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Day 7: Become A Goal-Crushing Productivity Monster

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Welcome to week 7 gang!

This week we’re going to begin our dive into goal-setting, morning routines, and mindset because all three of them are required foundational pieces that you’ll need to master in order to start producing radical new changes in your life.

Once we have this critical foundation in place, we’ll take a deep dive into marketing, lead generation, traffic, social media, and all of the really fun stuff I can’t wait to teach you.

Now as for today, about five years ago I was a part of a special peer group here in Austin Texas. Every month, 14 of us would get together and talk about business, life, money, investing, and making an impact on the world.

There are less than 500 members of this organization world-wide, who control over $50 Billion in investable assets.

Well one of the gentlemen I had a chance to meet, and whom I’ve become close friends with every since, is David Osborne.

David has an absolutely fascinating story filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations, but despite those challenges, he’s managed to build one of the top 10 real estate brokerages in the country.

In fact, his business did over $8 billion in home sales last year alone. He as the private jet, the lake house, and everything in between.

So how did he do it?

How did this high-school dropout achieve that kind of success in life, and how can you follow in his foot-steps? Well it was all about a goal-setting system he created that he’s applied to every single area of his life, from money, to health, to his marriage and relationships.

David lives by this system, and I think the results speak for themselves!

This lesson is one of those rare opportunities to learn from someone who’s figured out how to win in every aspect of life, so pay attention and keep taking those notes…

Now without further ado, please welcome David Osborne


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