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Day 4: Create Your Company’s Vivid Vision

Day 4 Lesson Progress:


About This Lesson:

You’re entrepreneurial dreams can only grow as large as your vision will take them, so you’d better make sure you craft it carefully…

While most Founders have a clear vision for their company floating around in their minds, many neglect to document and share that vision with their team.

As a result, employees and others who interact with your company will lack clarity, focus, and eventually lose passion for the mission.

If you’re going to grow and succeed, your team must have a Vivid Vision to rally behind.

Creating a Vivid Vision will attract the right team members and customer to you. It will align your team around a unified mission, and it will help you, as the Founder, to think BIGGER.

In this lesson with Cameron Herold, you’ll learn to create and share your Vivid Vision so that everyone in your company can help you bring it to life…

In this lesson with Cameron:

  • Visualize what your business can and will look like in the near future.
  • Learn the best way to create your vision for maximum impact.
  • Understand why it’s critical to share your Vivid Vision with everyone involved in your business, including shareholders, suppliers, customers, and employees.
  • Discover how to build and execute a plan to achieve your vision.

Once your Vivid Vision is complete, share it with Cameron at

Ready to create an amazing vision for your future? Watch this lesson with Cameron Herold now…


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