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Day 16: How To Generate $419,752 In Sales, In Just 7 Days With Email Marketing…

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Welcome back!

Last week Jon Benson gave you an incredible crash course on persuasion using the written word, and as I mentioned, this is so important because every single step you want your prospects to take, must be sold, and learning how to write persuasive copy is the key to doing exactly that.

Well today I’m back in front of the camera to walk you through a detailed marketing case study that will demonstrate how valuable building an email list can be…

In fact, I’m going to walk you through a four-part email campaign that produced $419,752 in commissions in a single week.

Yep, I wrote four emails, and generated almost $500,000 in revenue in 7 days.


Well most people think you just need a “big list”.

Sure, size matters. But there’s something else that matters even more… Something that you need to understand and that you can start using TODAY, that’s responsible for 99% of those results.

I’m going to walk you through this campaign email by email, and an irresistible offer that very few people have the courage to use.

And by the way…

I’ve also included copies of a second email campaign below that produced $570,000+ in sales in a single week for your swipe file and future reference…


Mike Dillard 


Crypto Email 1

Crypto Email 2

Crypto Email 3

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