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Day 10: The One Thing – How To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity

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About This Lesson:

Hey Mike Dillard here and welcome to Week 10!

I can tell you from experience, that building a successful business is actually pretty simple.

Think of it like building your dream home out of bricks.

I want you to imagine a beautiful plot of land, and on that piece of land, are 100,000 bricks laying scattered on the ground.

Now in order to take these bricks and turn them into a home, we simply need to choose 3-5 of them every day, and start to stack them up in the right place.

If you do that consistently everyday for the next 3-5 years, you’ll end up with your dream home.

It’s not sexy, and it certainly takes patience, but at the end of the day, this is how businesses are built. These 3 to 5 bricks are an analogy for the tasks that you need to accomplish on a daily basis.

This is how products are created, this is how marketing campaigns get built, and this is how goals are achieved.

But here’s the big question that you’ll need to learn to answer on a daily basis…

Which tasks should you work on, and which tasks should you save for another day?

What’s the priority, and what can wait?

And here’s another question…

Should you be the person accomplishing these tasks and laying these bricks, or should they be outsourced to someone else?

Well when you’re looking at a pile of thousands of bricks, figuring that out can be overwhelming, stressful, and just plain confusing. It can cause us to become reactionary instead of thoughtful and strategic.

And if you spend your time on the wrong tasks too often, it could literally kill your business.

So how do we handle this? How do we choose the right tasks to pursue everyday, and how do we make sure they get done? How do we get rid of confusion and overwhelm, and replace them with clarity and focus?

Well today you’re going to learn a simple system developed by a multi-billion dollar company, that will allow you to do exactly that.

Jay Papasan and Geoff Woods helped create a system called, “The One Thing” for their company, Keller Williams.

Last year, Keller Williams sold over $400 Billion in real estate around the world, and the One Thing System they’re going to teach you today, is what they use to accomplish the tasks that matter most.

These two Austinite’s are two great friends of mine, and amazing humans that are about to completely change your life today, so without further ado, please welcome Jay Papasan, and Geoff Woods.


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