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With Help From The World’s Most
Successful Business Owners

Two years after receiving Mike’s mentorship, I was able to quit my job as an engineer and have created a company that has produced over $20 million in gross revenue...

(Fernando’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

I Build Professional Entrepreneurs:

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to achieve real success as an entrepreneur?

Right now, there are millions of people who are looking to start a business because of the disruptions that have taken place in 2020.

And there are millions more who have been trying to build a successful 6-7 figure business for years, but haven’t been able to do so.

You might fall into one of those categories, and if so, here’s why that’s the case…

Becoming an entrepreneur, and building a business that generates revenue every day isn’t an event, the result of a marketing system, or something you learn how to do by reading a book or two.

If you want to get paid like a professional and earn that kind of money, you have to become one.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you’ll be on the REAL path to success.

When I started down this path years ago, I was lost, and I was confused, but I was determined. 

I didn’t know who to listen to, and I didn’t know who was right. As a result of that, I spent five years bouncing from one business idea or opportunity to the next.

As you can imagine, I didn’t make a dime.


Because I thought I could buy my way to success without the mastery. 

Yes, I was learning about what to do, but I wasn’t diving in deep and truly mastering the skills I required to get the job done.  

Thankfully, I finally met a mentor who sat me down and gave me some tough love that changed my life forever…

He said, “ Mike, if you want to make $50,000/Mo (which was my life long goal at the time), you have to become someone who is capable of making $50,000 per month. Have you earned the right to do that? What skills have you mastered? ”

And that’s when it finally clicked, and I realized that I’d just been wasting my time trying to find a business gimmick that would make me rich, when the real trick to making money, was mastering the skills of marketing, sales, leadership, and business.

Let me give you an analogy that will drive this home for you once and for all…

The average Family Medicine doctor in the United States, makes $242,000 per year.

That’s just over $20,000 per month.

To make that kind of income, a Family Medicine doctor has to go to school for 10 years. 4 years of undergrad, 3 years of medical school, and 3 years of residency.

The average cost of that education is $170,000 in tuition.

So 10 YEARS of training, testing, and evaluation, and $170,000 in tuition, just to earn $20,000 per month.

But guess what…

The average person who wants to start an online business thinks they should be able to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on a handful of books and courses, and that they should expect to make $50,000 a month as a business owner a few months later.  


Because that’s what they’re being sold in ads and sales videos.

Well even if their story is true, those people are only showing you their moment of success.

They aren’t showing you the years of study and work it took to get to that point, because if they did, you probably wouldn’t buy their stuff.
Well what I was doing clearly wasn’t working, so I took my mentor’s advice, and I spent the next two years forgetting about the money, and I dedicated myself to learning how to become a professional entrepreneur…

Learning marketing, copywriting, and traffic.

Learning about business models, and how to sell. Learning about product creation, and mastering the online tools I’d need to build a business.

Learning how to build a large audience, and to create products that can solve their problems.

And Here’s What Happened...

Within 18 months, I went from five years of failure and waiting tables at a PF Changs, to building my first 7 figure business by the age of 27.

36 months later, that business grew to more than $6 million per year in revenue, and would eventually go on to produce $25 million in sales…

I started my second company a few years later, but because I’d taken the time to master the skills of business, there wasn’t any guess-work anymore. Medical school was over, and I’d graduated from “doctor”, to “surgeon.”

This time I launched a brand new company in a completely different industry, and we made $3.2 million in sales in our first 7 days…

Most startups, even with millions of dollars in VC funding don’t accomplish that in a year. 

I did it in one week with a single sales page. 

I’ve gone on to build an email list of more than 1,000 new subscribers per day… 

I started a podcast that’s been downloaded more than 6 million times, and that’s featured guests like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Seth Godin, Gene Simmons, and Tony Hawk.

I built the world’s first automated hydroponic farm with Dr. Peter Diamandis…

I’ve run simple email promotions for other people’s products that have produced up to $570,000 in commissions in a week… 

And most of all, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of other men and women with ambition, achieve their business goals as well.

How Mike Dillard Helped Me Build A $50+ Million Business...

(Brian’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

And all of this happened because I finally realized that money follows mastery.

Everyone you see making money in business has one thing in common…

They are one of the few who took the time to become a true professional at the game of business.

It’s like this…

Let’s say that your dream is to play in the NBA and make 7 figures.

Well if you If you think you can just read a few books and courses about playing basketball, and walk onto the court in the NBA with a 7 figure salary, you’re a sucker.

You have to do the work. You have to practice. You have to outperform the rest of your competition, and you have to have a what?

A great coach who can guide you. Ever seen a professional athlete, actor, musician, or world-class performer of any kind, make it to the top without a coach or mentor?

I haven’t either.

And yes, I was that sucker for 5 years.

Almost everyone goes through this phase because we all want to skip the work and head straight to victory lane. That’s a natural desire, but unfortunately reality doesn’t work that way.

You have to earn the right to make the kind of money you want to make, and the only way to do that is to dedicate yourself to this profession.

So let’s go ahead and assume that this makes sense.

“Ok Mike, I get it, and I want to master the game of business so I can earn the right and acquire the ability to make my dream income… What next?”

Great question….

When it comes to bridging that gap… From going from where you are today, to where you want to be as a business owner…

There Is Only One Shortcut That Works…

And that is by learning how to build a business from someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Trying to build a successful business within a mentor, is like trying to navigate a jungle without a guide.

You’re not going to survive.

But here’s something else that most experts or gurus out there won’t admit to you because it’s not in their best interest…

You’re Going To Need
More Than One Mentor...

You see, every successful entrepreneur, myself included, has their own area of expertise and mastery when it comes to the game of business.

My speciality is overall business strategy and marketing…

I am one of the best in the world when it comes to helping you come up with a simple idea for a business and for your product, and then how to create automated marketing campaigns that can sell millions of dollars worth of that product or service for you.

Here’s an example from one of my students, Brian Page…

What I Learned From Mike Helped Me Go From $0, To $5 Million In Sales Within 24 Months…

(Brian’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

But if you want to learn about Facebook Ads, or growing your social media following, there are better people to learn from, like Curt, who actually manages my Facebook ad campaigns because he’s one of the best in the world at that.

Here’s another example…

Yes, I could teach you the basics about setting up an LLC, and the legal disclaimers you need to have at the bottom of your website so you’re compliant with the FTC, but you’d be far better off learning about those topics from my actual business attorney.

So I decided that if I was ever going to take on a new group of mentoring students, I was going to create the most comprehensive, and valuable mentoring experience in the world, period.

And in order to do that, I would need to involve my colleagues and the experts that I personally rely on for the most important parts of my business and my life.

So that’s exactly what I did…

I called up my colleagues and friends who are some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there like Andy Frisella, Alex Charfen, Russell Brunson, Cameron Herold, Curt Maly, Christine Hassler, and Jordan Harbinger…

Hey, come down to Austin, let’s go all-in for the next generation of entrepreneurs out there…And let’s create something that will truly change people’s lives.

And I’m happy to say that every single one of them said yes.

More than 30 of the most successful business owners in the world including…

Andy Frisella, the founder of 1st Phorm Nutrition, Russell Brunson, the Founder of Click Funnels, and Ron Lynch who’s the marketing genius behind the initial launch of GoPro, and some of Samsung’s most successful campaigns.

Curt Maly and Jason Hornung flew in, and they are the ones who run all of the paid advertising campaigns for companies like mine, Digital Marketer, Mind Valley, and the San Antonio Spurs, to name just a few.

You’re going to learn how to take amazing Instagram photos from one of the most famous photographers in the world, Nick Onken who is the go-to photographer for people like Justin Bieber, Usher, and Jessica Alba, Nike and Adidas.

You’re going to learn how to write a New York Times Best-Selling book from the absolute authority on the subject, and who’s had three of his own personal books hit #1 on the New York Times Best-Sellers list, Tucker Max.

You’re even going to learn how to write and create sales videos that convert cold traffic into paying customers from the man who invented the video sales letter himself, my friend Jon Benson.

I’m just scratching the surface with this list, but I want to give you a sneak-peek at the caliber of leaders involved in Mike Dillard Mentoring because they are why this program is unlike anything else that exists.

Each of them flew across the country to Austin to produce an exclusive training session just for you, and the rest of the participants in this private mentoring program.

These aren’t interviews or book summaries. These are full-blown custom classes you cannot find anywhere else.

In fact, I personally spent over $500,000 in studio rental, film crews, and travel expenses to create this program for you.

Why? Because all of us have been where you are right now.

We know where you’re at, what your struggles are, and simply put, we believe in you, and we know what you’re capable of.

We KNOW that you can do it. You’re simply missing the information you need to take effective actions that will produce the results you want.

So Here’s How We’re Going To Guide You And Help You Transform Your Life…

Mike Dillard Mentoring  is a 12 month long program

Yep, we’re going to be working with you for an entire year.

Every single Monday for the next 52 weeks, I’m going to send you a brand new video training class that provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to build a profitable business, generate leads, sell your products automatically, and start to build wealth.

These training videos are delivered in a very specific order, and each one builds upon the next as we tackle your biggest challenges, solve them, and then move on to the next phase of your growth and development in a fully-guided manner.

Now if we zoom out a little bit, your curriculum is batched into six primary phases that we’re going to cover during our year together…

Phase 1: Clearing The Confusion Around Your Business Model… (6 Sessions)

One of the most difficult challenges that every new entrepreneur will face, is deciding on a business model.

Should you create and sell one product, or many? Should you create a digital course, a physical product, or sell coaching?

How much should you charge?

And what’s the best way to attract and acquire customers?

The choices you make here will make or break your company, but unless you have years of previous experience, all you can do is guess and hope for the best.

Well thankfully you won’t need to do that because I’m going to teach you how to create a business model that’s perfectly suited for your goal, and for the current state of the market.

What’s effective tends to change every few years, and things have definitely changed when it comes to selling products or services online recently.

So in Phase 1, Russell Brunson and I are going to kick things off by helping you choose a business model that’s simple, elegant, and that can provide you with the biggest returns with the least amount of time and effort no matter what kind of business you want to build.

During this process, we’re also going to teach you how to figure out which products and services your target audience wants to buy from you, before you actually create them.

There’s nothing worse than spending months creating a product, only to find out that no one wants to buy it, so we’re going to make sure you never have to experience that.

Now once we have your business model and your products defined, we’re going to teach you how to create a Vivid Vision for your business with the help of one of the most successful COO’s in the world, Cameron Herold who helped scale 800-Got-Junk to over $100 million in revenue using this same Vivid Vision process.

During this class, we’re going to create an incredibly clear vision document for every aspect of your company and your life.

As we do this, any confusion or fear that you’re feeling is going to melt away, and it’s going to be replaced with clarity, purpose, and excitement.

Not only is this Vision document critical to your personal success, but we’re also going to use it in your marketing campaigns to share your vision and mission with your prospects and team members.

And when you do this, something absolutely incredible will happen…

Your prospects and team members will start to buy into the passion you have for your vision and mission as well, and they will become raving fans and evangelists for your brand as a result.

So do you currently have a clearly defined Vivid Vision document for your company?

Are you confident that you’ve chosen the right business model that can work and produce a profit in today’s current market conditions?

Do you know which products your audience wants to buy from you, and how much to charge?

If not, then Phase 1 is going to provide you with the clarity and confidence you’ve been wanting…

Phase 2: Stop Self-Sabotage, And Create Daily Habits That Bring Your Goals To Life… (4 Sessions)

Now by the time we hit Phase 2, you’re going to have the perfect business model and Vision in place, and you’re going to be ready to bring it to life.

Unfortunately, this is where most people fail over and over again.

They hit a glass ceiling that prevents them from achieving success, and they can’t determine what the problem is.

For example…

Do you have trouble figuring out what your goals should be?

Do you suffer from a lack of self-confidence, overwhelm, or procrastination?

Have you started previous businesses in the past, but none of them have worked out?

Do you find it difficult to decide what you should work on each day, and how to prioritize everything you need to accomplish?

Do you need to establish an effective daily routine that you can realistically stick to?

If so, you’re not alone.

Training your brain to adopt a success mindset, and an effective daily routine that helps you get more done is less time, is absolutely critical to your success.

If you don’t have the right mindset and daily habits in place, then you’re going to fail, and you’re going to continue failing until you learn and master these concepts.

That’s why we’re going to solve these problems for you once and for all so that doesn’t happen to you here in Phase 2.

Phase 3: Marketing Mastery - How To Get Traffic, Generate 1,000+ Leads Per Day, And Sell Your Products On Autopilot. (13 Sessions)

Welcome to the heart of Mike Dillard Mentoring…

If you’ve ever struggled to get traffic, share your message, build a social media following, setup advertising campaigns, generate leads, or make sales through an automated marketing system, this phase of Mike Dillard Mentoring is going to change your life…

We’re going to spend a whopping 13 weeks teaching you absolutely everything when it comes to online marketing, lead generation, and sales so you can CRUSH your revenue goals this year

Specifically, you’re going to learn…

Every single one of these topics is a full-blown video lesson that I’ll be sending to you each week.

Week-by-week, you’re going to master online marketing in a way that you’ve never had the chance to do before as you learn from the best-of-the-best in the world.

Phase 4: How To Hire, Scale, And Create An Opportunity For Acquisition...

In Phase 4, it’s time to dive into company growth, culture, and hiring…

By this point your sales are starting to increase dramatically, and it’s time to start building a team to help you manage your growth.

If you’ve never had to hire a team, define your company culture, or manage people before, don’t worry… We’ve got you covered.

In Phase 4, you’re going to learn…

There’s a good chance that investors will start offering to write you a 7 or 8-figure check for your business at this point, but you’ll need to put several things in place NOW, to ensure you get the highest possible offer for your company.

There’s no need to sell, but we want to make sure you’re ready for that just incase you decide to cash-out and have an exit.

Phase 5: Investing, Asset Protection And Building Wealth...

Do you know what to do with the money that your business is going to make?

Do you have a plan in place to invest and protect it?

Do you have any idea how to protect yourself from lawsuits?

Or how to dramatically reduce your tax liabilities?

Then Phase 5 is going to rock your world…

During this portion of your mentorship, we’re going to teach you…

What if someone offers to write you a check to buy your business for $10MM? We’ll teach you what to do, and who you need to call to take advantage of their offer.

Finally, that brings us to Phase 6…

Phase 6: How To Create A Lasting Legacy, Avoid "Cycling", And Become Your Best Self...

Once you’re making money, you’re going to start to look at life differently…

You’re going to start thinking about legacy, giving back, and contributing to the world in new ways.

It’s going to give you a chance to look back at the successful leader you’ve become, and to make sure you’re truly happy with the life you’ve built.

In Phase 6, you’re going to learn…

Is that really a problem?

Yes. In fact, it’s so common that there’s a word for it…

It’s called, “cycling”.

You’ve made a full, “cycle” as an entrepreneur when you’ve made at least $1M, lost it, and then made it back.

I’ve cycled, and most of my colleagues have cycled at least once as well.

Why? Because you get so used to solving problems as you grow your business, that once there aren’t any problems left to solve, your subconscious will find a way to create them.

Why your brain does this goes pretty deep into neuroscience, so we’ll save that for the actual lesson, but I’ll just say this…

“Cycling” is not fun or something you’d want to go through, so we’re going to make sure you can identify these thought patterns as they start to arise, so you can stop them in their tracks.

This isn’t a topic that you’re going to hear about anywhere else, but program isn’t about feel-good fluff.

It’s about providing you with the raw, real, honest truth about what it takes to be a 7, 8, or 9 figure entrepreneur.

At this point, you’re 12 months of mentorship will come to an end…

During Our Time Together You’ll Have...

Mastered every aspect of building a profitable, successful business that has ideally, turned your annual income, into your monthly income.

You’ll have a growing customer base of people that love and value what you’ve created…

You’ll have a growing following on social media and you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself and your company as the authority in your niche…

Sales will be coming in daily through your automated marketing campaigns…

Your boss and the 9-5 grind will be gone, and you’ll be living life on your terms.

You’ll wake up every single day pinching yourself that you’re now getting paid to do what you truly love.

And the best part, is that you were able to achieve all of this years ahead of time because you made the simple decision to invest in this Mentoring program today.

As You Can See, Mike Dillard Mentoring Is Unlike Anything That’s Ever Been Created, Or That’s Available Anywhere In The World

So how can you get started, and what’s the price?

Now if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking, “man, an entire year of proprietary training from this caliber of entrepreneurs  has gotta cost at least $3,000 and $5,000 for the year!”

After all, most decent business training courses out there cost around $2,000…

You get the course which is usually about just one part of building a business, a pat on the back, and that’s it.

Well the good news is that this is different…

I created this Mentoring program for those of you who are just getting started when it comes to entrepreneurship.

It’s for those of you who are where I was when I was just getting started… You’re hungry, you’re filled with ambition, you’re committed, and you’re ready to learn and take action, but… You’re probably also on a budget.

So the opportunity to enroll in Mike Dillard Mentoring For Entrepreneurs isn’t $5,000, or even $2,000.

In fact, you can get started right now for just $97 per month.

Yep, that’s it… But hang tight because it’s about to get even better…

Two of the most important qualities of any successful entrepreneur, is that they’re committed, and they’re decisive.

This is a 12 month long mentoring program. 

Every week leads into the next week in a very specific and intentional order, so I want you to signup with the intention that you’re going to be an active participant for the next year because that’s how you’re going to extract 100% of the value from this program.

Taking the annual option is a solid sign of your commitment level to me, and to yourself as well. You’re telling your brain and your subconscious that you’re not going to try this, you’re going to do this, and you’re committing to the entire year.

I want to give you an extra incentive to commit to the program for the entire year, so this week…

I'm Going To Give You 6 MONTHS FOR FREE!

That Means You Can Participate In The Entire 52 Week Mentoring Program For Just One Single Payment of $597!

But that’s not all…

Whether you choose the monthly option, or the annual, this is a completely safe investment for you to make in yourself because you can get started right now, without any risk what-so-ever for the next 30 days.

Go through the first month of the program, watch all four of your first weekly training sessions, and if you’re not completely blown away, you can cancel your spot in the group and we’ll send you a full refund, no-questions-asked.

Now what if you choose the monthly payment option, and you’re a few months into the program and you decide that it’s just not right for you?

No problem. There are no contracts here. You can cancel your membership at anytime during the next 12 months and you’ll never be billed again.

And by the way, in addition to that $400 discount off the annual membership you can get today, I have a few more surprises for you…

My #1 priority is to make sure you’re consuming these training sessions each week and applying what you learn, because that’s how you’re going to get results.

So I’m going to give you a giant incentive to do that…

Throughout the year, we’ve setup a few milestones and bonuses for you that you’ll automatically unlock as you complete the training sessions, and the first one alone is worth $1,000.

What is it?

We’ll we’ve talked about the importance of learning how to sell a few times during this video. 

Personally, it is the key to everything when it comes to building a profitable business, and it’s also one of the biggest initial hurdles for new entrepreneurs to overcome because there’s a very good chance that you’ve never really learned how to sell online.

So your reward for completing the first two months of this mentoring program, I’m going to give you access to my entire “7-Figure Sales Presentations” Copywriting Master Class for free.

BONUS 1: Get My 7-Figure Sales Presentation Masterclass ($997 Value) FOR FREE!

Thousands of students have paid $997 for this course which will give you access to all of my best marketing campaigns, webinars, and sales video scripts, along with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own sales video or webinar that will sell your products and services for you automatically.

“ What I Learned From Mike Helped Me Go From $0 To $5 Million In Sales Within 24 Months...”

(Brian’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

“ Mike's Copywriting Course Helped Us Go From $0, To More Than $150,000 Per Month...”

(Galen’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

As you can see, this 7FSP Master Class changed Brian and Galen’s lives, and it can be yours for free…

Stick with us for at least two months, watch the classes, and I’m going to give you access to the entire $1,000 course so that you can learn and use the exact same automated sales system that I’ve used to make over $60 million in revenue from my laptop.

And that brings us to our second bonus…

Learn How To Build A Large Audience And Email List - FAST...

This bonus is really special for two reasons…

In addition to learning how to master sales and copywriting in 7FSP, the second most important skill that you must absolutely master to build a successful business today, is learning how to build a large audience and email list.

Your email list is the most valuable asset you will ever own as a business owner.

Yes, it’s even more valuable than a large social media following because you own and control it. 

It’s a virtual distribution channel that you can use to generate cash on demand anytime you’d like, and no one can take it away from you, or shut your account down.

Well the most successful Master Class that I’ve ever produced, is called List-Grow…

As the name implies, List-Grow will teach you how to build an entire online business from scratch that’s designed to help you to generate up to 1,000 leads per day or more, or not cost, or even with a profit.

This list-building system is how I’ve generated over 1 million subscribers during my career, and it’s how I’m to make over $570,000 in a single week, just by sending a few emails letting my readers know about products and services that I personally use and love… 

BONUS 2: Get My List Grow 2.0 Masterclass ($1,497 Value) FOR FREE!

Well as I mentioned before, decisiveness is a required quality when it comes to entrepreneurship so if you’re willing to invest in yourself and join Mike Dillard Mentoring here today, I’m going to give you my $1,497 List-Grow Master Class for free as a bonus.

And yes, that’s the real-world price that thousands of students have paid to get access to this information, which is why I’m only willing to offer it as a bonus this one and only time.

It doesn’t matter if you choose the monthly option, or the annual… When you get started here in Mike Dillard Mentoring, I’m going to give you access to the entire List-Grow Master Class for free.

So if you’re ready to get started, just click the link below to enroll in Mike Dillard Mentoring and we’ll begin immediately.

Week 1 with myself and Russell Brunson is already up and waiting for you to watch the moment you login…

So Let’s Go Through A Quick Recap Real Fast…


Mike dillard mentoring (Value : $5,000)

When you join Mike Dillard Mentoring today, you’re going to start a 12 month journey together with myself, and a carefully selected team of some of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the world who are going to give you an unprecedented education in every single aspect of building a 7 or 8 figure business.

During our year together, you’re going to receive 52 proprietary classes that are delivered to you once per week in a very specific order, so you’ll have the right information you need to move forward and make progress, step-by-step, at just the right time.

You can achieve your business goals quickly with help, or slowly on your own.

The entire reason we created Mike Dillard Mentoring, is to provide you with the only shortcut in the world that actually works when it comes to building a business… 

And that shortcut is learning the ropes from those of us who’ve already accomplished what you want to accomplish, so that you can avoid the mistakes we’ve already made, and so you can get the results you want to achieve, infinitely faster than trying to do this business thing all on your own.


40% discount, save $4,400!

You’re going to get a massive discount off the normal price…

The 12 month mentoring program is a $5,000 value, but as I mentioned earlier, we’re going to offer you a massive discount today.

Which means you can get started for just $97 per month, or you can get 6 months free if you signup for the entire year for just one single payment of $597 during the special offer that’s only available right now.

That’s a massive savings of $4,400.


List-grow master class, for free! (value : $1,500)

If you join here today, I’m going to give you access to my $1,500 List-Grow Master Class, for free.

This is an unprecedented offer that I have never made before, and it’s only
available this week.


7 Figure sales presentaions, For free! (value : $1,000)

You’re going to have an opportunity to get my second Master Class… “7-Figure Sales Presentations” which will teach you how to create a sales letter, video, and webinar that sells your products and services for you automatically, for free as well the moment that you complete the first 8 weeks of the program.


30 days risk free money, back guarantee

I want to make sure the decision to join this life-changing mentoring program is a completely safe and risk-free decision for you, so your membership comes with a 30-day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.

Which means you can get started right now, take advantage of the opportunity to get my List-Grow Master Class for free as a bonus, and then go through the entire first month of the mentoring program without any concerns what-so-ever.

In total, that’s over $7,500 in value, and an entire year of exclusive mentorship from myself and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and you can get all of it right now, for as little as $97.

As you can see, Mike Dillard Mentoring is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, and there’s nothing in the world that comes close to the education it’s going to give you, and the time and money it’s going to save you.

At the end of the day, in order to raise your value to the world and others, you must first invest in yourself.

If you want to make more money, you have to increase your personal value level to the world, and that’s going to require you to invest in new knowledge and information, which is exactly what we’re delivering to you right here, right now in Mike Dillard Mentoring.

Whatever your dream is, you can do it. 

I know you can, and the rest of your mentors in this program know you can as well, because we were all where you are at one point in our lives…

That’s why the world brought us together, it’s why you’re watching this video.

You put those desires out into the universe, and guess what? 

You’re now in front of an entire team of business rock stars who are here to help you accomplish your goals and change your life.

So at this point you’ve watched this entire presentation…

You know that learning from mentors who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish is the biggest real shortcut to success in the world…

And by now I’m sure it’s crystal clear to you that Mike Dillard Mentoring is the single best way to get that kind of help that has ever been created.

So choose the option that works best for you below while the annual discount, and the free List-Grow bonus is still available, and let’s begin our 12 month journey right here, right now, together.


Mike Dillard

Simply Put, There Is Nothing Else Like Mike Dillard Mentoring Anywhere In The World.

When people are ready to stop treating their business like a hobby, and turn it into their profession, they go through this program, and what has essentially become a right of passage.

(Robbie’s results are not typical) *Disclaimer

Then Mike Dillard Mentoring Is Exactly
What You’ve Been Looking For.

“I decided to launch my new fitness coaching program after I started the Mentoring program,
and I sold out with just 1 email using what I’ve learned in Mike Dillard Mentoring!”

Mike Jotautas

“I’ve spent years searching for a business mentor. I can say hands down that you are the most inspirational and helpful person that I’ve ever come into contact with…”

James Pearson

“This program helped me create a vivid vision for my company, my staff, and my clients that has been priceless. My 17 year old son started going through the program, and he’s absolutely hooked, and it’s completely changed his life. This is an absolute no brainer for anyone thinking about joining.”

Angelo Loanides

“Mike provides a step-by-step system to follow along. I wasn’t lot, confused, or overwhelmed.
I just followed the plan as he laid it out, and it’s been a game-changer for me and my business…”

Akshay Nanavati

“I was always hoping and praying that I could find a blueprint, and someone who could show me how to get from A to Z. When I joined Mike Dillard Mentoring, the light-bulb went off! Someone finally figured this out and gave us all the information we need to get the direction we need to build a successful business.”

Blake Staring

“Mike Dillard knows everything you need to know about running an online business… From creating your own vision, to scaling your 8 figure business. If you’re considering Mike’s Mentoring program, jump in! He over-delivers. Get in the program!”

Keili Raven


“The “Inbox Branding” lesson you taught was amazing. I watched it four times back-to-back! There has been countless gems in the 20 weeks that I’ve been in the program so far.”

MJ Worthmore

“I think this is a GREAT resource for someone new entering the entrepreneur space. All in all, this is a great program for someone who wants to get a full understanding of how an online business can start, grow, and succeed. “

Christian Morillo

“This mentoring program is life-changing. I’m so thankful for it! He’s changed my life, and he can change yours as well…”


“My opinion about Mike Dillard’s mentoring program…”

Ranbir Puar

“My opinion about Mike Dillard’s mentoring program…”


“Don’t Join Mike Dillard Mentoring Until You See This…”

Sarah Christine

“This Helped Me Build A Great Marketing Funnel For The First Time…”


“Mike Dillard Mentoring really helped me think bigger about my business model and the opportunities that are available. It’s really forced me to think differently about the products we sell on Amazon…”

Andy Smetana

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