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Day 36: How To Buy A Business

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About This Lesson:

If you have a special skill set and know how to operate a business, this lesson is for you.

Although many people turn to the stock market when they want to invest, doing so is often a mistake.

Why? The pool of potential buyers is incredibly slim.

Buying a business, on the other hand, can be extremely profitable and the pool of prospective buyers is incredibly huge.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself: Should I build or should I buy?

Today’s guest is here to help you answer that question.

Robert Hirsch, founder of Raincatcher, will show you a shortcut to the growth process. His approach is a surefire way to fast-track to profits and gain invaluable insight in the meantime.

Robert is a successful serial entrepreneur who runs a thriving matchmaking service for entrepreneurs who want to sell and buy a business.

In this lesson with Robert, you’ll:

  • Learn what to look for when buying a company. Robert weighs in on the top benefits of buying a company versus building one. He also explains the most important qualities to look for when choosing to make a purchase.
  • Identify the key players who should be on your team. Buying a business shouldn’t be a solo venture. Discover the most important hires you should make to wrangle an optimum deal.
  • Find out how to buy a company without writing a huge check. You’ll understand the two things many entrepreneurs miss when considering a purchase, and you’ll discover how keeping them in the forefront of your mind saves you money.
  • And finally, you’ll learn the three most important things to always consider before stepping foot into a sales negotiation.

If you’re debating between buying and building, this informative lesson with Robert Hirsch is calling your name. Click play to unveil a powerful process for acquiring a company that practically ensure you won’t make a mistake.


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