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Day 11: Legal Basics For New Business Owners

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About This Lesson:

You can do a lot of things, but you probably can’t ensure legal compliance in every aspect of your business.

Unfortunately, most new business owners think they can.

As a result, they wind up in costly lawsuits. Or they lose rights to their intellectual property. Or they’re surprised with a visit from an unhappy IRS agent.

Well that’s fine if you have copious amounts of money, time, and patience., but it’s not going to work if you want to actually build a business.

If you want to grow your business and stay out of the courtroom, you need to identify your company’s legal needs and tackle each of them head-on.

Joey Leak is a well-known attorney whose corporate practice includes providing counsel to entrepreneurs in all areas of business, and he’s here today to show you exactly how to operate, grow, and thrive in your business while keeping everything completely legal. .

In today’s lesson with Joey, you’ll:

  • Identify the legal needs of your business. You’ll understand what you need versus what can wait until later. Joey also reveals what you can and can’t do without an attorney.
  • Know exactly what type of entity your business should be and when you should set it up. You’ll also recognize how each type of entity can affect your taxes and what protections each offers.
  • Learn what documents and agreements you need when starting a business. You’ll learn the three documents you need right away. You’ll also hear how to define your deal with partners and how to tackle problems you may encounter.
  • Discover how to protect your business’ assets and intellectual property. Learn the four types of intellectual property and how to protect them from being copied.
  • Recognize the differences between employees and contractors. As you’re about to learn, there is one distinguishing question you can ask to determine whether someone is your employee or an independent contractor.
  • See a beginner-friendly checklist for creating client contracts.This checklist will run you through all of the features and characteristics you need to consider before ever providing goods or services for clients.
  • And finally, you’ll understand exactly what type of lawyer you should consult. You’ll also learn the situations where an attorney isn’t necessary and alternatives to hiring one.

If you’re ready to cross your T’s and dot your I’s to ensure legal compliance, this lesson is for you. Join us now to protect yourself and your business for the future.


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