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Day 29: How To Hold Highly Effective Meetings

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About This Lesson:

When’s the last time you genuinely looked forward to a company meeting?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you see meetings as little more than a necessary evil.

Well, Cameron Herold is here to show you how you can hate meetings less.

When meetings aren’t done correctly, they can drain the life out of your team.

When done well, everyone is better for it.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll know how to turn sucky and inefficient meetings into time that helps everyone become more productive and effective.

In this lesson with Cameron:

  • How often should you meet? How long should your meetings last? Who should attend? You’ll learn the answers to these foundational questions and more…
  • Discover the four key components needed to make your meetings a success.
  • Understand the three different modes of communication in a meeting (sharing, creative discussion, consensus decision) and when to use each.
  • Learn when you are better off NOT attending a meeting and can just as well send an email.
  • Is someone always dominating the discussion? You’ll learn how to identify the four different personality types in your meetings and how to engage their best traits.
  • Should you use virtual conference services? Speaker phones? Whiteboards? Discover collaboration tools that can help you get the most out of your meetings, and which you should avoid.

If you’re ready to learn how to run your meetings like a Silicon-Valley startup, hit play on this lesson with Cameron Herold now.



  • “A lot of conflict and miscommunication can happen when you depend exclusively on written communication.” – Herold
  • “The reality is we need to have face-to-face time with another human being to get our point across sometimes.” – Herold

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