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Day 15: Persuasion Triggers: Tapping Into The 4 States Of Your Customer’s Buying Brain

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About This Lesson:

This is it… The big moment… You’ve spent hours writing a carefully crafted email that you’re about to send to your readers with an exciting offer for your brand new product.

You hit send, and then it happens… Crickets.

The entire day goes by, and you don’t make a single sale.

Why? What happened? What did you do wrong?

Well today you’re going to learn how to solve that problem once and for all as Jon Benson teaches you how to write marketing emails that convert.

Jon is one of the best copywriters in the world, and in fact, he invented the “video sales letter”.

The copywriting formula you’re about to learn today has already helped other entrepreneurs sell $100’s-of-billions of products online, and it will completely transform the results you get from your marketing efforts.

Watch this class to learn:

  • How to identify and solve your biggest email challenges. Jon will teach you three most common problems marketers face when it comes to selling online, and how to conquer them.
  • Why it’s important to provide customers with emotional escapism. Jon explains the three powerful psychological techniques to build escapism, and he shows you how to use them to skyrocket your sales.
  • How to trademark your branding. You’ll learn how to coin phrases and leverage the power of storytelling in a powerful, efficient way. Using this strategy ensures that customers believe in you, your brand, and what you’re offering.
  • The exact formula you can implement as soon as today. This is a 4-step process that hundreds of professional copywriters have utilized so that they can catapult click-through rates and escalate conversions.
  • And finally, transform your entire approach to marketing by recognizing the four states of the buyer’s brain and tapping into all of them prior to a sale.

If you want to write copy that propels your profits, watch this incredible class with Jon Benson now.


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