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The Four Secrets Every New Entrepreneur Must Master To Achieve Success...

Hey, Mike Dillard here, if you’d like to know how to build a 6, 7, or even 8 figure business from scratch in any industry, grab a pen…

Today I’m going to teach you four pivotal lessons I learned when I was broke and waiting tables, that allowed me to build my first 7 figure company by that age of 27, and then go on to build three companies, in three different industries, to more than $60 million in combined sales.

And I wanted to record this training video for you for a very specific reason…

Most of the teachers and trainers out there only point to their positive results, and they want you to think this whole entrepreneur thing is easy.

Well I think that’s doing you a dis-service, because the truth of the matter is that it isn’t easy… At least not at first.

So I want to give you the raw honest truth of what it really takes, and the changes that I had to make in order to achieve the results I have during my career.

Specifically, Here’s What We’re Going To Cover today…

First, I’m going to teach you what your “PVL” is and why it’s the first thing you absolutely must do if you want to build and grow a successful business. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to build…

Whether it’s an info business, services, coaching, or e-commerce, the “PVL Strategy” is what allowed me to go from waiting tables at PF Chang’s to make my first 7-figures within 18 months, and this is the one and only way you’ll ever build a successful business.

Second, I’m going to teach you how to get endless amounts of traffic and how to turn that traffic into 1,000 new leads and subscribers per day, for free. This is how I’ve built an email list of more than 1,000,000 subscribers, while making millions in sales at the same time.

Third, I’m going to teach you the one and only secret you need to master in order to create a marketing funnel that will sell your products and services for you automatically, 24/7.

And finally, I’m going to fill you in on the one and only real shortcut that actually works, and that can allow you to dramatically shorten your results curve so you can start to produce sales and revenue as fast as possible.

Alright, Let’s Jump In...

Now as I just mentioned, my first few years attempting to start and build a business were a disaster.

I struggled… A lot.

In fact, I didn’t make a single dollar for five straight years.

And yet, everywhere I looked I saw other people in the same industry, and with the same kind of business achieving success, and making money.

It was unbelievably frustrating because I didn’t understand why… I couldn’t figure out why in the world they were doing so well, while I couldn’t make a dime.

So naturally, I started to question everything… 

Was it me? 

Was I just not smart enough to build a business? 

Was it the product I was trying to sell? 

Or was this whole thing really just a bunch of BS?

And this was before the age of social media, so now it’s even worse.

I’m sure that every time you open up YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you’re slammed with ads and images of people who are doing really well, and you’ve probably sat there and asked yourself, “why in the world are they having that kind of incredible success, while I continue to struggle? What are they doing, that I’m not?

Well here’s what changed everything for me, and what will work for you as well…

I Want You To Write Down These Three Letters…


These three letters are what finally allowed me to end the 5 years of failure, and to start producing significant sales and revenue.

Now during those five years, I thought success would come as a result of something outside myself such as a product, a marketing system, or an opportunity.

I was a B/C student in school. I was shy. I didn’t have a lot of confidence, and I had no idea how to build a business, so guess what…

My only hope of achieving success was to find something outside of me that would be responsible for generating that result.

So for those years I pursued anything new that promised to put money into my bank account.

And as you already know, it never worked. I didn’t make a dime, and I was incredibly frustrated because I saw other people in the same industry having success, and yet I wasn’t.

And then one of my mentors finally spoke up and said something to me that I’ll never forget…

He said,

“Mike… If you want to make $50,000/Mo, (which was my life-long goal at the time), then you have to become someone who is capable of making $50,000/Mo.

Right now, you haven’t mastered any particular set of skills, so why would you deserve to get paid as if you had?”

And that was my first big light-bulb moment.

I finally gave in to the fact that I needed to focus on becoming a more valuable person to lots of other people, instead of trying to get rich the easy way.

You have to surrender to the fact that making money isn’t going to come from something outside of yourself like a marketing system or an opportunity. It will only come as a result of the value you have to offer the world.

In other words, the amount of money you make today is a direct reflection of something I call…

Your "PVL", Or "Personal Value Level"

Human society uses a simple tool called “money” to quickly and easily communicate the relative value of all things, from an apple, to a gallon of gasoline, to the wage for a job.

Through our free-market system, the world dictates how much money you make, according to three factors that you need to be aware of…


The number of people who are also capable of performing any particular job.


The amount of specialized skills or education needed to perform the job.


The number of people around the world which your work benefits.

For example, there are two reasons why restaurant waiters, janitors, or retail workers make so little…

Now I waited tables off and on for almost 10 years, and as a waiter…

There is an almost endless supply of workers who can fill your position.

In most cases, waiting tables does not require rare, specialized skills or education.

And you’re only serving a dozen people at most at any given time, which means you have very little leverage.

So if you’re in one of these positions, your PVL to the world is very low, which is why you’d be making very little money.

On the other hand, brain surgeons make around a million dollars per year.

There are very few qualified individuals in the world that can perform the task, and the work requires extremely specialized knowledge and skills.

Now the reason they make around a million per year, instead of $20 million, is because they’re missing piece number three… Leverage.

They only get paid when they work, and they can only work on one patient at a time.

Now let’s look at someone like Tony Robbins…

Tony has incredibly rare and unique skills when it comes to helping people create transformation in their lives.

There are very few people, if any, who can do what Tony does, which means he can charge whatever he wants. In fact, his personal clients pay him over $1 million dollars for coaching.

But Tony doesn’t do a lot of coaching because there isn’t any leverage.

Instead, he holds events with 20,000 people in attendance, and he sells books and courses that can be purchased and used by millions of people, whether he ever meets them or not.

And as a result, Tony has become a billionaire.

So if you want to breakout and start making more money, you have to stop chasing opportunities, you have to stop chasing gimmicks, and you have to do one single thing…

Increase your PVL.

So how do you do that?


You increase your PVL by mastering rare and valuable new skills.

SECRET #2...

So that’s exactly what I decided to do, and I wanted to master one specific set of skills in particular which brings us to the second lesson that completely changed my life…

I mastered marketing and sales, and you will need to do the same.


Because you can’t make money until you sell something, and you can’t sell something, until you get the attention of your potential customers through marketing.

The money is not in the product, it’s in knowing how to market and sell a product.

If you doubt that, I want you to think of your favorite product in the world, and I want you to imagine that you have a giant warehouse full of it.

Well if you don’t know how to sell it… If you don’t understand distribution, or marketing, or advertising, guess what…? It’s just going to sit there.

I learned this lesson the hard way because I bought products and inventory to sell, but I had no idea how to do that.

In Fact, It's Safe To Say That I Was The Absolute Worst Sales Person In The World...

I was shy, I didn’t want to talk to people in person or over the phone, I had no idea what to say, and I was afraid that I’d come across like a sleazy used car salesman.

So that product just sat there in my house until I eventually used it all up myself.

Obviously, you can’t make money or build a business that way.

Something had to change, and that’s when I discovered the skill that would change my life forever.

That skill was copywriting, which is basically “salesmanship in print.”

I realized that instead of pitching my product or business to one person at a time over the phone, (which I was horrible at), I could write a sales letter or record a sales video, post it online or in an email, and have it seen by thousands of people per day instead of dozens, without having to talk to anyone in the process.

In other words, it allowed me to overcome my biggest weakness at that point in my life, while creating an incredible amount of leverage at the same time.

Now obviously copywriting is a skill and an art that must be learned, so I started buying every book I could on the subject.

Some were free, some were less than $20 bucks at the local bookstore, and other large courses were up to $2,000. In other words, I invested whatever I had to in order to master this skill and increase my personal value level.

I studied and practiced the skill of copywriting every day for about a year.

I’d sit in my room for hours every night writing out successful sales letters by hand in order to learn the psychology and the rhythm of a story.

I put a level of effort into mastering a skill that 99.99% of people in the world never will, and it became my super power.

For the first time in my life, I had acquired a truly valuable skill… The ability to sell anything I wanted, using the written-word.

As a result, my value to the world went through the roof because I could
effectively sell my products, (or other people’s products), at scale for the very first time.

And that was it.

Within The Next 18 Months, I Left My Job Waiting Tables, And Made My First Million Dollars...

Now let me show you a few examples of what can happen once you raise your PVL, and master marketing and sales…

This is the very first sales letter that I ever wrote, which sold copies of my very first ebook.

Within 90 days, I was making over $50,000 per month in sales of that book, without ever talking to a single person in the process.

Within the next two years, that number increased to over $500,000 per month…

When I launched my second business, I wrote a sales script and turned it into a webinar to sell my monthly newsletter…

That Sales Webinar Made Over $3.2 Million In Less Than 7 Days...

And here’s another example…

This time I wrote four emails that promoted someone else’s product that I loved. I made a 50% commission on every sale I made.

By writing and sending out just four emails to my audience…

I Made Over $578,000 In Commissions In A Single Week...

Could You Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like…

When you have the ability to generate cash on demand like that, just by writing a few emails?

Well that’s what’s possible when you learn these kinds of skills, and my students who’ve followed this advice have had their lives changed as well…

In Fact, Here’s A Quick Video From A Student Of Mine Who Took This Advice To Heart &Built a $25 Million company…

(Results are not typical. You may do better or worse ) *Disclaimer

Alright, now that you know the power of raising your PVL and mastering sales, let’s move onto Secret #3…

Here's The 3rd Secret to Building A Successful Business...

Within three years of leaving my job as a waiter, I was making over $6 million per year, which is about $500,000 per month.

Now what’s the difference between someone who’s selling $5,000 per month, and $500,000 per month of their product or service?

The answer is, “attention at scale.”

The only way to make that much revenue every month, is to get the attention of tens of thousands of people per day.

This is the big traffic piece of marketing that always seems like a giant mystery to people, but it’s not.

Getting A Ton Of Traffic Everyday Is Actually Quite Simple, And I'll Walk You Through The Process Right Now...

So when it comes to getting traffic and building an audience, there is the amateur way, and the professional way.

Amateurs try to get attention to build their audiences and market their products just using organic traffic alone.

This usually consists of making 4-5 posts on social media, or writing articles, or posting videos on YouTube, and then hope that these platforms actually show your message to your audience.

And yes, these organic strategies can work if you’re willing to stick with it consistently, every single day for years at a time.

But you don’t want to rely on social media traffic alone for two primary reasons…

The first is that it’s slow, and you don’t have control over who gets to see what. That’s determined by an algorithm that you don’t have any control over, which is a really difficult way to build a business.

And the second is that it’s not consistent. Some days you might make 1 sale, and on other days you might make 10.

This kind of inconsistency makes it really hard to plan for the future, to hire team members, and to scale with confidence.

So what I do, (and what all of the other massively successful entrepreneurs and companies out there do), is that we buy traffic and attention.

In other words, we advertise.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“Advertising Sounds Great Mike, But It Costs Money."

“What Am I Supposed To Do If I Don’t Have A Lot Of Extra Cash To Buy Ads With?”

Great question, and I have the answer…

The solution to this problem is called a…

"Self-Liquidating Offer"

This is a low-cost entry level product, (traditionally under $100), that you can offer your prospects immediately after they click on your ad.

For example, when I started selling online way back in 2005, I advertised my very first booklet that I had printed at Kinkos on attraction marketing for $39.

The sales from this product were designed to do one thing… Immediately recoup 100%+ of my ad costs.

Once you do that, you’ve won.

At this point, your customers have just paid for 100% of your marketing costs, which means you can continue to advertise for free indefinitely, without spending money out of your pocket.

So let’s say that you were going to do something similar…

Each day you spend $100 dollars on ads and in return, you acquire 20 new email list subscribers.

When those 20 subscribers join your list, they’re offered the chance to buy your entry level product for $40.

Out of every 20 subscribers, 3 of them buy your product.

$40 x 3 = $120 in revenue.


You're Now Generating Leads & Sales Without Spending A Dime Out Of Your Pocket...

You’ve spent $100, and for that $100 you’ve gotten 20 new list subscribers, 3 new customers, and have generated $120 in revenue.

So not only are your leads free at this point, but you’ve got an extra $20 in your pocket at the end of the day.

Now the rules of the game have changed completely, because when you spend money, you’re making money.

So what if you started spending $1,000
per day on advertising instead of $100?

Well you’d have 200 new list subscribers, 30 new customers, and $1,200 in revenue, giving you $200 in profit.

If we add those numbers up for each month, that’s 6,000 new list subscribers per month, 900 new customers, and $6,000 in profit.

This is how professionals build massive lists within months instead of years.

This is how you can make money, without having to use your money, because your customers are essentially funding the campaign.

This is exactly what I did to go from waiting tables, to making 7-figures within 18 months.

And what’s really cool is that…

You Don't Even Need To Learn
The Traffic Piece Of This Puzzle...

Nope, you don’t have to spend months mastering Facebook or Google ads.

Instead, there are dozens of agencies out there that will run your campaigns for you.

I haven’t run my own traffic in years, and I introduce all of my students to the same agencies I use.

Now Speaking Of Getting Help From Other People…

That Brings Us To The Fourth And Final Secret That Can Instantly Change Everything For You…

There is no such thing as get rich quick because increasing your value to the world and learning new skills takes time, but there is such as thing as get rich quicker…


By finding a group of mentors who have already achieved what you want to achieve, who can tell you what to do, and what not to do, so you can start to produce results as fast as possible, while avoiding costly mistakes that you’d surely make without their guidance.

If I hadn’t had a mentor who was willing to finally talked some sense into me years ago, I would have wasted years of more time, money, and effort going in the wrong direction.

If I hadn’t had a mentor who introduced me to copywriting, I would have never been able to transform myself from the worst sales person in the world, to one of the best.

Still to this very day, I rely on mentors in my life and business. In fact I’ve paid over $60,000 per year just to be in two mastermind groups which allow me to constantly learn and grow as a business owner.

So if you want a real short cut… One that actually works and that can transform your life within months instead of years, surrounding yourself with people who can show you the way is the smartest move you can make.

In fact, here’s another great example of what can happen when you get the right guidance…

"How Mike Dillard Helped Me Become A Multi-Millionaire..."

(Results are not typical. You may do better or worse ) *Disclaimer

So these are the four big pivotal lessons I learned that dramatically changed my life forever, and that can do the same for you…

So What Do You Do Next?

Well the highest leverage move you can make that will transform your business and your life the fastest way possible, is to find a group of real mentors who are willing to share their knowledge with you, and follow their guidance.

If you already have a mentor in your life who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, then awesome. Dive in and go as deep as possible with them.

If you don’t have access to the right mentors, then I can help you with that. Myself, and 30 of the most successful business owners in the world got together and produced the most comprehensive mentoring program for new entrepreneurs, ever created. 

Now out of respect for you and the desire to come from a place of complete service in this training video today, I wanted to strictly focus on providing you with valuable content, so I’m not going to discuss that here.

But if you’re curious, and if you want to learn more about our Mentoring program for entrepreneurs and how it can help you, I’ve put a link below which will take you to a quick overview of the program, how it works, what you’ll learn, who it’s for, what it costs, and how to get started.

I can confidently tell you this… Mike Dillard Mentoring is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s not a course, or a class, or a product.

As soon as you see the other people involved, you’ll realize there’s nothing like it that exists anywhere in the world, and that it has the power to truly change your life if you’re ready to drop the get-rich-quick stuff, and receive a real education from real business owners.

We’re not gurus. We’re practitioners. 

Every single one of us started from scratch, and built our empires in all kinds of different industries. 

Either way, thank you for watching this today, and if you’d like to learn more about the mentoring program, just click the link below and I’ll see you on the next page.

What Current Students Have to Say...

“Mike has unequivocally changed my business and my life. By following Mike’s insights and advice, my business has grown from just a few hundred dollars per moth in revenue, into a 7 figure online business today! I strongly recommend you follow whatever Mike tells you to do!”

Curt Maly

“WWWwOOOOWWW!!!!!! Your training was nothing less than AMAZING Mike… And to think, it only get’s better from here!!!”

Jeremy Barnes

“I was a litte apprehensive joining this group since I’d never heard of Mike Dillard, but I thought I could at least try it out and see if it applies. I am blown away by how much value and relevant content there is for me personally. I have been in full beast mode in the last 7 days and have acquired some insane contracts that happened to come out of nowhere. Thank you for providing this place and cultivating a group of dreamers and schemers to succeed!!”

Judy Thureson

Hi Mike Dillard,
“I just want to say THANK YOU for all the no nonsense lessons that you’re sharing to us. I’m proud to say that being a part of your mentoring group has been one of best investments I had ever in my business.”

Mark Nemuel Argullo

“I just completed the first “Hangout” with you Mike. Wow, I can already tell this is going to be my #bestyearever Thanks Mike for being an incredible leader in the industry, So excited for what is to come!”

Mark Rojas

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