About six weeks ago, I made this quick little post on Facebook suggesting that if you don’t currently own Bitcoin or Ethereum, now would be the time to buy some…

Since then, Bitcoin has risen to more than $14,000 as of today.

But what really caught my attention was the number of people who left comments asking where they could learn more about Bitcoin, or how to buy some…

Sometimes I still forget how early we are when it comes to this industry and asset class, so I’m dedicating this entire week to bringing everyone up to speed on this technology, and why I believe, (and an increasing number of others), that crypto assets represent the investment opportunity of our lifetime.

In fact, I predict that the price of Bitcoin will peak somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 within the next 24 months.

That represents a 650% to 1,630% (6-16x) gain in just 1 to 2 years.

The opportunity is several “alt-coins” like Ethereum are even larger…

Today, Ethereum is trading at $441.

I predict it will touch $10,000 during this same bull cycle, which would be a 2,200% gain. (22x)

Other smaller projects will dwarf those numbers, and investors who are paying attention to this space will see 100x gains within the next 24 months.

Why am I so confident in these numbers?

Well I’ve been investing in Bitcoin since 2013 when it was $75.00.

I started buying Ethereum in early 2017 at $7.00.

I’ve already been through two previous crypto bull markets, so I’ve LIVED and experienced these kinds of gains already.

Crypto assets have been the single best investment of my life, and I believe they could be the same for you as well… Ifyou act soonand with an experienced guide.

With that being said, you must approach this asset with discipline and respect.

During the last bull market in 2017, investors saw Bitcoin rise from $1,000, to $20,000 in 12 months.

MANY people put far too much money into the asset. They bought it with credit cards, and some people even took out 2nd mortgages on their home.

They treated it like a lottery ticket. They didn’t know what they were doing, they didn’t sell at the top.

Unfortunately, many did sell after the price came back down over the past two years, and lost their shirts in the process.

Any investment made without a certain level of information or knowledge is nothing more than gambling.

My goal this week is to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make a responsible decision for yourself.


Because I personally believe that the single worst investment you could make in crypto right now, is $0.

In my opinion, not being aware, and not being involved, (even just a little bit), would be an insanely expensive mistake.

So let’s start with a little background and context for everyone by answering a very simple question…

“What is Bitcoin?”

Over the past 15 years, technological development has started to increase at an exponential rate.

Liner progress is fairly simple for people to see and understand, but exponential progress can start to warp the mind and confuse people.

When the human brain gets confused, it tends to shut down or redirect its attention to something else it understands.

This exponential increase in technological development in the past 10 years alone is starting to result in what I’m personally calling, “alien technology.”

I don’t mean that literally of course, but these new technologies are so advanced, they are capable of creating an “extinction event”, that will decimate any current competitors or technologies in their industry.

Imagine if an alien race landed on earth…

Their technology would be so superior to ours, that they could wipe us out in an instant if they chose to.

From a business perspective, there are 3 “alien” technologies or businesses that I’m paying very close attention to…

Their technology is so advanced, and is continuing to advance at such an exponential rate, that they will wipe out the existing competition within the next decade.

Those who are paying attention see it coming, and have moved their money accordingly.

Those who are not, will find that their money has ended up in the hands of those who did.

Elon Musk owns two of them…

The first is Tesla.

99% of the world still thinks Tesla is just an electric car company. It’s not.

It is soooooo much more than that.

Here are the 5 reasons why Tesla is going to make the traditional car industry obsolete, the same way the Ford Model T did with the horse and buggy.

1: Tesla isn’t manufacturing cars, they are manufacturing fully autonomous robots… The first in the world.

We all thought the first robots would look kinda like us.

But they ended up looking like cars.

Last month, Tesla released their full self-driving beta. And it works.

Fully autonomous cars are here, and the other 1.3 million Teslas currently on the road will be “brought to life” within months.

This will allow Tesla to become a “transportation as a service” business overnight, as 1+ million vehicles can be turned into autonomous taxis with the click of a button.

Uber and Lyft will be the first major casualties because the price of a “ride share” in an automated Tesla will cost around 80% less than an Uber.


Because there isn’t a fleet of human drivers to pay, service, or support.

The next will be the national trucking and transportation industry thanks to the autonomous Tesla Semi.

Tesla’s full self-driving AI will continue to improve at an exponential rate, while other “competitors” are still trying to get a few prototypes on the road for testing.

But Uber and Lyft aren’t the only companies about to be wiped out…

Traditional car manufacturers themselves are done.

Their manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain, profit margins, labor costs, service costs, and sales model will make it impossible for them to compete against the Tesla “alien” that’s now spreading its roots on Earth.

2: As of this year, Tesla is manufacturing cars in a completely new way that is reducing build cost and complexity 60-80%.

Tesla’s newest Giga-Factories in Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin, are truly revolutionary…

For example, a traditional car frame can take up to 700 separate parts and welds to complete.

Tesla’s new “mega-casting” technology being used in these new factories will allow them to cast the entire car frame with just two parts. The cost savings and increase in efficiency will make it impossible for traditional manufacturers to compete.

It’s as if you’re selling this mobile phone for $10,000…

While Apple is offering the iPhone at $600.

They’re the next BlackBerry or Palm Pilot. Aren’t old enough to know what those are?

Then I’ve made my point.

Adopting this new kind of manufacturing process would take existing car companies billions of dollars to implement, and require the abandonment of their current systems, processes, and business model.

Legacy industries that have been doing the same thing, the same way for decades, have never been able to adapt to that degree, or at the speed required to do so successfully.

3: Tesla is a software technology company.

The traditional automakers all outsource their software development to 3rd party companies like BOSCH.

Tesla, like Apple, create their own software which gives them an unbeatable advantage.

Every Tesla is being shipped with full-self driving hardware whether the customer purchased it or not.

If you decide you want to upgrade to FSD one day, you can do so right on your phone for $10,000.

Last month, Tesla offered owners a “speed boost” option that will increase the car’s 0-60 MPH acceleration rate for $2,000.

If you want to upgrade, you just make the purchase in your Tesla app.

That’s a software purchase, which means the money is all profit.

No other car manufacturers have the ability to do that, and won’t for years to come.

As full self-driving comes online, the center screen in every Tesla will turn into the equivalent of the Apple’s iTunes marketplace.

You’ll be able to purchase subscriptions for movies, games, and augmented reality services you’ll happily want to use because you’ll no longer be driving.

Your car will turn into a virtual vending machine, and it’s all profit for Tesla.

4: Insurance – Self-driving cars are already proven to be safer than human drivers. A recent study in Germany found that driving related accidents would be reduced by 90% once self-driving is implemented.

Insurance is an insanely profitable industry, despite the fact that it currently depends on foggy data and human drivers.

Tesla knows what every single car is doing at all times because of it’s self-driving hardware and software. It has more data to understand insurance risks than any other company in the world, and data is the key to pricing and profitability.

Throw self-driving into the mix, and accidents will be dramatically reduced.

Tesla is now offering insurance to Tesla owners which already costs 20-30% less than traditional competitors.

A year from now, no one will be able to compete with Tesla’s insurance prices, making it another multi-billion dollar profit center for this, “car manufacturer”.

5: And finally, Tesla is an energy company.

Tesla Solar, combined with Tesla Powerwall, Tesla’s Charging Network, and Tesla Energy Marketplace, will eventually consume the traditional energy industry, (Oil, gas, and electricity).

As the cost of solar continues to drop, and innovations in energy storage (battery tech), continue to increase, energy production will become decentralized.

It will be transferred from the oil and utility companies, to YOU and I, as our homes start to produce more and more power from solar. Tesla’s energy marketplace will allow us to sell our excess energy back to the utility companies.

No other “car manufacturers” are even thinking about this.

They’re trying to figure out how to stick batteries into their current models so they can stay relevant.

So Tesla is a robotics manufacturer, a ride-share company, a software company, an insurance company, and an energy company, all rolled into one.

They don’t have dealerships and they don’t sell vehicles by model year. They continually iterate and upgrade their models in real time, while traditional manufacturers are thinking about their next model to be released 7 years from now.

Tesla isn’t a car company. They’re an alien that’s consuming the native species who have never seen anything like them before.

The second alien company is SpaceX.

I won’t go into the level of detail that I did with Tesla, but SpaceX has completely disrupted the space industry thanks to the development of their reusable rockets.

They have already completed 98 successful missions, and are just getting started.

SpaceX will reduce the cost to get into space by more than 95% in the years to come, opening up the heavens to opportunities that have never been possible before.

Potential competitors like Blue Origin are years behind SpaceX.

What people don’t realize is that once technological development enters an exponential rate of growth, it’s impossible to catch up with, even if you started just a year or two behind.

While Blue Origin is just starting to fly un-manned suborbital missions, Elon and SpaceX are flying manned missions to the International Space Station, and are getting ready to head to Mars.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Wow Mike, Shouldn’t I Just Invest In Tesla!?”

Yes. You should invest in Tesla. I plan to.

But I’m not going to just yet.

Instead, I’m investing in Bitcoin.

Right now, Tesla is consuming the car market which has a global market cap of around $1 Trillion.

Tesla will carve out a sizable piece of that in the years to come.

Eventually, Tesla’s value will exceed $1 Trillion.

But Bitcoin isn’t consuming the car industry.

It’s consuming the global financial industry, which is 100’s of trillions in size when you consider debt and derivatives.

Gold alone is valued at $5 Trillion, which means the opportunity for Bitcoin is FAR larger than Tesla right now.

That makes Bitcoin and blockchain the 3rd disruptive alien technology you need to be aware of…

Here’s why it now takes $15,330 US Dollars to buy 1 single Bitcoin, which you could have purchased for $0.0008 in 2010.

(Yes, that makes Bitcoin the single best investment in history).

So what’s the big deal?

Simply put…

Bitcoin Is The First “Real” Money In The History Of Mankind…

Think about that for a minute.

Every previous form of money ever used was created by man, controlled by a government, and had an unlimited supply.

The value of every single paper currency ever created has eventually fallen to zero and disappeared through war, invasion, manipulation, or inflation.

Gold and silver are the closest thing man has ever known to honest money, but gold and silver do not have a fixed supply, and it cannot be sent around the world from person to person for pennies in real time.

More gold and silver are dug out of the ground every single day, and the amount still in the ground is impossible to know.

The amount of gold and silver waiting for us in space and on the moon is infinite, and thanks to SpaceX, we’re about 10 years away from mining it.

To put it simply, gold and silver are becoming relics.

Want proof?

No one’s integrating gold into their mobile payment apps. Square’s Cash App, and now PayPal HAVE integrated Bitcoin. The rest of the market will follow. Why? Because it’s insanely profitable to offer Bitcoin.

In Q3 of 2020, (just 3 months!) Square made $1.63 BILLION in fees just from allowing its users to buy and sell Bitcoin. I’ll bet you didn’t even know you could buy Bitcoin in the Cash App did you?

Well as trillions of dollars in stimulus are printed, the Dollar supply is becoming infinite, and the value of the dollar is dropping accordingly.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is truly scarce.

There will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever created, and 18.5 million of them are already in circulation.

Approximately 900 new Bitcion are released into the network each day through the “mining” process.

Every four years, the number of new Bitcoin released each day gets cut by 50%.

This means Bitcoin is “deflationary” instead of inflationary.

When supply goes down, and demand goes up, price increases. And this is happening like clockwork every four years.

In addition to it’s scarcity, Bitcoin can’t be manipulated.

There is no Bitcoin office, CEO, or Founder.

There is no one to arrest or sue.

There is no country to go to war with.

There is no bank account to seize, or server to shut down.

The Bitcoin code is fully transparent. Everyone can see how it works, and what the rules are.

In other words, it is the world’s first REAL, and honest form of money.

If It Isn’t Clear Yet, Bitcoin Is A Financial Alien…

It is a new kind of technology that’s never been seen before.

It is so different and so significant, it’s as if we discovered a new element on the periodic table called a “digital object of value”.

Bitcoin is the first digital asset in history that cannot be copied, hacked, or counterfeited.

And the technology that drives it will be applied to everything… From music, to your personal identification documents, to money, and real estate.

Bitcoin and blockchain will consume the traditional finance industry as we know it, and it’s already happening.

I’ll dive into more detail in the days to come, but here’s what you need to know right now…

In 2017, the staggering 20X increase in the price of Bitcoin was driven by enthusiasts around the world like me.

Wall Street didn’t understand it, didn’t respect it, and they didn’t have the technical or legal infrastructure required to invest in it.

Now They Do.

They absolutely understand Bitcoin now.

They’ve realized they can’t stop it, so all they can do is merge with it.

Trillions of increasingly worthless Dollars and fiat currencies from every country in the are about to pour into Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto industry during the next 12-24 months.

I’ll talk more about the timing in a future email, but you need to understand that this event will only happen ONE TIME.


I’ve been saying this since 2017…

If you don’t buy before the banks do, you will have missed out on the single biggest opportunity of your life.

Their infrastructure is now in place, the required laws have been passed, and their investment in this industry will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

When it’s all over, there will be people who own Bitcoin, and there will be people who are stuck holding worthless pieces of green paper with pretty pictures on them.

What else do you need to know?

A lot.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow…

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