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Day 24: The Simple Way To Track Your Company’s Key Metrics

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About This Lesson:

If you’re building a company, you need to know your numbers, period.

Typically referred to as, “metrics”, these are the critical pieces of information that make up your company’s navigation system or dashboard.

Your dashboard will provide you and your team with a quick and easy way to access all of the data you need in one simple place.

Information like the amount of traffic you’re website is getting, how many leads you’re producing, your sales and refunds, and your cost to acquire a new customer..

Without this data, you’re flying blind.

In this lesson with Jarrod, you’ll…

  • Learn how to identify what is limiting growth in your business. You’ll understand what is holding you and your company back using a simple analogy called “Bill’s Pipes.”
  • Identify the exact steps needed to put money into your bank account. You’ll discover your “Path to Profit” and how to apply it to your business funnel.
  • Learn how to measure the success of your campaign. Many people overlook this one critical step, which leads to lost money. Jarrod shows you the precise metrics to use track to drive growth, sustainability, and predictability in business.
  • How tools like Graphly can help you easily track your numbers. You’ll learn how to measure movement in all areas of the buying process, and you’ll understand why it matters.
  • And finally, learn strategies for building and maintaining recurring income. You’ll want to understand why people stay loyal or part from your company, and Jarrod shows you how to track these metrics while lessening the numbers of attrition.

If you’re ready to crush it and become a data ninja, click play to watch now..


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