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Day 2: How To Understand Your Personality Type And Create Momentum

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About This Lesson:

Many entrepreneurs have a sense of being different than most of the other people around them. Maybe you’ve been labeled an oddball, a troublemaker, or unruly. You’ve felt different or somehow set apart from your peers most of your life. You have an intrinsic need to challenge the status quo and redesign things. You like teaching or leading but hate most social settings. And I’ll bet that you’re constantly thinking about things that happened in the past, or things that you would like to see happen in the future. How do I know all of this? Because it’s how most entrepreneurs are wired. We are literally wired differently than the majority of the people in the world. Many of us, myself included had a hard time fitting in, in school. I was bullied all the time growing up, and I just didn’t understand why. But looking back now as an adult, it’s pretty obvious… I looked at the world, and interacted with it in a different way that other kids just didn’t understand, and the more entrepreneurs you talk to, the more you’ll find that many had a similar experience. Now the good news is that being different can be extremely fulfilling because it allows you to create what others barely dream of, but it can also be isolating and challenging when you’re misunderstood, lack support, or try to fit into a system built for everyone else. Well today I get to introduce you to my friend Alex Charfen, and Alex is going to teach you about the EPT, or Entrepreneurial Personality Type. Alex is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the world, and he’s as master at teaching other entrepreneurs like you how to setup systems and processes to help you build and scale your team and your company. And the foundation of doing that successfully, starts by understanding yourself and how you operate. Once you understand how you work best, you can design your life and your business in a way that helps you stay in momentum and flow which is when our magic happens. It’s when we create things that change the world, and when we feel at our absolute best. In this lesson with Alex:
  • Learn what it means to be an Evolutionary Hunter or Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) and the unique gifts you have to offer the world.
  • Discover how to focus on your attributes, not your deficits, so you can create the kind of life and business you want for yourself.
  • Understand how your need to be in momentum drives your behaviors and perspectives, and how to get into it.
  • Learn the ways society stifles EPTs and how you can remove yourself from constraints and negative situations to stay in positive forward motion.
There is a very good chance that you’re going to get a little emotional as you watch this amazing lesson. I know I did when I first heard it, because you’re probably going to feel more understood today than you ever have before in your life. So get ready to take some notes. Make sure you print out the worksheets located below on this page, and please welcome my friend Alex Charfen


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