management positions, and proclaimed he would get Aspartame approved within one year.

At the time, Reagan had just been elected, and Rumsfeld was a part of Ronald Reagan’s transition team… who was in charge of choosing a new FDA Commissioner

They appointed a man named Arthur Hall Hayes Jr.

One of Arthur Hayes first acts as FDA Commissioner was to appoint a 5-person panel to review the final decision to reject Aspartame.

3 of the 5 panel members still voted NOT to approve it, citing the animal tumors as a big concern.

So what did Hayes do?

Simple: He appointed a 6th member, to tie the vote at 3-3. Then, Hayes – a man who knew nothing of food additives – decided he as Commissioner should get a vote also…

He then cast the deciding vote himself in favor of approval!

Shortly after this scheme, Hayes resigned from his position as FDA Commissioner… after which he was hired by Searle for a position paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

I know this sounds like a tale from a political horror movie, but sadly, it is 100% true.

After all was said and done, Aspartame was approved. Coca-Cola began using it to make, “Diet Coke”, which they then marketed as a weight loss drink.

In that first year alone, the FDA received over 600 consumer complaints reporting headaches, dizziness, and other strange reactions to this new, foreign substance our bodies were never designed to handle

But the food conglomerates had won.

And since then, over the last 30 years, more and more of these refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other unnatural elements have infiltrated our food supply, creating essentially a “new diet”… without ever giving us a choice

The year now is 2013

Governments have finally wised up, and are now backtracking trying to clean up this mess…

In of March of 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fought to lower sugar and sweetener consumption in his city by banning regular and diet sodas over 16 ounces

This September, Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam’s health service, spoke out to call sugar, “an addictive drug that should be tightly regulated.”

… and just last month, the country of Mexico made motions to put large taxes on sodas, just like the American government did with cigarettes

But like cigarettes, these dangerous additives have now become what feels like a permanent part of our society

So what is the result of all of this?

What do these unnatural things actually DO… once we put them in bodies?

Why did the dogs in F. Magendie’s study die FASTER when sugar was added to their diets?

Why are more people getting sick than ever before?

Why are more people suffering from obesity than ever before?

… and why is cancer predicted to soar by 50% by the year 2020?

The answer may frighten you, as it did me.

Doctors are now saying it could be the widest-spread health hazard to hit North America since cigarettes, polio, HIV, or Hepatitis

In our lifetimes, this ONE THING will affect more Americans than all 4 of these, combined.

In 2005 molecular biologists at Rice University estimated it was already affecting 70% of the American population

What is it?

It’s the consequence of the unnatural elements we’ve been exposed to… and the deep, dark secret the food conglomerates are right now, as we speak, spending millions of dollars to try and sweep under the rug

They have some help from the killer itself, because this disease takes over your body from the INSIDE.

Most never even know it is there… until it’s too late.

It’s name is Candida


Candida is a a type of fungi. A single-celled member of the yeast family

Where did it come from? Was it carried over on a boat from Africa? Or did it come from livestock?

Actually, no.

Candida is a natural resident of your digestive track, along with 25 trillion other bacteria, some good, and some bad

So long as the balance stays in order – which scientists now say is 80% good bacteria to 20% bad, your digestive and immune systems will continue to function normally

But here’s where’s the problem starts:

Candida is is a member of the yeast family

… and do you know what yeast like to eat?

Yep, you guessed.

Refined Sugars. Artificial Sweeteners. And Preservatives.

All of the things that have just been added to your food supply in just the last 50 or so years.

Maybe you did the experiment back in science class, where you put yeast in a pertri dish, and feed it sugar to get it to grow?


That’s what’s happening in your stomach, RIGHT NOW

Let’s take a look at that pic again

These are actual Candida albicans, growing in a petri dish


When you feed the Candida, it starts to breed

Faster, and faster, and faster

Soon it has outnumbered the good bacteria in your stomach

Then, they makes his way into your upper and lower intestine, and throughout your entire G.I. Tract

Before long, they begin to expand into other parts of your body, resulting in serious medical problems that can cripple your ability to enjoy a happy life

Fatigue, weight gain, sleeplessness, bloating and gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, skin problems, fungal infections… these are just the start of the havoc Candida can wreck onto your body

If you’re suffering from any one of these symptoms, it’s very likely this parasite is to blame

When you take antibiotics, Candida growth accelerates even faster, as antibiotics kill off many of the good bacteria that would otherwise keep it in check

It’s because of all of this doctors estimate that currently, at time of this letter is being produced in the 4th quarter of 2013, 80% of all Americans suffer from some degree of Candida Overgrowth

Dr. David Perlmutter,


a personal advisor to Dr. Oz, who you may know from the show, and his current New York Times best-seller, “Grain Brain”,


recently stated,

“those of us who deal with this health condition in a clinical setting are witnessing what now seems almost epidemic.”~ Dr. David Perlmutter

The reason Candida is so dangerous is because it directly affects your digestive system, which is the largest internal organ in your body.

It’s also the home of your immune system. So when your digestive tract is weakened, so is your ability to combat sickness, and disease

Left untreated, it can begin to affect every area of your life

Here is a list of common Candida symptoms compiled by Dr. Mark Hyman, recognized Candida authority, and best-selling author of, “The Blood Sugar Solution”:General Symptoms include

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Loss of energy
  • General malaise
  • Decreased libido
  • Sensitivity to foods, chemicals, or other allergens
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Toenail fungus

Gastrointestinal Symptoms include

  • Thrush
  • Bloating and gas
  • Intestinal cramps
  • Rectal itching
  • Altered bowel function such as diarrhea or constipation
  • Yeast infections
  • Frequent bladder infections
  • Irritable bladder

Hormonal Complaints

  • Menstrual irregularities like pain or bleeding
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Thyroid dysfunction

Nervous System Complaints

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Inability to concentrate

Immune System Complaints

  • Allergies
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Low immune function

And if your past history includes

  • Chronic yeast infections
  • Chronic antibiotic use for infections or acne
  • Oral birth control pill usage
  • Oral steroid hormone usage

… your chances of having Candida Overgrowth are greatly increased

One of the scariest things about Candida is the way it begins to reprogram you to CRAVE more more of the foods IT wants

It hijacks taste buds, brain chemistry and hormones to make you want foods that make it grow FASTER… and mess you up even more…

Breads, sugars, refined carbs

Sodas, fried foods, carb-heavy foods like pizza and pasta… and of course, desserts and sweets

Do you often find yourself craving these things?

If so, it’s probably NOT because you’re a naturally unhealthy eater, but because the bad bacteria have taken over

It’s like they’re down there in your stomach yelling “Feed Me”… forcing you to want foods that worsen your condition, make you gain weight, and make it literally PAINFUL for you to go on a diet that doesn’t include them

Candida has also been linked to many studies showing it could be the #1 cause of obesity

As Doctors Carolyn Dean and William Crook write in their 2005 book,
“The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health”:


“Most women don’t have even an inkling that their symptoms could be caused by yeast overgrowth in their bodies. The number of women suffering in silence, not even knowing what is really wrong – and blaming themselves for failing – is, I believe, literally numbered in the millions. Millions of women who can’t lose weight and have no idea why!”~ Dr. William Crook , M.D., & Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

The same holds true for men

Once the excess yeast is destroyed, many find they are able to lose the unwanted weight quickly and easily… even that stubborn belly fat most diet plans can’t touch

So now, let’s talk about how to fix it

Here’s the good news – to start feeling better, you don’t have to necessarily get rid of all of the Candida

You just need to balance them out

As I mentioned before, your gut is also home to a lot of good bacteria.

To start feeling your best, you just need to get to the 80/20 balance:

80% good bacteria

20% bad bacteria

There are 2 ways to do this:

The first is going on a real, all-natural diet

That means completely eliminating all processed foods, refined sugars and carbs, artificial sweeteners, and also white breads

Then supplement your diet with foods that are high in a special kind of GOOD BACTERIA, called, “Probiotics”

Probiotics are clusters of good bacteria, that, like a powerful ARMY, go into your stomach and form colonies that far outnumber the Candida

They were first brought to attention in 1908 by Nobel Prize winning physiologist Elie Metchnikoff. Noting that Bulgarians, at the time, lived longer than anywhere else on Earth, he set to find out why… and deduced that it was because of their yogurt-heavy diet.

He even named the first Probiotic strand he discovered, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, as a tribute to them

Unfortunately, yogurts today are no longer a good source of probiotics

They’re pasteurized, which kills off most of the good bacteria, not too mention they usually contain… you guessed… TONS of added of sugar

This is especially true with frozen yogurt.

Sure, it’s better for your waist line than ice cream, but don’t expect to see any probiotic benefits

Foods that are high in Probiotics include sauerkraut, kefirs, olives, and fermented vegetables

Eliminate the unnatural elements from your diet, and start eating those foods, and your gut will eventually balance itself out

But… let’s be realistic…

In today’s world, that’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

Who wants to never eat out at another restaurant? Or never go over to a friend’s place for dinner?

Luckily, there now is a better way…

Scientists have recently figured out how to load your gut with Probiotics without having to change your diet at all

They’ve been able to put these living bacteria into pill form, so you can take them with your meals – no matter what those meals may be

They offset the bad foods you eat, populate your gut with GOOD bacteria… and instinctively balance you to right ratio

Once this happens, all sorts of exciting changes can happen in your body…

You have more energy, feel more alert, and more activeYou can focus better on work, you feel smarter, more productive, more creative

Many no longer have the need for coffee or caffeine… as your body is now able to get more energy from food, and tap into it easily

Dr. Allan Walker, Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, recently stated:

“Evidence from clinical research demonstrates that adding ‘good’ bacteria to the diet promotes a healthy digestive and immune system.”~ Dr. Allan Walker, Harvard Medical School

This makes your disease-fighting ability stronger, so you get sick less often

In a 2001 study, children from daycare centers in Helsinki, Finland were given milk with and without Probiotics. Those who drank the Probiotic-enhanced milk were 17% less likely to get a respiratory infection, and 16 percent less likely to call in sick because of illness

Harvard Medical School has also recently gone on record to proclaim Probiotics’ effectiveness at preventing vaginal yeast infections as well as antibiotic-induced diarrhea

Dr. Michael F. Roizen, New York Times best-selling author, and Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic recently said:

“Taking probiotics is a habit that can really benefit the digestive system, which is intricately connected to our overall health.”~Dr. Michael F. Roizen, M.D.

Many also find weight begins to fall off, since your gut processes food more efficiently. If you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past it could be because the Candida have “clogged up” your digestive tract, which can greatly slow down your metabolism

You’ll also notice those carb and sugar cravings fade away. You actually find yourself craving GOOD, healthy foods that make you look and feel GREAT

All in all, your digestive track contains 60% of the cells in your body – so it’s no surprise cleaning it up can make you feel like a whole new person

Many Americans who try Probiotics for the first time are taken aback by the results. Here’s what one of my clients had to say after just 3 months of regular use of the Probiotic brand, “Keybiotics”:

I tried Keybiotics because I had never had any energy, even though I was getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I was hooked on caffeine and couldn’t work without it, then after work I’d crash and was too tired to even go to the gym. After 5 years of this I’d gained a lot of weight and was embarrassed with the way I was living. I took Keybiotics hoping to get my energy back. It’s now been 3 months since and I have never felt better! I now only drink coffee on special occasions, and even started jogging 3 miles every day before work because I wake up with so much energy! I’ve lost 27 pounds so far and my goal is 40. I can’t remember the last time I looked and felt this good!-Danielle S.,
Seattle, WA”

Based on individual results. Although some may experience extraordinary benefit, results do vary. This testimonial does not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

Here’s something else interesting –

In June 2012, Scientists at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre at UCC found that brain levels of Serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’ that controls your mood, are regulated by the amount of bacteria in the gut

That means if your gut is clogged up, Serotonin production can slow down. This is why many who suffer from Candida Overgrowth are irritable, moody, and suffer from anxiety and depression

Says participating Doctor Gerald Clarke:

“Although we always believed that the microbiota was essential for our general health, our results also highlight how important our tiny friends are for our mental wellbeing.”~ Dr. Gerald Clarke, M.D.

Another 2007 study published in Pediatrics is one of my personal favorites. They found that after 4 weeks, breastfed babies whose mothers who consumed a daily Probiotic cried 194 minutes less than the test group that didn’t! In 2010 the study was done AGAIN and showed a similar result!

It’s no wonder many doctors are now calling Probiotics the most important wellness discovery of our time. Many even say taking a daily Probiotic is more important than vitamins… as it not only puts you a in a better mood… but when your gut is working right, you extract all vitamins naturally from your food, like your body was designed to

Unfortunately, as more people are becoming aware of the effectiveness of Probiotics, many fly-by-night companies have sprouted up, selling low-quality strains that are too weak to show any effect

At Whole Body Research, we took a different approach

Our team of researchers spent 24 months analyzing 297 different Probiotic clinical studies and reports, put together by respected institutes such as Harvard Medical School, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The National Candida Center, The American Society For Microbiology, and many more

Our goal was to develop the most powerful Probiotic solution ever created. One that would quickly and efficiently destroy the parasitic overgrowth and prevent it from ever coming back

21 different combinations of Probiotic strains were tested before we found a clear winner, a groundbreaking formula we call…




You may have heard of Keybiotics, as it’s already helped literally thousands of people around the world balance their gut microbes and lead happier, healthier lives

Dr David Perlmutter,


who in his book, “Grain Brain”, recommends everyone should take probiotics, says

“Get your probiotics through a supplement that offers a variety of strains (at least 10), including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, and contains at least 10 billion active bacteria per capsule.”~ Dr David Perlmutter

Keybiotics is a Super Probiotic, containing 14 unique strains of powerful bacteria, and 37 Billion Colony-Forming Units per capsule, far exceeding even Dr. Perlmutter’s strict recommendation.


Those strands include both Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium, along with 12 other helpful strands

Why so many?

Simple: We designed Keybiotics to addresses every issue of gut bacteria, and bring your gut back to perfect balance, no matter how out of control it is now

Here’s what just a few of our other clients had to say about it:

“My skin has cleared up and I can eat more of my favorite foods without feeling bloated. I fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up more rested. I feel sharper and I’m even enjoying my job more (I’m an engineer). I was skeptical at first but now I recommend Keybiotics to everyone”-Andy P.
Brooklyn, NY”
Based on individual results. Although some may experience extraordinary benefit, results do vary. This testimonial does not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.
“I went to 3 different doctors and none of them could figure out why I kept getting sick. A friend suspected I had Candida and recommend Keybiotics to me. I began taking them in October of 2012, and for the first winter in as long as I can remember I didn’t get sick once. It’s now August of 2013 and I am feeling better than ever. I had tried green drinks, raw food diets and cutting carbs but nothing worked as well as Keybiotics.-Jean K.
Thousand Oaks, CA”
Based on individual results. Although some may experience extraordinary benefit, results do vary. This testimonial does not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, even most doctors had NO IDEA what Candida was… or how severely it was affecting people.

Now, they regularly recommend Keybiotics and the results speak for themselves. We receive letters like this every single day from people who have had their lives transformed by this simple but powerful treatment

What makes Keybiotics so effective?

Actually there are 7 reasons:

1. Keybiotics contains 37 Billion Colony-Forming-Units, or “CFUs”, per capsule.

This is the highest number of CFU’s of any Probiotic on the market today… so it balances your gut fast… allowing you to feel the benefits within a matter of DAYS… not weeks or months

2. Keybiotics Contains 14 Different Strains Of Probiotics

After rigorous testing, we found the “magic number” for Probiotic effectiveness was 14 different strains. Each one is specific to helping eliminate different Candida symptoms. It also includes the “super stain” Lactobacillus acidophilus, or “DDS-1” … a strain just developed in the last couple of years that is as potent as many of the older strains combined

3. We Carefully Chose Probiotic Strains That Are Resistant To Stomach Acid And Bile

A Probiotic won’t do any good if it’s eaten up by the natural enzymes in your stomach – 20 Billion CPUs can be reduced to 2 Billion by the time it hits your intestinal tract. That’s why we engineered Keybiotics to be resistant to stomach acids and bile, allowing it to penetrate your entire digestive system

4. Keybiotics Is Gluten and Lactose Free

This is very important. Many companies use “fillers” in their capsules that contain gluten or lactose, which can actually UPSET your stomach and cause certain types of bad bacteria to grow. Keybiotics is gluten free, lactose free, and completely allergen-free, meaning even those with food allergies can take them safely

5. Every Bottle Of Keybiotics Is Tested For Potency… Once By Us, Then AGAIN By An Independent 3rd Party Before It Gets To You

And this next one is very important

6. Our supplier for the strains themselves is the same supplier that was used in 90% of the clinical studies done on Probiotics

That means these strains are proven to work.

The 7th reason is something I’m sure you’ll appreciate. You see, the problem with many probiotics – even the good ones – is that they give you nasty breath, often so bad it fill up a room! We addressed that challenge with Keybiotics, taking special care to make it hygiene-friendly, so you can take yours daily, in any situation, with total confidence

Keybiotics is the only Probiotic formula on the market to meet these strict qualifications, and that’s why so many doctors and nutrition specialists recommend Keybiotics to their patients

Now, I’d like to invite you to try Keybiotics for yourself, risk-free

When we finalized this formula, our biggest fear was that because it contained such high-end Probiotic strains, it could one day become too expensive to produce and offer to the public at a reasonable price

So instead of putting it in stores, we decided to go a different route

We decided to deliver directly to the consumer, and cut out the middle man.

It’s the only way we can maintain our stringent quality standards, and get you the best Probiotic formula at a price that’s affordable

That is why we are very excited to be able to offer Keybiotics at just $69.95 for a one-month’s supply

… but since you are watching this presentation, you have a chance to get in on a special offer we are making just for the next 24 hours, and for new customers ONLY

Because we want as many people to try Keybiotics as possible… so they can see the benefits for themselves… we are allowing those who order through this presentation only … and for next 24 hours only… to try Keybiotics for just $39.95you save $30 per bottle over our regular price.

You’ll also begin to save on your food costs, as you are no longer craving sugary snacks. Plus, you’ll likely no longer feel the need to eat as much, as you are now eating for YOURSELF – not to feed all of the bad fungus that used to be in your stomach!

When you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to our secure server, which is encrypted with the latest Security for your total protection.


Simply select the Keybiotics package that is right for you, then fill in your shipping and credit card information. We’ll rush Keybiotics to your door.

If you’d prefer to order by phone, just give us a call at (800) 240-7721

At Whole Body Research we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That’s why Keybiotics comes with a 90-Day, No Questions Asked, Full-Money-Back Guarantee

If after taking Keybiotics, you don’t see dramatic improvements to your health and overall wellness, simply send back the unused portion for a fast and full refund.

We feel you should give it at least one month to allow Keybiotics to work it’s magic, as some have more yeast to combat than others. So feel free to use the entire month’s supply. If you’re not satisfied you can send us back the empty bottle and we will still give you a full, no-questions-asked refund. If you aren’t satisfied, then we aren’t either.

So click on the link below now to try Keybiotics at the special introductory price, totally RISK-FREE


Oh, and before I go, I feel it’s important I tell you about one more thing…

It’s important we talk about the costs of NOT taking care of your gut… because this is not a problem that fixes itself.

If you are currently suffering from fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, skin rashes, reduced sex drive, low energy, obesity, or lack of sleep… then chances are you are one of the 80% of all Americans who has some level Candida Overgrowth

Unless you are willing to make an immediate, drastic change to your diet, symptoms will only worsen for you… as the bad bacteria continues to grow

Think of it this way – Imagine if all-of-a-sudden you decided to never brush your teeth ever again…

The plaque build-up that would form is not unlike what goes on in your gut when it’s untreated.

Sure, you will be fine for a while. But eventually you will begin to get cavities and mouth rot… and then you lose your teeth, and you are out of luck

It’s very likely the exact same thing is going on in your gut RIGHT NOW…

The food that causes bad bacteria to grow on your teeth is the same food that goes into your stomach right after… so it only makes sense that it would cause bacteria growth there also…

but in your gut, the consequences are much more severe

While your mouth and teeth are certainly important, they are just a small part of your body. Your digestive track is your CORE… it actually contains 10 times as many cells as the ENTIRE rest of your body…

Untreated, it could begin to affect your health in ways I’d never wish upon anyone

Bad breath, constipation, acid reflux, indigestion, fatigue, lack of sleep, skin problems… these are just the early symptoms…

The scariest part is that with 70% of your immune system in your digestive tract… if it can’t function properly, you become susceptible to not just getting sick… but to some very nasty diseases, like Ulcerative Colitis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and Arthritis… and those CAN’T be cured by balancing your gut

That’s why it’s critical you get this handled NOW… before it’s too late.

Fortunately there’s an easy way to fight back against the bad bacteria…

Simply take 1 capsule of Keybiotics daily, preferably with a meal

Within just a few days you’ll feel exciting changes in your body…

You find yourself sleeping better, and waking more rested… but with new, exciting energy. You are ready to take on the world!You are no longer tired after meals… and no longer find yourself craving bad foods… but when you do “cheat” once in awhile with pizza or ice cream, you still feel great knowing it’s not going to go straight to your hips!

Don’t be surprised if your bathroom habits become more regular… since you are no longer a slave to your gut! Multiple trips to the toilet are a thing of the past

Weight may also begin to fall off… as your body is now a food-burning machine… no longer a fat and sugar storage hub!

You’ll probably also discover you no longer find yourself “needing” caffeine, carbs, or sugar. Many claim their sex drive goes UP as your body feels younger, sexier and more vibrant

Your skin may even appear younger and firmer, as your body is better able to bring the nutrients from your food into your skin, replenishing your cells and giving you a healthy, youthful shine

… and then, I can’t tell you exactly when it will happen… it may be in a few days… or it could take a few weeks… but it certainly will happen.

It’s something I call…

The Magic Moment

The Magic Moment is when you wake up one day and realize that something is different…

Your senses feel more powerful… you are more alert, centered, and on point. The air feels crisp, your body feels ALIVE… your Serotonin levels have SOARED… and your soul just feels like everything is RIGHT.

Then you realize… that’s the way we humans were supposed to feel all along!

And now that your body is running like a finely tuned machine, you know… that you always will feel this incredible.

It’s a feeling you can’t really put a price on. Our health is our most precious asset – without it, we can’t fully enjoy anything else

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of a balanced, nourished, properly functioning gut… and a strong, vigorous immune system that keeps you feeling your best… and living the long, healthy, joyful life you deserve?

Click on the link now, and give Keybiotics a try. With this Risk-Free Offer, you have nothing to lose. I really hope you take action now and join us



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