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Day 35: How To Build Your Company For Acquisition

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About This Lesson:

Think of selling your business like fly fishing.

If your fly is on the water and there’s one fish looking at it, that fish has all the time in the world to inspect the fly.

On the other hand, if there are three fish looking at that same fly, they’re all thinking the same thing: I’ve got to eat that fly before those other fish do.

That tension is what you’re after.

That tension creates the highest sales price for you.

Today’s guest is here to show you how to create that tension. He’ll teach you how to transform one dollar into five and how to strategize so you can avoid the common pitfalls and stressors that accompany selling a company.

Join this lesson with Robert Hirsch to get the 5-step process that will help you prepare to sell in the smart way and make two or three times your earnings.

In this lesson with Robert:

  • Learn the #1 biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when selling a business. If there’s one thing you take away from this lesson, this should be it. (Hint: You’ll discover how to turn every dollar you earn into $3 to $5 of revenue.)
  • Selling a business isn’t a one-time sale. It’s a process, and Robert teaches you how to nail that process.
  • Know the five key points to selling your business for maximum value. Get the biggest check of your life by keeping these critical tips in the forefront of your mind.
  • Position your business for the highest profit possible. You’ll learn Robert’s surefire strategy for maximizing your revenue by using the Biggest Earnings Multiple.
  • Maximize deal momentum so that your sale stays on track. You’ll discover the exact step-by-step method that Robert uses to ensure a deal doesn’t go south.
  • And finally, make an offer that’s impossible to refuse. Today you’ll learn the secrets to creating deal tension so that you walk away with the best offer of your life. (The best part? Robert has already spent years working out the details so that you don’t have to.)

If you’re ready to throw out tired ideas of building a business and want to walk away with the most profitable offer possible, tune in now for an amazing lesson with Robert Hirsch.


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