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Day 48: How To Get Your Needs Met In A Relationship

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About This Lesson:

Ever simmer in resentment as your needs aren’t met?

Ever expect your partner to be a mind reader?

Ever been guilty of dismissing your partner’s efforts with statements like, “Oh, you’re just doing that because I asked you to”?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is a resounding YES.

Unfortunately, these habits often lead us down a rabbit hole of shame and blame, two absolute killers in a healthy relationship.

Adam Gilad, relationship coach to men and women across the world, shows you how to go from these destructive patterns to something much more healthy and productive. If you question how to ask for — and get — what you need in a relationship, watch this lesson now.

In this lesson of Mike Dillard, you’re going to discover:

  • How to create a happy, communicative adult relationship. Adam explains the exact formula you can use today to get what you want without generating friction. (The best part? It takes less than 10 minutes to go through the whole process.)
  • What you can do to immediately defuse a situation. You’ll learn the three ways to approach a complaint in order to achieve the results you want.
  • How to make a request for a behavior change without setting off an argument. You’ll discover the precise language you can use when requesting a change that won’t shame or blame your partner.
  • And finally, you’ll get a “beginner friendly” checklist you should use when asking for a change. This checklist will run you through all of the steps for success, including how to respond when your partner actually does what you’re asking.

Get exclusive access to this podcast right now by clicking play to learn how to garner what you want out of a relationship.


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